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SilverJinxSilverJinx4 år siden
Jeg er over 18 år
Hello everyone, I recently acquired this cutie and thought I'd do a brief(ish) review of her.

Let's get started!

In the package, it's very obvious that its a very high quality daki.
She catches the eye with her innocent yet somewhat devious look.

I wasn't able to nab a good photo of her safe side from the front so here are the close ups. The materiel is polyester done in a tricot stitch. As such, it feels absolutely amazing. The artwork is second to none, with the details of her silky body printed in a fashion that she seemingly lays on the bed as if she were there.
Notice how vibrant the red on her cape is. None of my photos have been altered by any image editing software.

Now for the lewd side x3. As with the front (but with a little less skin) the quality and print is exactly the same. Kirie-chan's alluring looks and desiring pose can make anyone want to give her a hug.. She went back in the bag after this though xD. The physics of her skin and her breasts have been faithfully done in the illustration. Her nipples are also quite nice as their color stays flush with her character.

Despite all this, not every aspect of an item can be spotless and 100% perfect. Though Kirie comes close, she lacks a little something that had my heart sinking a bit.

Kirie is one of my first legitimate, 18+, expensive dakis so I wasn't sure if this was a feature on others just like her. Her lack of "anatomy" downstairs was a little disappointing given the type of game she hails from..

Aside from that, you also get some nice logos on both sides ^^

Kirie is a very beautiful girl whose near life-size image on a pillow has done her considerable justice. In contrary to her rather small size (she *is* a loli) and the lack of her girly bits, I don't see anybody being disappointed in purchasing her. She has her school uniform version as well, but I chose the Vampire Version for the adorable ears and tail, as well as her lush outfit.

Dakis, though expensive, are something that I can really get into collecting. I hope to do more reviews and perhaps buy another one soon! Thanks for reading and feel free to speak your mind in the comments!~ ^^
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Thanks for the review.

Loving the astonishing quality of the drawing, just like the game. This is what made me spend the full amount of money to get the official release before I missed yet another re-release, like the previous one.

Sad to see that there's simply a void in the nether regions. Already regretting my purchase before she even came in, and sadly you wrote this after I did my purchase.

Makes me wonder why they even bothered to cover up the nether regions with "SAMPLE" banners in the preview images. There isn't anything to hide, since there isn't anything under there, lol.
Either make up some clever coverage e.g. panties, leg, hair, or just draw the damn thing. This is just going to bother me every time I see it...

It makes even less sense considering the type of game she originates from, as you've mentioned.

Strangely enough the images I've found of the school-uniform version you've mentioned (although it's just a tiny crevice) does have the female genitalia drawn.
4 år siden
Seiidaishougun4 år siden#4509954I've ordered the 26€ one now, I'll see how good it is. Perhaps it won't be quite as good as your 150€ one
I paid 50€ for the pillow body... not 150€ (I am not THAT crazy)... (if you got confused I previously used a "Daunendecke" as another example)
4 år siden
Seiidaishougun4 år siden#4508672Suuure... if you have enough money to plaster the walls with it, feel free to pay 150€ for one XD
Hell will freeze over before I do that (not even if I had the goose that lays golden eggs like you).

I wish I had a golden goose... For me it's just a matter of comfort. And if I buy something like that then it should be for a long term of period.

Seiidaishougun4 år siden#4508672
Besides, it's "extra firm filling", not "extra hard filling".

I know, blame my drowsiness... But my phone went into update mode and I didn't bother to wait until it's finished to edit it. So I went to sleep (After all, I get up some time between 4 am and 6 am)
4 år siden
Seiidaishougun4 år siden#4508543Just found the so-called "Seitenschläferkissen" (side sleeper cushion) on Amazon, they're a little bit smaller (145x40), but for 20€ this is basically the one LIDL offers for €9.99 from time to time. (not sure about the filling, though)

Well, I personally prefer quality over price. I once went buying a duvet. I had one in hands, cheap for 20€... felt like shit. lowest quality of feathers you can imagine. Went to another store with more quality. They had some in discounts, so I spent only €150,- instead of €250,- , but it was worth it and feels like heaven. Sure, I could not test the Daki pillow body due to online order, but at least it turned out to be one fluffy pillow and feels very comfortable. Reading the aforementioned pillow's description "extra hard filling" makes me wonder about its comfort..
4 år siden
Seiidaishougun4 år siden#450747450€ is quite a steep price however, especially since they already offer Dakis with cover for 70€. One should think that of those 70€ about 50 are for the cover and 20 for the cushion, and not the other way round XD
For 20€ you already get very high quality regular cushions (anti-allergic and whatnot). Okay, dakis are bigger, but any more than 30€ for a good quality one is a wicked rip-off.

Well, a genuine Cospa pillow costs ca. €45 plus shipping.I paid €50,-; free shipping. So it is not really that expensive; sure it might not be a genuine Cospa. The last cushions with covers I bought from them were basically half-size... not usable for real Daki covers. Btw. importing them is not an issue. They come vacuumized (i.e. middle sized package) and aren't that heavy. AmiAmi has currently a batch open for preorder; to be released in Jan 2016.

Edit: you could also use the ones Lidl sometimes offer. Though they are short 5cm on each side, compared to the regular size, but they cost only €9.99
4 år siden
SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
Kirenisa4 år siden#4485190Oh...

You alright? ^^;
4 år siden
Kirenisa I am a collector!
4 år siden
Ha... she looks nice. I wanted to get her myself, but I already had way too much in the pipeline (and still have).
The 'lack of details' in the lower half is bit of a bummer. Some at least do have some kind of overlay like foam or liquid to shape it to some extend. Nevertheless, she is a cutie ヽ(´▽`)/

Seiidaishougun4 år siden#4466613
so if someone knows a German shop for that, that would be awesome :D

manga-mafia had them once or still have them (the shop is a mess, better drop them an email)... got one myself there for €50,- . Quality is good.
4 år siden
SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
Seiidaishougun4 år siden#4466613Congrats, Kirie looks absolutely great <3
Such a shame though she doesn't have a vagina.
I'm also considering collecting dakis, but the problem is, where to get cheap daki cushions? Also, shipping for the cushions probably wouldn't be cheap, so if someone knows a German shop for that, that would be awesome :D

I think you can save on import costs by getting one of those inflatable inserts! As noted in other comments you have to hunt around for cases that come uncensored. Thank you for the feedback ^^
4 år siden
PewPewK 「ホロは俺の嫁です。
Shaolan-kun4 år siden#4461403Without even specifying either a favorite series, character or artist? Let's see...
This one sadly is out of stock, but you might like it? (very NSFW) www.eveningcall...
It has 200% parts to it :-D

Oh hey, I actually own that one. Yeah, its quite lewd and great.
4 år siden