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AraknidAraknid4 år siden
I've always wanted to do a loot post but I usually only get one or two things a month. This time around, shipping was extremely slow and I was still waiting for things paid for back in February. So I'm super excited to share it with everyone :D! Oh and I know this is quite late but one of my packages was stuck in customs for about two weeks. Everything arrived safely so all is good! ^_^
http://i.imgur.com/8JEvPQn.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/N0Fy5sf.pngAmnesia: Memories - PS Vita Game
(Idea Factory)
(PlayStation Network Store - $30)
This was released in English back in August but I was only able to get it in October (40% off, I'm a sucker for sales). It's available on Steam and the PSN Store. I was really excited for this as I never thought it would get an English release (I might have cried from happiness). Kind of annoyed it didn't get a proper physical release but I'm more than happy to just have the game. I took a few screenshots but none from in-game as I don't want to accidentally spoil something :).

You can even play Rock-Paper-Scissors and Air Hockey against all the guys, so much fun.
Hatoful Boyfriend - Dakimakura - Ryouta Kawara
(Humble Bundle)
(Humble Bundle - $35)
I got this from the Valentine's Day Humble Bundle for only $35! It has Ryouta in a maid uniform, as a human on one side and a pigeon on the other side. It is super cute and I was really surprised to see how huge it was (like wow). It has a zip at the bottom to put the pillow inside and the material is nice and soft. Not sure where I can find a pillow big enough to fit inside though.
What is Humble Bundle?View spoilerHide spoilerHumble Bundle is basically a site that offers weekly digital game bundles. You can pay what you want and a portion of the money will go towards charity and the rest split between the game developers. Sometimes they will have extras (like the pillow) but that has a set price.
Date A Live II - Nendoroid - Itsuka Kotori
(Good Smile Company)
(AmiAmi - ¥2 480)
I bought this from AmiAmi for a decent price, I believe it was on sale. I was planning on getting all of the Date A Live nendoroids eventually but what made me buy this one was the box, I really like the colour xD. She is really pretty but holy crap it was a mission to put her together (hence only one picture).
Aoharu x Kikanjuu - Mug - Team Toy☆GunGun
(AmiAmi - ¥910)
I thoroughly enjoyed Aoharu x Kikanjuu and Yukimura Tooru became one of my favourite characters so of course, I wanted to get as much merchandise of him as I could. I could only manage to get the mug and keyholder but hopefully I can pick up some more another time.
Aoharu x Kikanjuu - Keyholder - Yukimura Tooru
(AmiAmi - ¥730)
No Game No Life - Mug With Lid - Hatsuse Izuna, Jibril, Shiro, Stephanie Dola
(AmiAmi - ¥1 080)
I really REALLY like these mugs xD so I just had to get another one! I do use them and they are the perfect size for me. Not too big, not too small, just perfect. It might seem weird to praise a mug but I drink a lot of tea and these are the beeeeeeest!
I thought the picture would fade or come off after a few washes but even after a year of using my first one, the picture is still there looking good <3

Wolf Children - Ultra Detail Figure - Yuki
(Medicom Toy)
(AmiAmi - ¥1 070)
These two are just too cute! I loved the movie so I couldn't resist getting them. They are quite small but not too bad overall for the price.
Wolf Children - Ultra Detail Figure - Ame
(Medicom Toy)
(AmiAmi - ¥1 070)
Touken Ranbu - Online - Nendoroid - Kashuu Kiyomitsu
(Good Smile Company)
(Good Smile Company - ¥4 200)
Gosh, Touken Ranbu is killing my wallet. I always said I would buy all Touken Ranbu figures but I didn't realise there would be so many! Anyways, I bought this from GSC and got the strap as a bonus. The figure and strap are adorable! I didn't take pictures of different poses etc. because Kotori nendoroid made me angry.
Touken Ranbu - Online - Koedarize - Volume One
(Takara Tomy)
(AmiAmi - ¥3 290)
Awww look at their cute little faces. :3
Touken Ranbu - Online - Trading Paper Posters - Third Division
(Hobby Stock)
(Good Smile Company - ¥3 456)
I decided to get these posters because I thought I had this amazing idea of how to display them with figures and other merchandise. Well, turns out the posters were much longer than I thought. I don't regret buying them as the quality is great and I might have a few other ideas on how to display them. There are 16 posters in a box, one of each character and two extras.
Sorry, no pictures of the actual posters. :(
Your Lie in April - 1/8 - Miyazono Kaori
(Nippon-Yasan - ¥10 620)
It's been a while since I've bought a 1/8 figure so I was really excited for this one! It did get stuck in customs for 2 weeks but she was well worth the wait. Stunning figure and loving all the extras. I'll maybe do a review on her if I have the time.
A Foreign Love Affair - Manga - Yamane Ayano
(Kickstarter - $15)
So I have wanted this manga for the longest time but I could only find it second hand for $60+ and I refused to pay that amount.
One day I was reading manga online and noticed in the comments section that there was a Kickstarter to reprint the Finder Series. I was really excited because I am a huge fan of Yamane Ayano's work. Below on the Kickstarter page, one of the goals was to reprint "A Foreign Love Affair". FINALLY I had my chance to own this manga! Unfortunately I could only pledge for one book so "Finder" will have to wait.
I must say, I really enjoyed being a part of this Kickstarter . They had live streams where they would talk about yaoi, answer some questions and even had a few competitions. Absolutely lovely people.
The package was actually sent way back in April but after two months, I got worried and thought it was lost. They were very helpful and sent me another package. Well, turns out shipping from the US to me is just extremely slow because a few months later, I received both.
So I got the manga (YAY), a tote bag for participating in the live stream, a keychain and in the second package(they said I could keep it) was a bookmark and postcard from Finder Series.

Phew, and that's it for my first loot blog! The picture quality is ... well ... bad, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways :D!
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I know it's soo delay reply..but
Very neat loot~! xD
I was speechless and poker face at pillow body at this..bird.. OwO haha it's priceless funny. XD

and TR loots oh yes.. xD [/sob at wallet]
3 år siden
Maakie4 år siden#4901308That hugging pillow is amazing. xD
Thanks! I still giggle like a fool when I look at it xD!
4 år siden
That hugging pillow is amazing. xD
4 år siden
jkb4 år siden#4837991That is one fine loot article.
Great loot !

Thank you! ^_^

MashedApples4 år siden#4838264Jesus, that pillow is from the Valentines bundle back in February.
Yeah :( It was only shipped in August and I got it at the end of September. So sloooooow!
4 år siden
Jesus, that pillow is from the Valentines bundle back in February.
4 år siden
That is one fine loot article.
Great loot !
4 år siden
SeshiriaOtaku94 år siden#4814807Awesome loot!Love it so much *^*
Thank you :D!
4 år siden
Awesome loot!Love it so much *^*
4 år siden
solluxcaptor4 år siden#4811788Your article style is so pretty and pleasing to look at! Also beautiful loot *_*meowcenarie4 år siden#4812459Awesome loot and I love the layout of this article!!
Thank you so much! <3 <3
4 år siden
Awesome loot and I love the layout of this article!!
4 år siden
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