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RockGodItachiRockGodItachi4 år siden
Jeg er over 18 år

Well I stumbled upon this, this evening imagine my horror as I am a huge Satellizer fan, I then burst out laughing! The best thing about this is this, 'it' is currently on acution on SMJ and has 5 bids! The price is currently 22,000 jpy!!! Wow just Wow! (๑ʘ∆ʘ๑)


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This really is a terrible bootleg!!
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Thanks to everyone who commented on this really had me in stitches with some of your comments! Now I suppose you're all wondering just how much this sold for? Well I kept an eye on the auction just to let you know. Check the spoiler tab. Also just want to apologize if I caused any offence with this blog as it was pointed out by a lot of you that this isn't a bootleg but a Makazio which I didn't actually know about and in my ignorance didn't consider it. Now personally for me if you were to start customizing a figure for yourself then fine but the moment you sell it to me it feels like it's under a bootleg type thing as it's not the original figure as it has been tampered with and in some instances not done well such as this one! I mean come on I love Oppai just as much as the next person but these are horrendous to look at and completely ruin the figure! I'm sure if the sculptor saw this they too would be upset. Anyway apologies for the misunderstanding. Here's that price.....
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Yeah this sold for 98,000 jpy! that's £526.75/$796.00!!!!
4 år siden
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
PickyCollector4 år siden#5118128Something tells me the people that have placed bids on this have some major impulsiveness issues with their money. I can recommend some medication for that.
I hope you have meds for a lot of your fellow MFCers, then.
4 år siden
Stalking Loli hunter
To each their own, I know, but these things I just can't take seriously xD
If you have a normal woman on one side and this thing on the other... Why would you pick the THING??
4 år siden
yooo wtf
4 år siden
the grey one i can't breathe lmao
4 år siden
im a breast guy so I approve.
4 år siden
ashtaroth A child of the night
Damn almost choked on my fruit salad....Should have read the comments before opening -_-"
4 år siden
The nipple caps are just so
4 år siden
Yuinna Mayor of Titty City
Is this a yet-to-be-revealed Kancolle character? 'Cuz those nipples could make for some killer cannons.
4 år siden
*Walks in then leaves*


*throws laptop out the house and burns it*
4 år siden
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