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SengokuGensuiSengokuGensui4 år siden
This is a very long post.

Hello again MFC! So after my last mini haul post which was very series specific BLOG #25247, I thought it would be nice to post a non series specific haul, and since I had gotten in the last week quite a few items, here I am, writing my third loot post.

The first backstory

Those of you who read my past posts might remember that my county's postal service is hardly functioning. Luckily, it seems that sometimes they do manage to deliver some stuff, since on November 22 the tracking had shown that some of my packages have arrived to the postal unit. It is funny, as I ordered these items over the course of one month, and yet they all arrived together! XD

Therefore, I went at that day to the postal unit to pick up my stuff. The old hag received me with the usual rants about me taking all of her shelves' space. I had four packages, three from AmiAmi and one from Mandarake. She asked me for my mobile phone number for whatever reasons she had, so I gave it to her. More on that will follow.

Aside from those, I had one EMS package sent from USA. Man, that EMS is a total ripoff, at least here. Not only it took them more than TWO WEEKS (!!!) to deliver, they actually had the nerve to collect from me the usual 10 USD ripoff fee for receiving an EMS item.

Moreover, I think that some of the tracking information was missing in purpose. See, the tracking at my country's postal services' site showed that the item was received for delivery on the 04/11, and was processed through the USA EMS sorting facility on the 05/11. Then there was a HUGE gap, after which is showed that on the 18/11 it was received in my country's EMS sorting center. This gives the impression that the item was laying at the USA sorting facility for all of this time, and that THEY were slow in the process procedure.

HOWEVER, when checking the tracking at the USPS site, it actually shows that the item was processed on the 06/11, went on a plane on the 07/11, and landed in my country at the 08/11. Now, this seems quite fishy to me. I'm guessing that they didn't show those details on purpose, so you won't call and complain about the supposedly "express" shipping taking ages to arrive.

In addition, the tracking had shown that one more package from AmiAmi arrived to the central postal office at the said day, and therefore will arrive to the postal unit only on the 23/11. As I wanted to open all of my packages at once and pull up a big show, I've waited for the week to pass and retrieved my package at the 27/11, after I returned from the university for the weekend.

The first loot

For those of you who skipped the backstory, there were six packages in total for me to open on the 27/11. One EMS package from USA, four from AmiAmi, and one from Mandarake. Let's see them:

The first package I've grabbed is the package from USA, containing Kotobukiya's Horror Bishoujo Miss Jason, ITEM #182114, bought at Big Bad Toys Store. I actually saw this item goes up for preorders, but didn't ordered it at that time for some reason (don't remember why). Now, this item is quite rare on the market, as I didn't see it at Manda or Ami for a really long time. Luckily, OTANI was kind enough to let us know that BBTS still carry it for retail price, 65 USD:

Since I'm not from the US, the only trackable method BBTS had for my location was EMS, costing 32 USD. Add to that the 10 USD ripoff fee for EMS items at my country, you'll arrive to 107 USD. 107 USD are approximately 13K yen. However, a pre-owned not opened ITEM #182114 costs 10K, and with shipping you'll reach approximately 12K, so I think it was still a pretty good deal. So let's inspect BBTS' packaging skills:

Not Ami's level but acceptable. They do also have a card:

So, enough with the stalling, let's see this beauty! The box:

And out the blister went:

And here she is! ^^ So hot! P:

Short Kare hairstyle, collar bones, abs - what's not to like? I'm very impressed with this one! She's also quite big. It is interesting that she stands on her base not with pegs, but with magnets. It's a refreshing change IMO.

The next package I opened was Manda's one, from the Sahra branch. Being myself, I accidentally opened it from below:

It actually was more easy like that however. Taking it out:

Can you tell who is it? No? Then let's continue:

It's Good Smile Company's Black Rock Shooter, black blade version, ITEM #13746.

Let's give her some air...

And there she is :3 I really love her physique, so skinny! :P

The next victims to the opening process were Ami's four packages. I knew what's inside all of them as a collective, but since they look the same it was a mild surprise each time I opened one. Let's start with the first:

The usual Ami card. What's inside? O:

Well if it aren't Sonico and Kallen, ITEM #173546 and ITEM #131139. Let's open them up! Sonico's box:


And out she go:

She was an impulse buy for 1.7K, and I've got to say that she is very well made for a prize figure. Next we have Kallen's box:


And there she is:

lol, I actually forgot to take a picture of her that day, so I took it before writing this post. Now let us continue... Wait... What's this?! A World Collectible Figure of Nami was hidden inside the papers of Ami:

I actually have quite a few of Banpresto's WCFs and Bandai's Half Age Characters, but I never indexed them in my profile, lazy me...

Very cute, and captures Nami's personality very good. Me gusta!

Let's move along. Another package from Ami, what does it contains...?

It's ITEM #96896. I saw her on Ami and just couldn't resist, she's so cute! :3

Did Ami start to pack like Manda? That was my first thought, but then I remembered that I ordered the edition with the placemat bonus:

Let me release her from her plastic prison. The result:

I was very pleased to see that the wheels on her roller blades can actually roll! very nice detailing! 0:

Continue with the next package:

Another Kallen and C.C., ITEM #7223 and ITEM #63273. This package also contain one of my very few goods which are not figures:

That Nami was too cute to pass on. Embarrassed expression is indeed one of my Moe Points. Returning to the prize figures, starting with Kallen:

Here my luck started to run out. A piece of Kallen's hair was broken:

The piece was actually inside the bubble wrap the figure came in. After a VERY stressful moment were I've dropped it on the couch, I manage to seize it and secure it inside a glass container that I found in the kitchen:

Let's see Kallen in all of her glory!

I actually ran across this one in another user's loot post (don't remember the user unfortunately), and thought it looks adorable! Sexy as hell as well, but that's a given. So when it popped up on Ami I ordered her immediately. BTW, it comes with this really nice illustrated card.

Continuing with C.C., another problem occurred. When I ordered her, rated A/B, Ami also had a B/B one. When I saw the box, I thought they sent me the B/B one by mistake (something which happened before actually, with ITEM #109865). I thought that because the box was sealed with a long tape along its edge, instead of the standard three tapes, and the holes in the side were open, View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/11/30/1425608.jpeg
. In addition, she had a paint wear on her leg, and her fan handle was bent:

Anyway, here she is:

She's really big and detailed for a prize figure, and I'm very happy with her, if we disregard the problems. I've contacted Ami regarding these two problems. After they checked with their pre-owned team, they determined that there was no mistake and that C.C. is indeed A/B, and since she is a prize figure the paint defect is still in the range of the norm. About Kallen, they determined that it is unacceptable, and will send me a replacement. Nice of them, although I would have preferred that they will sent replacement for C.C. instead, as I can fix Kallen myself.

Finally, the last package which I opened contained an item after which I have searched for quite some time:

It's Kotobukiya's Tekken Bishoujo Asuka Kazama, ITEM #87239:

A warning to the ones who are planning to order her - she arrives with three clear plastic circles you can mount on her base. One with the name of the series, one with an autograph of someone (maybe the artist?), and one with a very nice illustration of her. HOWEVER, someone was cheap (or simply stupid) designing the plastic envelop in which these circles came in. There was a hole in the middle, and it was closed with tape. As I peeled the tape, it teared some of Asuka's illustration from the third circle:

I was REALLY annoyed! I managed to put the tape back to it's original place, but you can still see the affected area... Anyway, let's see the figure in question:

She's actually smaller than I thought it would be, given the size of Miss Jason. But she's still beautiful! Oh, thin shoulders... One of my finest Moe Points... Along with her was in the package a Yuki Nagato figure, ITEM #677:

This one is special - she changes her color from black to white when heated. I was surprised to see that it works very quickly, as the moment I touched her she started switching colors! O: It took some effort plugging her tail in, but somehow I managed to do it.

That concludes the loot for the 27/11. Let's see everything I had gotten that day:

However, there is still a long way for this post... (;

The second backstory

So, on the 29/11 the tracking showed that yet another package arrived to my city. However, for some reason, this package did not arrive to the postal unit, but to the central post office of my town. So I went to retrieve it the same day. It was really funny, the mess that was going on there XD This one dude came to pickup a package as he received a slip. He waited in line for an hour and a half (yes, that's how long you need to wait only to pickup a package from there, I've waited that long too), only for the clerk to tell him "I can't find it, come back tomorrow". Oh, the fuss he did there... Totally understandable though. Luckily, my package WAS there, so I took it and got the hell out of there.

The second loot

A one figure loot, but quite a big package from Manda's Sahra branch:

What could possibly be inside? it's one of One Piece's most Badass villains, Donquixote Doflamingo! Well, his P.O.P that is, ITEM #91357:

Let's take him out of the box so he could wreck havoc in my collection:

Wow! He is massive! And so detailed! I showed him to my mom, and she was like "ohhh he's so cute! Is he gay?" lmao! I wonder what would have happened if he could hear that... O: Shivers...

There was however a problem here as well - even though he was unopened, he didn't have any sealing tapes on the inner blister! It was closed only with two metal wires. Well... Is it supposed to be like that? Or maybe that's implying that he was actually opened? I didn't know the answer, so I sent PMs to a few members here who have him, asking whether their copy had sealing tapes on it's blister. RAITHOS was kind enough to answer (Thank you! ^^), and said that his copy has tapes.

I emailed about that to Manda, and they said it was suppose to be unopened, and offered me the difference between the price of an opened one and unopened one as compensation. So I'm going to check him carefully for wear. If I found no problems, I think I'll accept their offer, as sending him abroad will cost a lot and take a lot of time.

What, you think I'm done? Well, actually...

The third backstory

So after retrieving Doffy, I went back to the university for another week of studying and teaching. Man, my students are pretty rude this year! >< Then, on the 30/11, I received a phone call from an unidentified number. The man on the other side of the line identified himself as an employ of the postal unit (that is, one of the old hag's minions), and said some packages arrived for me. Then he rudely demanded that I'll come and get them, as it takes their shelves' space. After I said I'm currently at the university, and could only come on Friday, he said "so send your mother to pick'em". Well, how about NO?

Then on the 02/12, I'm getting a text which reads "come get your packages or we'll return them to the sender". So it appears that the post office is now run by the mafia. well, the rule here is that packages are returned after no one came to get them for three WEEKS. I was about to make a fuss, but my mother said it's a bad idea as I'm currently held "a prisoner" by them, and agreed to retrieve my packages. I have yet to say my last word on this matter, but as for now I listened to her.

The third loot

So, when I returned home on the 03/12, there were three packages waiting from me, two from Manda and one from Ami:

Let's start with Ami's:

It's a nice figure of miss Billy the kid! As with BRS, her physique is really nice :P

Well, another misfortune! I don't know what happened to Ami lately, with all those issues. For those of you who didn't notice, the box is torn. And it supposed to be a new item. Now I need to write to Ami again, and I'll do it right after I'll finish writing this post. Well, let's take the blister for a run:

And out she went:

Very cute, but rather small. It would be very nice if it was bigger.

Next we have another one of Manda's Sahra packages, with their unique packing system:

What's this? Well it's non other that the cute (soooo cute!!) Misaka Mikoto! ITEM #120915

I was so exited for this one that I forgot to take a picture of the blister. Oh well, let's see what we got:

The quality is really good compared to other Beach Queens figures, and again, short hair, thin shoulders, and skinny. Cutie-chan! X3 I always saw her for 10K at Ami and Manda, which is a little to much for a BQ, so when I spotted her for 7K at Manda this was an immediate snag! And I'm very pleased with this one.

And now, we have reached the end... The last package of the third loot, and of the post in total... Let's inspect its contents:

I stalked Manda and Ami for ages for this one, another BQ Misaka Mikoto, the Dangeki exclusive version! ITEM #48722

Here as well I forgot to take a shot of the blister, being excited as I was. And here she is:

This one also has really good quality for a BQ, and her collar bones are superb! :P I added a WCF Tashigi to this order, so that the total would be over 5K, to save Manda's handling fee.

Surprisingly, this one does not come with a pole to stick in her back to keep her straight. I'm not WCFs specialist, but almost all of those that I have had such a pole, therefore the surprise. So let's see a picture of the total loot for the 03/12:

It is amusing to place the two Mikotos as if Kuroko is chasing them:

One crazed Kuroko, one worried Mikoto, and one Mikoto who does not suspect a thing... until it's too late... Buhahahaha!!

So guys, that concludes this post, and I want to apologize to all of you who read this far, as it surely was really long and time consuming to read... But I hope you liked it, and thank you! ^^
See you around,

P.S. By the way, there's a poll (:
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Did I overwrite here?

3%Yes!! I could have cleaned my whole Detolf with this time! ><
13%A little bit, yeah.
20%Not so much, no.
31%No!! I really like long and tiring loot posts! ^^
13%Don't know, didn't read it, just looked at the pictures.
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Maakie4 år siden#5452487Ah, that color-changing Yuki! I have doubted so much times if I should buy her or not. I mainly like her for the color-gimmick, which won't happen if she's displayed. :(Well it depends whether you are in a region which is subjected to a temperature variance strong enough. She's already switched back while in my display case. I'll wait for the summer to see what will happen next.
But if you want her and you have the space you should get her, she's really cheap. At the worst, you can touch her from time to time (Hentai thoughts, Hentai thoughts... ^^), to revert her to white and let her return to black in the display (I assume that you're from a cold region?)
4 år siden
Ah, that color-changing Yuki! I have doubted so much times if I should buy her or not. I mainly like her for the color-gimmick, which won't happen if she's displayed. :(
4 år siden
NerdyBirdyx4 år siden#5189066Nice loot! :D I especially love the C.C figure (because I have her as well. xD)Thanks! (; She is indeed marvelous!

layla-weston904 år siden#5189286Nice Loot! ^^
I really enjoyed reading your whole loot post! LOL!
{BTW I think that the way the post office spoke to you on occasions when you had some parcels to pick up is totally out of order and that you should place a major complaint about those two postal workers!}
Thank you, glad you liked it! ^^
And I saved the SMS they sent me as a future complaint evidence... ><
4 år siden
Nice Loot! ^^
I really enjoyed reading your whole loot post! LOL!
{BTW I think that the way the post office spoke to you on occasions when you had some parcels to pick up is totally out of order and that you should place a major complaint about those two postal workers!}
4 år siden
Nice loot! :D I especially love the C.C figure (because I have her as well. xD)
4 år siden
solluxcaptor4 år siden#5174196Wow amazing loot!! *_* I really love almost everything you got here, especially the BRS and Jason. The bikini girls are cute too of course, good choices. Where is the cowboy-ish bikini girl from? I really like her design.
Thank you! :P
She's from AmiAmi, www.amiami.com/..., but it seems that now she is at a back-ordered status.
4 år siden
Wow amazing loot!! *_* I really love almost everything you got here, especially the BRS and Jason. The bikini girls are cute too of course, good choices. Where is the cowboy-ish bikini girl from? I really like her design.
4 år siden
damedanbo4 år siden#5166347I got the same reaction to ITEM #2550. First she asked "is he a genie?" then immediately after, "oh, he's gay! look at the pose!" Made me laugh...
Seems like you had some really bad luck with Amiami shipping though... I'm blessed that I haven't received any broken figures or ruined boxes yet, knock on wood. Glad to hear they're working with you to fix things though!
I can see why she thought that... XD
But yeah, Ami had been disappointing lately... I wrote to them about the box issue and they said it was likely been caused during shipping (I can't see that happening though), and suggested I'll apply a damage report. Don't know if I should, as I heard it's really a nuisance... Maybe I'll just glue the box... \:

ZoidsFanatic4 år siden#5166355Love the Kallens you got! Overall nice selection you got there. I take it you seem to like swimsuit figures.Thank you! (: Well it's really depends on the figure. Oh what would I give for MegaHouse to make a P.O.P Monet, but instead we got this flood of Bikini Namis... Still gonna buy them though... :P

Retro8bit4 år siden#5166378I need to loot your house of all those One Piece items!I'll be sure to install the Gatlings then! (;

Unliterary4 år siden#5166412"So it appears that the post office is now run by the mafia." LOLOLOLUnfortunately that seems to be the case... \:

littlelion4 år siden#5166554Doffy is gay, I'm sure. Or pansexual XDPlausible, very plausible... O:

KaigeKrysin4 år siden#5166577No you didnt overwrite, in the end those who dont want to read will just skip through pictures anyway =)
And wow what a lot of loot! Though im not hugely into bikini girls i really like some of the figures youve got here.
Thank you for the feedback! Glad you liked it! ^^
4 år siden
No you didnt overwrite, in the end those who dont want to read will just skip through pictures anyway =)

And wow what a lot of loot! Though im not hugely into bikini girls i really like some of the figures youve got here.
4 år siden
Doffy is gay, I'm sure. Or pansexual XD
4 år siden
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