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MiauMiau4 år siden
Hi everyone!

I'm going to review my Grab box for you, guys ~
I bougth a size S for girls. I really didn't hope for anything that i would like tho
With shipping the total price was about 4000JPY; I don't think is a bad price but i guess i didn't like anything of the box so i'm kinda sad i wasted so much money on this. Anyway, I received it a while ago but didn't had time to make the review until now > <

Let's go with the photos~;


Scissors and Bifrutas for reference haha! (and stickers because i don't like photos of simple boxes!)

First layer:


Badges ~ Oh, Ryoma. The guy i was in love when i was 13 y/o even without watching the anime..... I wasn't really impressed to see them because i already knew that there would be some when i saw other grab boxes


The items are ITEM #294637 and a guy of tales of. I couldn't find the badge in the database though. This last person looks hot * ^ ^ *


No Ryoma....... meh. I always thought Fuji was nice, maybe for the face. The other guy looks evil somehow. Items ITEM #324788 and ITEM #324733

Second layer:



The Haikyuu thing is cool. Is a volleyball game ticket! I find this cute because imagine to have a ticket of a play from your favourite anime, idk, i thinks it's cool if you are a fan (even if i'm not i find it really cool!) Can't find it in the database

Bakumatsu Rock Strap ITEM #229351

Fate Stay Rug?? idk. To play with magics or whatever, i was impresed to see that, i never could think i was gonna to get this haha

And behind that thing was a Daiya no A pouch


I find this item AMAZING, the quality is great and so cool!

Last layer ; - ;


Daiya no Ace wood Amulet ITEM #295493


Pinku animu guy ITEM #295787

Utapri dissapointed dude strap ITEM #265725

Amagi Yukiko strap, is huge!!! ITEM #235553


Super cool Persona strap! I like this a lot ^^ But i'm not familiar with the series > < ITEM #251136

I wanted a Makoto but i got this one, ouch ; ~ ; ITEM #302880

Seven deadly sins mug! i wish it was of the other cute deadly sins ww I'm not sure if i should keep it or not but at the moment, i won't

Bici-dude that looks rude ITEM #322961

Also i got a toothbrush and utapri boxes ITEM #191265 - ITEM #191271 - ITEM #191262 -
ITEM #191267

If You can find some of the stuff in the database, let me know so I can add it! I have all this stuff for sale, if you're interested, shoot me a PM and we can negociate ^^ (The Free figure is already sold and i guess i will keep the toothbrush, it's cute ww~)

Thanks for reading my review, it took a lot of time even if it's a bit shitty idk u u

Have a nice day you all ~ ☆


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Echizen-Momoko Echizen Ryoma's Wifey
I want a grab box too.. and ragequit cause i wont get Ryoma Hubby XDDD
4 år siden
EmeraldxDew4 år siden#5559848its sad you didn't get what you wanted, but it was really funny to read all your sarcastic comments! xD

Thank you, haha! ^^
I'm happy to hear that tbh!!!
4 år siden
its sad you didn't get what you wanted, but it was really funny to read all your sarcastic comments! xD
4 år siden
yunarin4 år siden#5549332Hello! I'm interested in your haikyuu ticket pass case if you are selling.

I've sent you a PM ~ !
4 år siden
Hello! I'm interested in your haikyuu ticket pass case if you are selling.
4 år siden
Darkiekun4 år siden#5538926I'm interested in the two persona straps if your selling ☺
Gonna send you a PM! ^^

nammy4 år siden#5539308What app do you use for deco pic?

I used a editor online in the pc bcause i'm run of space in the mobile phone. I used pixlr, hope it helps! ^^

Coconutbee4 år siden#5539358Girl's boxes are never as cool as boxes for guys

Ikr! That sucks ; ; I hope i could buy a grab box for guys because i want it so bad!! They are cooler ; ;
4 år siden
Coconutbee 「Bug Eaten」
Girl's boxes are never as cool as boxes for guys
4 år siden
What app do you use for deco pic?
4 år siden
I'm interested in the two persona straps if your selling ☺
4 år siden
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