November Loot (or rather NSFW Loot?!)November Loot (or rather NSFW Loot?!)Loot

LeviathanXLeviathanX4 år siden
Disclaimer: Be warned, this contains quite a lot NSFW shots. My writing style is pretty boring and it was not taken care of the lighting.

So, my November packages have all arrived last week and I am pretty bored. Thence I thought to take a few shots, without taken great care of lighting the scenes (i.e. snapshots). I didn't even bother to take out all that stuff completely since I am out-of-space since half a year. Means, I unpack just for damage checking and repack immediately.

Next year's plan is to build up my house and move in; dedicating a whole room for my collections. Speaking of which, I'll be piping down my gatherings in order to pay the credit. That's why my orders for next year are pretty small and selected (max 30k Yen/month). Most of the ordered items are already paid (proxy rules) and just a few minutes ago I pre-paid for the definitely last item (ok, I said it yesterday too, but this just got me in an instant).

Anyhow, let's begin with the loot display.

Starting with Kokuten Tae ( ITEM #320502 ). I went the extra route to secure the clear poster. I had to decide: Strawberry or Banana (money was already limited due to all those release delays). I paid approx. € 170,- for her and I was not disappointed. Further, they even included the Strawberry postcard. I was speechless!

TOTALLY NSFW (didn't bother to cover up...)
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Next on the list, for the sake of change, Angle Beat items.

Tenshi's Desk Mat ( ITEM #354461 ).

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Yuri's Desk Mat ( ITEM #358756 ).

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Yui's clear poster ( not in the DB )

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Tenshi's clear poster ( ITEM #372143 , whoever declared it as mini -> this is A3!).

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Actually, the only differences between the Desk Mat and the clear posters:

* more sturdy
* the borders are different

But, both can be hung on the wall easily. Hardly makes a difference.

A new issue of the Moeru! Encyclopedia "Youkai Jiten Denshou Hen" ( ITEM #377261 ). I really like them. Information bundled with nice illustrations. Still planning to get the older issues.

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Here we have a game for the PS Vita: Criminal Girls 2 - Ltd. Edition ( ITEM #335984 ). I thought that game was quite interesting. Though, due to time constraints I just played a few minutes of part one. Did receive the (censored) US Version and now I already have part 2. Reminds me hard of "Ar no Surge", got the jap version, was too busy, got the English release in the mean time... Well, I need more free time. I am only working[..] (The oldest game not finished dates back to the Saturn era!)

(Nope, not unpacked, I have my fair issues to re-pack those packages)
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Here's a H-Game for the PC - "Liar-soft Selection 02 CANNONBALL -Nekoneko Machine Mou Race-". I liked the preview graphics. They were quite unusual.

eventually NSFW
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Next comes Hestia ( ITEM #302025 ) with apples in her hand (still wonder why still lewd pose pics have appeared already... haha). Not unpacked, since so many already have uploaded pics of her (unpacked).

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Haruna ( ITEM #287789 ) also was in the order. I would have unpacked and placed her on the shelf, but it was full. Thence she stays in her box... No company for Mea and Momo. :/

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I also ordered one of the many variants of Erio, the orange version to be exact ( ITEM #298532 ). She got unpacked a little, because she was soooo damn good stuffed with wrappings that I couldn't determine defects. Also the box was completely shut (i.e. no view window). I am glad I went with this version. She has the prettier face (in my humble opinion) of all of them which suits my taste more.

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Now, heading over to the pillows.
First, I got myself another one of the Tamatoys pillows. Though, I still find it a shame that they use censored pictures. But, most of the motives are still sweet. Two more are on the way. Currently a total of 34 exists, but I am not a big bazoonga lover.

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Then comes Chima ( ITEM #347505 ) , had to get her. It's still unfolded since there are two good pictures already uploaded.

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The final pillow case illustrates Erio ( ITEM #336413 ) . Uh, that was so cute on the product page, but it gives you caries looking it in real life! Just too sweet.

Caries warning
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And the last of the loot, two books for my another hobby. Though, just for the sake of completeness. The pictures are disturbed and hosted somewhere else. Just to avoid the troubles. Too many sensitive folks here and I don't wanna get spammed with alerts or whatever shit. So, please bear with it as it is displayed. There might be people knowing what it is, but I ask those to stay silent. I'd appreciate it. Thanks :)

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Well, that's all folks. I hoped you like to see that (in one way or another).

See you in January for another Loot-post. Stay healthy, have nice festive holidays and a good start into the new year!!
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gundamuk4 år siden#5706312
Anyway, nice article - enjoyed the read.

Thank you! Happy new year! \(^_^)/
4 år siden
gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Alikurai4 år siden#5648679"oh you silly women, I am a MAN that has much knowledge in porn, let me teach you how breasts are supposed to look like."
this guy for real? fuckin dyin over here.
Sorry you had to experience this - I've had comments from the same individual who treats his opinions as facts and then keeps doubling down regardless of evidence to the contrary. I guess you can convince yourself you've succeeded in life to a certain extent if you spend most of your time online.

Anyway, nice article - enjoyed the read.
4 år siden
solluxcaptor4 år siden#5611918Amazing loot! So in love with Kokuten Tae *_*
Thanks! Yes, Tae is so adorable. I am so glad I went with the blonde one. Need to get a nice frame for that poster. ^^
AtelierPuni4 år siden#5636349anyway to the poster of this article: That Erio figure is adorable, and the Yui poster too!
I wondered if Yui can cook... :D
kotorii4 år siden#5612107I love the art on the erio pillow case! Lovely colors and fun design.
I think Erio is one of the most adorable characters created in the past years. She got so much ultra sweet merchandise that it's really hard to decide which one to get. (Still looking for one or two figures of this series which I couldn't afford (and thus missed))
It was pretty good, in my humble opinion, that they brought out the figure in three variants. One could choose what's to their likings.
Though, I still need to find out if the "make-up" variant really is as vibrant as on the promo pictures. Should look for some user pictures about it.
And I really would have regretted it to miss out on that pillow case, I scraped the last bits I had left together to get it >.<""
ibaraki4 år siden#5635641Anyhow, this guy likes how the breasts on his pillow look and that's fine, it seems like he is not as picky as you are in the chest department which is probably to his benefit.
I'll take that as a compliment! (^.^)b
AtelierPuni4 år siden#5612755Speaking as girl, I'm actually quite fond of the illustration as it's much more closer to the truth. Most anime girls have water balloons taped to their chests.
AtelierPuni4 år siden#5636349I fully agree with your outlook on that pillow.
The "water ballons"-comment made my day XD !! And thanks.

Never thought I'd get "support" from girls about a topic/item like that... Honestly, I am astonished!

4 år siden
Seiidaishougun4 år siden#5656926I'll send flowers to your funeral ;P

no thanks ur gross ;P
4 år siden
"oh you silly women, I am a MAN that has much knowledge in porn, let me teach you how breasts are supposed to look like."

this guy for real? fuckin dyin over here.
4 år siden
Seiidaishougun4 år siden#5631996
I know you're just messing with me now, there's no way you're actually serious. xD Not if you're trying to use porn to illustrate 'real life examples' (Not to mention the last one is putting her shoulders back!), and neither the fact you're a male arguing this. They're always asymmetrical, they droop, and every boob looks different!

And tbh by the looks of it, the girl in the illustration really seem the type to wear bras much... or keep them on for long.

anyway to the poster of this article: That Erio figure is adorable, and the Yui poster too! and I fully agree with your outlook on that pillow.
4 år siden
Seiidaishougun4 år siden#5631996Okay, some examples where the girls aren't arching/putting their shoulders back ;P
Especially the first one is not "really small".
Yes, thanks for posting your teen/underage human porn folder. The examples you've posted are girls who were scouted for pornography- not everyone has perfectly perky breasts and small pink nipples+areolae. Even men who have seen breasts in real life (as unlikely as that may be here) have skewed ideas about how they are supposed to look because they have seen more models' breasts than not. Anyhow, this guy likes how the breasts on his pillow look and that's fine, it seems like he is not as picky as you are in the chest department which is probably to his benefit.
4 år siden
Great loot !

Happy holidays !
4 år siden
Seiidaishougun4 år siden#5612331
Indeed, the bigger they are. (One reason more to dislike huge boobs.)
These ones, however, aren't even remotely big, they're rather small, yet still very saggy, on what's supposed to be a very young girl (judging from the head). That's a massive failure.
Also, thanks, I've seen plenty of real world examples :P
If you need some, you can look here:

All those chests are small, really small, much smaller than the girl on the pillow appears to be (they're more closer to Tenshi's size than her; and probably some photoshop is involved anyway. Plus if you breathe in and arch your back/put your shoulders back, like they're doing, you're stretched, so they stay up). They droop downwards no matter how young you are, because gravity lol. So if you don't wear a proper bra often, even when young you will still sag.

Speaking as girl, I'm actually quite fond of the illustration as it's much more closer to the truth. Most anime girls have water balloons taped to their chests.

here and here are my degrees in boobs thank you for asking
4 år siden
Alikurai4 år siden#5612016Well, if you would have ever seen a breast in real life

Can you really expect such thing here lol
4 år siden