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Welcome to my fourth annual summary of Monthly Loot Pics. As in previous years, I spent too much money. I'm actually planning on cutting back somewhat next year, but we'll see how it goes. This past year was an even better one for figures than I'd anticipated, so I'm kind of hoping that 2016 won't be a similar case...



The year got off to an… overwhelming start. Right Stuf and HLJ's holiday sales, coupled with a Barnes & Noble gift card and the great USD to JPY exchange rate resulted in me buying a bunch of stuff. This month's batch includes a small stack of model kits, a larger stack of anime, and a gigantic stack of artbooks and manga.

There's also Phat Company's elaborate Metallica and her huge box; this is my craziest scaled figure purchase of the year (especially since I haven't played the game yet >_>;;;), though, sadly, I can't safely display her with her hat. Most of the rest of the figures ahead are my favored action and prize types, though there are a few more scales, too.



Tiny loot! Hopefully most of my loot pics in 2016 will be around this size. So, in February, I obviously continued reading the manga pictured. Barefoot Gen would eventually drag on toward the end, and I wasn't too impressed with Prophecy's ending, but Assassination Classroom has since become one of my favorite ongoing manga series of the year. I'm looking forward to more fun times with Koro-sensei and Class 3-E in 2016.



This month brought more manga, including a stack of shoujo classics by Tomoko Taniguchi; I had bought her one-shot Aquarium in late 2014 and loved it. These other books weren't as good, but I don't regret purchasing them.

Another standout item for me this month is the reprint of one of my most-wanted figures: the first Son Goku Desktop Real McCoy. Unfortunately, my copy of this figure came with a badly-fitted goggle lens on Goku-- a type of flaw that's not easy to repair-- so obtaining him was somewhat bittersweet.

Also, while I usually read most of the manga I get right away, I've still barely touched Tekkon Kinkreet (Black & White)...



Nothing much to say about April's loot, except that I took it with a different camera than usual. Highlights for this month include another Taniguchi book, plus the last volume of Gen, a Mudkip Pokedoll-- I've always wanted one, so I'm glad that the remakes of the third gen games gave the Pokemon Company an excuse to release a new version-- and a figure of Aila from Gundam Build Fighters, which I later reviewed here: BLOG #22055.



An Amazon.co.jp proxy order is responsible for the pile of prize figures this month (plus that Emboar sofubi); hopefully, I'm done with Oreimo prizes now :P I also completed Parasyte and Millennium Snow, picked up a bunch of other manga, and got my hands on the first season of a series I've wanted an official English release of for years: Turn A Gundam!



A Hobby Search sale led me to get what has become my favorite scaled figure purchase this year, the lovely 1/10 scale Sakura Miku. I also got Ars Magna (so glad that a Gunnm/Yukito Kishiro artbook finally exists!), S.H.Figuarts Yoshi + its first-release bonus at a nice price from CDJapan, and a diverse spread of other stuff. And yes, that is a Eurovision CD >_>;;;



It might sound weird, but for those of us who order them directly from GSC, summer means Snow Mikus! I also picked up more model kits for the backlog, various types of comics, some games, and other goodies. An all-around fantastic month.



Anther small loot month! However, this is prior to PAX Prime, so it's not entirely accurate. My first Cynthia arrived, as did a charming Koro-sensei bank, Chi laptop decals, and the usual manga.


PAX Prime / September / early October

…And we're back to the big loot. This month+ includes some Gunpla picked up via an HLJ sale, a Mandarake order, and purchases from PAX Prime (minus a bonus patch I forgot to include, as seen here - PICTURE #1387016; also, the usual swag pic is here - PICTURE #1387015). There's also Hatsune Miku: Project mirai DX, which ended up being one of my favorite games of the year, and a set of Snow Miku capsule toys (thanks for your help, FYCHAN !).


October: Japan Trip

I am not going to do a repost of my Japan loot extravaganza here, but for completion's sake, I have included the most relevant loot pics under the spoiler below. If you want a full overview of this loot, please check out BLOG #24957.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/10/30/1403409.jpeg







Late October

We got back from Japan late in the month, and here's what was either waiting for me, or arrived before the start of November. The Yotsuba desktop figures were my half of a case that I ordered and split with fellow Yotsuba&! fan MUNTOE.

One disappointment for me this month came in the latest Donald Duck Barks collection, seen here. It contains my favorite Barks story of all time ("Flip Decision", aka "Flipism"), but the printing quality for that one was especially bad, with misaligned colors. Karma sucks sometimes :/



This was a particularly Nendo-heavy month. This time, the first Pokemon Nendo to arrive was the US version. Other highlights include the final StarCraft II expansion's collector's edition and my most expensive game music purchase ever: the limited edition box set Hatsune Miku: Project mirai Complete.



As has become customary this time of year, there's lots of manga picked up on the cheap during Right Stuf's massive holiday sale. This year's haul from that sale included complete sets of Karakuri Odette, Peace Maker, Limit, and Sickness Unto Death; the BL one-shot Isle of Forbidden Love; and the first few volumes of One-Punch Man and Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. In addition to those and some more "regular" loot, there's a few Christmas presents, though not all of them, and I've since returned two due to damage (will be getting replacements later).

No Secret Santa gifts this year, btw. Since the shipping deadline was around the same time as my Japan trip, I decided not to participate. Hope to join in the fun again next time, though!


Some notes:

Near-grails and other long-coveted items I finally obtained in 2015:
- Desktop Real McCoy 01: Son Goku (reprint) (ITEM #27334)
- Yotsuba & Monochrome Animals mugs (ITEM #153131 and ITEM #153130)
- Sonic Rush Adventure Original Soundtrack
- Front Mission 5: Scars of the War (black label)
- Pokemon Hanafuda (ITEM #353383)
- a Mudkip Pokedoll (ITEM #297095)

My favorite 2015 figure, etc. releases:
- Ars Magna ~from debut work to Gunnm Kasei Senki~ (ITEM #304149)
- S.H.Figuarts Yoshi (ITEM #267183)
- HGBF Gundam Tryon 3 (ITEM #284547)
- Dragonball Styling Son Goku (ITEM #274263)
- Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidouji SP Figures (ITEM #276961 and ITEM #276963)

Goals for 2016:
- Cut back on figure purchases. One thing that works in my favor in this is that most of the series I'm interested in are either too old for new figures or are in genres (like seinen) which don't normally get much merchandise in the first place. However, I will be in real trouble if Persona 5 is as good as its predecessors...
- Cut back on VGM and other music purchases. Fortunately, I've gotten most of the import albums I'm after which are not obscenely rare/expensive, so I don't see myself buying many CDs in the year ahead. Also, not going to Japan in 2016 will most certainly help me keep my game music buying in check ;)
- Assemble more plamo. I got a nice bit of motivation this past year in the form of Gunpla Weekend-- read BLOG #20687 to see how that went-- but I've since assembled only one other kit profiles.php?us... and have built up an even bigger plamo backlog. Part of what's been holding me back is the lack of a good space to use an airbrush in-- just another drawback of apartment living :P

Well, that's it for me this year. In another year's time, I hope to have a fresh pile of 2016 loot pics with less figures, less music, and slightly less manga to share with you all. Wish me luck, and spend responsibly in 2016!
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I can't say I am not jealous of all your loot. I thought I bought a fair bit last year. xD
4 år siden
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Eyeholes4 år siden#5777019Quite curious on why you have two sets of the same nendos in November. Would you mind telling me why? C:
Look carefully and you'll see more doubles in other months ;)

I typically order two of each GSC exclusive I buy so that if something bad happens to one in the future, I have a spare and don't have to spend an arm and a leg for a replacement. (In Shiren's case, he's not an exclusive, but he did come with an exclusive bonus part.)
4 år siden
Quite curious on why you have two sets of the same nendos in November. Would you mind telling me why? C:
4 år siden
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
shinobu-nyan4 år siden#5776360Omg so many Mikudayos XD
Nice 2015 retrospective ^^

Thank you! And I love Mikudayo so much I started a cult this past year - CLUB #1477 <3

rapido4 år siden#5776389It's nice to see someone that collects ani-cd's... I use to collect those back in the days...

You do your Gunplamo like a pro... keep it up...

May you have more hauls this year of 2016... kanpai!!!

Thanks, though my soundtrack collection is much more focused on video game music than anime ^^

And I'm not sure I'm up to pro level for Gunpla just yet… maybe someday. Hope you have some good loots in 2016 too!

maerynsen4 år siden#5776438Awesome loot! I'd be afraid to see my accumulation over a single year, given how my habits have been lately. I think I need to chill out a little in 2016. We'll see if I hold myself to it. :P Thanks for sharing!
Thanks, and yeah, it is scary to see how much one can buy over the course of a year. Here's hoping 2016 won't be as crazy for either of us ^^

kotorii4 år siden#5776528Loved seeing monster in those loots
That is a manga every manga reader should check out!

:D I love Urasawa, but got into his works a bit on the later side, so I'm glad for Viz's Monster reprints. Thanks for your comment!

solluxcaptor4 år siden#5776596Wow an impressive year of loot!
Thank you! It's almost too much, though, so hopefully 2016 will be less impressive ^^;
4 år siden
Wow an impressive year of loot!
4 år siden
Loved seeing monster in those loots
That is a manga every manga reader should check out!
4 år siden
Awesome loot! I'd be afraid to see my accumulation over a single year, given how my habits have been lately. I think I need to chill out a little in 2016. We'll see if I hold myself to it. :P Thanks for sharing!
4 år siden
It's nice to see someone that collects ani-cd's... I use to collect those back in the days...

You do your Gunplamo like a pro... keep it up...

May you have more hauls this year of 2016... kanpai!!!
4 år siden
Omg so many Mikudayos XD
Nice 2015 retrospective ^^
4 år siden
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