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Kimm134SayaKimm134Saya4 år siden
Happy New Year, everyone!

It's now 2016, and it's a good time to take a look at how 2015 was for this wonderful hobby that we share.

Last year is the year when I started and boomed with this hobby. Since I have landed a decent-paying job, spending for this luxury has become slightly more tolerable and plausible.

I am a collector whose passion for the Shin Megami Tensei franchise is unparalleled except by a few. Thus, I exert a lot of effort in acquiring as much items as possible. This post summarizes my 2015; definitely an amazing year.

My first shipment from Japan was dispatched on January 26. This is my first major haul, and it shows. The items I bought were split into 4 huge boxes, weighing 27.1 kilograms. I got most of the items I really wanted, and I just knew the year just started on a good note.


On May 5, my second shipment was shipped. It took me four months before I could splurge on more figures, and it was worth it. My loot was slightly less than my first, but I got some rarer items here.


Then, just a month after my last, on June 8, another package was sent from Japan. It was my first time to buy some loose figures, and I must say, people in Japan really delivers. The loose figures arrived in mint to near mint condition, unless stated otherwise.


After my last haul, I decided to limit my purchases since I'm also having packages sent more frequently. Again, after approximately a month, a box was sent on July 28. For this one, I received some duplicate items or copies of items which I already own due to impulse buying, but this also allowed me to share my collection to others.


The next shipment was on 9/11. This is my lightest and smallest package at a measly 2.2kg. Most of the items here are pretty cheap, but I surprisingly got a holy grail of mine. This grail also turned out to be the first garage kit I have ever bought which started into a slow trend.


On October 22, I broke my small package streak when another big package was sent. At first, I had no idea why it registered to be that heavy, but after I received the package, I knew why. Interestingly, items suchs as clear files and other stationery can add up weight pretty quickly. This is also my package with the most number of items because of tiny hanged up things and other goods. Linking the items in database was a pain, more so because most of the items are still not in the database. I only had time to add a few myself.


Finally, my final shipment for the year was dispatched on November 19. I did not hold back with this particular shipment because I knew it will arrive by Christmas. And it did, on December 23. It also marked a special event in my life as I started my very own small online shop which mainly focuses in offering Shin Megami Tensei items. That's part of the reason why this haul turned out huge.


And that rounds up everything I bought in Japan. This excludes figures which I bought locally. After 12 boxes full of figures, art books, etc., everything summed up to 106.24 kilograms of artistic brilliance and contentment. I have also purchased most of what I want to be part of my Shin Megami Tensei collection. I expect 2016 to have less of SMT.

Of course, all of these hit my wallet pretty hard, but as long as one can spend within budget without compromising on the more important facets of life, this hobby can be sustained.

Again, happy new year! May 2016 be a good or better year for all of us!
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SpinkellaSapphir4 år siden#5823829Ackkkk--- *dies*
Ang dami *_*
Most of your hauls are even bigger than my whole collection!! O_O Amazing!
Happy New Year!
I'm sure you'll be able to get amazing hauls soon!
4 år siden
Ackkkk--- *dies*
Ang dami *_*
Most of your hauls are even bigger than my whole collection!! O_O Amazing!

Happy New Year!
4 år siden
Elementrix4 år siden#5823394What's the name of your shop? It's on Facebook: Persona Shop Philippines www.facebook.co...
4 år siden
What's the name of your shop?
4 år siden
DatDemi4 år siden#5823310Great move. He really did skyrocket in just a while. I think he's more or less stable now.
4 år siden
Kimm134Saya4 år siden#5811147Yup. I made sure to get him on my first haul. He's expensive as hell! Great move. He really did skyrocket in just a while.
4 år siden
Mgtnst4 år siden#5823016then I'll make sure to read them. :))) Thanks! That means a lot.
4 år siden
amtg4 år siden#5800305LOL, Haru really does stand out. :3

He always does!
4 år siden
Kimm134Saya4 år siden#5811428Please don't. :) Too late. I'm already here.
4 år siden
Kimm134Saya4 år siden#5823013I'll make sure to still regularly post loots this year. then I'll make sure to read them. :)))
4 år siden