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  • 75% of my collection is trading figures. (over 100+ nendoroid petits) and I love them! A lot of my petits are characters that don't have any other figures...
    8 år siden
    Strife212 Original Blue
    I personally can't handle trading figures any more.

    I just don't have room for them, so I go with 'less is more' these days. I can see why you would though, they are fun to collect and reasonably priced.
    8 år siden
    RaditzFan Ultimate Raditz Fan
    A large part of my collection is trading figures. I adore the detail in them, most of the time not too expensive, and also offer characters that hardly get a figure otherwise. :)
    8 år siden
    I have a bunch of trading figures, because like you said, sometimes they really do offer something different. I've got a Haruhi Suzumiya set, a bunch of small One Piece wanted posters, a voice figure of C.C., a pretty well-made Lelouch and Kokonoe Rin and one of Accelerator from Index fame - one of the few figures that were ever made of him. The best ones are probably the Chrono Trigger ones I got for christmas, they look incredibly detailed.

    In any case, especially characters that don't get much pvc love are easier to find in trading form, so while not the mainstay of my collection, I do keep my eye out for them.
    8 år siden
    I recently sold almost all my trading figures because I wanted to save up for scale pvc but I've kept my Little Busters Trading figs because I love them and not all the characters have (good) scale pvc's.
    Also my gashapon of Rin (my favorite little busters character of all <3) has a little tiny Lennon with her (the white kitty)
    And the pose of my Kud and Haruka is just adorable ^__^
    So yeah I'm quite fond of those.

    Also, I love petit nendo's, just as much as their big family members, so I own some of those aswell :D
    8 år siden
    I bought mostly trading figures when I first committed to this hobby. The first set I bought was a Haruhi Suzumiya set which I absolutely adore. I followed up the Storyimage Love Hina swimsuit trading figures and I liked those a lot as well. The set of trading figures I bought were the Disgaea One Coin trading figures. I really like the One Coin line of trading figures because they comparatively have as much detail as scale figures.

    However my favorite set of trading figures are definitely the Final Fantasy Tactics Trading Arts. While their faces leave for much to be desired, the detail and size of the figures are just great and fit nicely into my display case.
    8 år siden
    WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
    I love trading figures because I get to see some of my favorite characters in fits-in-the-palm-of-my-hand size. For instance, I love the Key Memorial trading figures that came out recently from Toys Works. Due to the aforementioned supply and demand, Key/Visual Arts characters get substantially overlooked in the world of figures even though they're very popular, but not as certain an investment as, say, Madoka. So, it's nice to be able to get them in any form possible, which includes trading figures.
    8 år siden
    Most of my collection is made up of trading figures. I love to collect them, mainly because they look pretty cool, especially MegaHouse capsule figures, and they don't take up as much real estate as a full size figure.
    8 år siden
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