Kommentarer Naruto & Sasuke - Awesome Statue

  • These do look nice, but I'm still not a fan. Naruto seems off to me, some uncanny valley Naruto thing where I just never really seem to like them in 3D (considering that, somehow Toriyama characters translate magnificently, go figure!). Sasuke also seems rather larger than Naruto, and Naruto is lacking expression. I'm glad people are enjoying these, certainly better than the absolute swill Megahouse has been releasing. Tsume actually seems to want to do right by the fans and the characters justice instead of just putting out whatever and knowing people will buy it just because it's Naruto.
    4 år siden
    Nice review. These really are two of the best statues I have ever owned. Here is my review too. :D
    4 år siden
    nice review! the images are awesome!!! i really want that sasuke fig but the price :(
    4 år siden
    lightningmaid 不思議な
    Beautiful pictures! I really like this set.
    4 år siden
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