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Amy-chanAmy-chan4 år siden
Hey Guys,

I'm seriously freaking out.
Yesterday i got my package from Solaris Japan including the Yoko Nendoroid and the Tsukasa figma no.myfigurecoll....

Since I got ill (and therefore have time) I wanted to try out various poses with the figma. So I went ahead and removed the hands, the right one was no problem at all but the left one BROKE even though I was really careful!
Now I got the broken hand, the peg is still stuck in her arm and I have no clue how to get this fucking peg out of her arm. I tried it with tweezers but I only scrape parts of the peg off.

What should I do now?

I tried the method with the hot water and it worked. Thanks for all the help and sorry, I didn't think about searching the topic.
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Like nuffnmuch said. Pin vise and tiny drill bit is a godsend for stuck pegs
4 år siden
One of the best tools I ever picked up for my collection was a pin vise and some tiny drill bits. As already mentioned by Zoids, using a tiny drill bit, drill out the center, then screw in a tiny screw, use a little gentle heat and pulling on the screw the pin will pull right out without any damage to the rest of the figure.

If you are really lucky and there is enough material on both sides of the wrist pin, you can drill it out and insert a metal rod with some sturdy glue to have a functional joint. Most of the time this is not the case and you will need to completely replace the joint.

Hope this helps.

When I first was searching for pin vises they were hard to find. I ending up picking up a couple of Tamiya pin vises and some of their tiny, tiny drill bits from HLJ (and I love them). Now you can probably find a workable pin vise locally. Wish I could remember where I saw one recently, but it's not coming to me. Sorry.

Warning! Do not search for pin vises on MFC unless you like doujinshi (wondered if I could find my Tamiya ones. No such luck). Google will give you many better options.

Here is a link to the small one I bought: [url=]www.hlj.com/pro...[/url]

Unfortunately it is out of stock at the moment.
4 år siden
I simply used a knife to remove the excess plastic, and then replaced the broken hands with a peg from a different hand using a pin. Thankfully they changed the design of the new figma hands.
4 år siden
This might help: blogs.php?sort=...
4 år siden
Not entirely sure if GSC would send you a replacement for a figure this old, but you could try anyway I guess, they certainly won't bite you :3

It's certainly something that could be a defect with the peg being too thick and getting legit stuck. I mean, if you're being careful and it's easier for it to snap clean than actually come out the slot, then that's not quite right.

Or you could try Zoid's method below. Really depends on how much you want a version of that hand with a functioning peg (though you may have to do zoid's method anyway if they refuse to replace it).
4 år siden
Well, I've had this happen many times before. To get the broken peg out (trust me, you'll lose it so no point keeping it) you'll need the hot water trick. Simply remove the arm from the body and place it in a bowl, cup, whatever of hot water for no more then forty seconds. Remove the arm and using a small pin, drill, screwdriver, whatever you have that's small, you need to pry the broken part out. You won't be able to take it out in one try, so try again and again. But be careful because you don't want to damage the arm.

After that, you can either buy another hand set (I think some LS hands are floating around on eBay) or use some Green Stuff or any other putty substance to "fix" the broken hand.
4 år siden
Ask them for other Tsukasa figma, or ask for refund, just tak a photo of broken parts and explain them whole situation. I am really sorry, but I think you'll get new figure. :D
4 år siden
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