Apr 2016 Loot (Mini Free! Haul) + How did it all began...Apr 2016 Loot (Mini Free! Haul) + How did it all began...Diary

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Hello, MFC! SkyBlue reporting in for my fourth loot post albeit a tiny one XD due to me saving up for my holiday and my deadly August, September and November pre-orders. This entry is actually a combination of several categories (loot, ask MFC, diary, misc) as I’ve been meaning to write a short backstory / introduction prior to joining MFC and basically how everything started. I’m really curious as to how others started as well so I would love to hear some stories from you! ^^

And since I joined MFC after I started collecting for a while, I felt bad that some of my older figures never made their appearance here so I wanted to take this opportunity to share them (especially my first grail and some of my personal favourite figures). Each of my figures have their own little story (I’m sure it’s the same for all of us :D) and seeing all the recent Japan trip entries, I feel very inspired to make one for my trip from last year (Feb-Mar 2015). I never get to document my travels anywhere before so yeah it’s a little bit of everything ;)

Let’s start with my April mini loot which some of you already know from my previous loot blog post that it’s basically just Free! Eternal Summer prize and trading figures as well as a Raiden nendo. There’s nothing N+C or DMMd related for the first time in my hauls ;A;

Here’s my consolidated box full of Free! Eternal Summer little figures from YJA! Haru is there for size comparison. It turns out that consolidation does help in saving shipping cost and I felt silly that I didn’t try it earlier (or else I could’ve saved more on shipping ><)



Buyee did an awesome job in re-packing these items imho with lots of light-weight packing materials in between the empty spaces :D


Overall loot boxes (Haru can’t wait for Makoto!)


I missed getting these little guys back then and I found them relatively cheap in YJA (I didn’t know about their re-release XD) Glad that they are getting a re-release in July so for those of you who missed them, grab their PO now! They’re adorable~


Look at those cute little milk cartons~~!!


I managed to get all the characters with my extra being Makoto! Yay! They are so cute~! (I didn’t know Yontengo means 4.5 in Japanese :P)


You know, I haven’t been getting a lot of blind boxes set but I noticed despite all the warnings saying a box set may not necessarily have all the characters, most of the time a box set does have all the characters (including secret characters) with the same extra character. Like for this case, apparently most of us received Makoto as an extra so probably all extras are Makoto? XD


After I got the Alter figures, I re-watched the anime and ever since then I’ve been wanting for more figures of Haru and Makoto (my OTP ^^) so I just have to have these two since I can get them to link their arms together (but I need to make a custom base for them first). Those uniforms! There’s something alluring about men in uniforms ^^


Finally Haru is reunited with Makoto! I was so sad Makoto was sold out in Mandarake when I placed my order for him (well, he is a storefront item after all) so I was glad I found him in YJA. I plan on making a special custom base for them so they can maintain like this. They look so lovely and cute together!


Makoto basically remained the same but Haru seems much cuter when he was young. Haru normally is indifferent but occasionally shows his cute side too (love how he just has to strip when he sees water and Makoto says “No, not here!”) ^^


Finally, Raiden! I’ve always wanted to get him but somehow I kept postponing my plans in getting him but when I saw him for 40% off in AmiAmi, I just had to get him (and of course, his naked body too!)


I immediately released him from his plastic prison and changed him into.....

View spoilerHide spoilerTHIS!


Sorry, Raiden! I just have to! It’s a crime not to!!


Lmao his face says it all: “What are you looking at?”


While I was taking pictures, the sun suddenly decided to come out and as a result, Raiden seems to be glowing. I call this picture the golden butt XD


After all that fooling around, I changed him to my favourite pose. Now to wait for his fellow cyborg friend, Genos (Painted prototype, please GSC! I wanna see chubby Genos in colour!)

And that’s it for my April loot (yup, very tiny loot). The following is basically a backstory of some of my grails and older figures which I’ve been meaning to write but just not sure how or when so here’s where the diary part starts :D

In my Mar loot blog post, I never get to take pictures of Kogi as it was raining out and never got around to it until yesterday when the weather seemed perfect so I took Kogi out from my shelf for some photo time.



Close up of Kogi’s beautiful and gorgeous face. Love his fangs~! Some say he looks like a perv (which in certain angle he does look pervy, not that I’m complaining though ^^) but I love his face!


His hair! His goddamn beautiful hair (or mane XD)!! And I really love those tiny intricate details of his scabbard. Those tiny beads, they almost seem translucent! So worth every single yen I paid for him ^^ I can’t wait for August to arrive so Jiji can be displayed beside him. Now Kogi towers alone above all the other TR nendos..


Can’t get enough of his stunning hair!


It almost looks like he’s dancing~

I felt like taking more pictures of my other figures so I took one of my grails, Natsume Takashi and Nyanko-sensei. I currently have three figures which I consider as my main grails namely Aoba (Max Factory), Natsume Takashi and Ren Rhyme Mode. There are others who mean a lot to me too but these three are special and I will share with you why ;)

Please skip the spoiler to get straight to Natsume ^^. My humble backstory is behind the spoiler if you are interested (It’s a little long and wordy like how a diary is supposed to be :D).

View spoilerHide spoiler First things first though as a few of my friends already know, I have been a fan of games, manga and anime since like I was nine years old. I grew up watching tons of anime and reading tons of manga just like everyone else (okay, not everyone but majority of us) and I got my first artbook from Kinokuniya back in 2001 and that I noticed now, was my very first official merchandise (I used my own allowance as I did very well in a major examination back then ^^) and I never looked back since.

I slowly started building my collection of artbooks but then one day, my parents came home with a bunch of boxes. I was so excited not knowing what it was and my parents revealed four figures bought from a local hobby shop that was closing down so they had a clearance sale (dirt cheap prices as some were broken and had no boxes). Nevertheless, seeing these figures laid out before my eyes on the table was fascinating! I’ve never knew plastic figures could be so dazzling!

My sister and I each chose two figures (I chose a guy with a ninja outfit with sneakers and a girl with some space uniform) and although I didn’t know who or which anime/game they’re from, I loved them to bits. (Fast forward 13 years later in 2013, I finally know who the guy was from Capcom’s 30th Anniversary encyclopedia: Guy XD Still no luck on the girl though)

Then along the way, my mum got me a set of .hack gashapon figures and Kingdom Hearts Disney figures (my mum loves Kingdom Hearts). Those .hack gashapon figures were my favourite because I really enjoyed the game and played non-stop back then. I woke up three in the morning just to play the game before I went to school XD

As I grew older, I started keeping up-to-date with the help of many sites such as Anime News Network, AmiAmi, MFC and many others. Over the years, I read many figure reviews and kept a tiny wish list of figures I really wanted and stalking MFC as a bystander who could only wish to be a part of one day. I was mesmerized by their collection, their passion, and the very intriguing world of figure collecting. And finally now that I joined, I am very proud to be one of MFC. I was inspired by many users here and it was surreal that I am now friends with some of them! ^^

Natsume Yuujinchou was one of my favourite anime because I enjoyed their melancholic theme and soft-pastel coloured animation with great character growth. Natsume had a horrible childhood growing up being shoved from one family to another and it was so heart-wrenching in one of the episodes where he ran all the way back to his original home as he missed his parents so much. So when I first saw the news that he had a scale figure made by Alter I was over the moon~ only for the sky to come crashing down on me as he was released a long time back and no longer available anywhere. (I didn’t know the existence of Mandarake or YJA yet at that time ><)

So I made a promise to myself that if ever, EVER Natsume is available in anyway, I’ll definitely get him. And thank God, Alter decided to re-release him although it was a renewal version. The original figure was more faithful to the manga whereas the renewal one resembles the anime more. Since I got hooked into Natsume Yuujinchou anime first, this figure was perfect for me. I gathered up all my courage to ask my dad to borrow me his credit card to place an order for him as I was still a student (fresh grad) and had no credit card. I started saving like mad and it took very long but I managed to return the money to my dad ^^ That actually made me very proud and hence why Natsume is special to me. 

Aoba was the same as well. I first knew about DMMd as a BL visual novel game when I was just browsing aimlessly and the colour palette really attracted me. The visuals and art were so vibrant, fun and attractive. Aoba instantly became my favourite because I love his smile!

I got very interested and decided to delve deeper into DMMd and the rest is history. I have passed the point of no return XD (I guess reading all those yaoi manga really helps lmao). It made me love Aoba even more and I have never liked a character this much before. I guess it's because he doesn't judge anyone only by their appearance. He will go out of his way to help others as much as he could and I just love hearing his voice~♡

But by then I know about him, his scale figure was sold out everywhere just like Natsume. So I made the same promise to myself as I did Natsume; to get Aoba if ever the opportunity presents itself. 

Lo and behold, Aoba's re-release was announced and I just couldn't believe the timing, it was very close to Natsume's renewal release! Perfect timing! I was overjoyed I'd be getting two of my most wanted figures being re-released. ^^

My very first figure which I imported from overseas! First time receiving an international parcel in the mail (heck, first time receiving anything which was addressed to me even! XD) Super excited and my hands were literally shaking as I unboxed him!


Despite him being delayed twice, it was well worth the wait in the end though it was a very nerve-wrecking wait for me since it was my first time ordering a figure online. Now I know better (Alter is notorious for delays) XD


I liked Alter’s clear box designs and kept his box until today ^^


He is absolutely perfect! (The first few photos I took back in 2015 were horrible ><)


He looks just like in the anime promotional poster. Great artwork they chose to make this figure of Natsume. It perfectly captures the vibe of the anime and Natsume’s personality.


The kimono draping over his shoulders is so elegant and Nyanko-sensei looks so cute trying to hold on the tree branch. The water looks so realistic and the emerald green grass is just beautiful.


Thank you, Alter.

A week later, Aoba finally came home! Boy, his box was HUGE! And HEAVY!

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/05/08/1538092.jpeg



After I unboxed him, I knew why he was so heavy and large. There were double blister packs inside! It took a while to get all the parts out and after examining the instructions on how to assemble him, it wasn’t too hard but you really need to be careful with him. There are so many fragile parts and thankfully nothing broke. It was also the first time I assembled a figure so it was a very exciting and fulfilling experience! ^^





I really love and I really mean LOVE this figure. He’s just so dynamic and gravity-defying (how did they do it?) and filled with references to the game with tributes to each character in DMMd.

The red bird is obviously Beni which represents Koujaku, cute little Usagimodoki for Noiz, pipes for Mink, white gloves and umbrellas for Clear and the television images represents Morphine (Virus and Trip), Usui (Toue) and the mysterious figure represents Sei.

It’s the perfect figure for DMMd and Aoba’s face is sculpted perfectly to show his captivating smile and those signature eyes of his~ I liked how his fingers curled around the headphones and Ren tumbling down along with Aoba ^^ So cute~



I am so grateful that Max Factory released THREE figures for DMMd (Who would’ve thought that a BL game could have scale figures? At 1/7 scale AND Wonderful Hobby Selection too!) so I’m seriously hoping they will continue releasing the DMMd boys (I’d do anything for a Noiz scale!) I’m keeping my hopes up as dreams DO come true (ahem, native Aoba anyone?)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet one of my earliest figures which I got back during my holidays in Taiwan, Portgas D. Ace Strong version. Ace is my favourite character in One Piece (Zoro as well :D) and I seriously cried when I read the chapter where he died. His parting words were etched deeply in my mind.


I wasn’t expecting to get any anime related merchandises at all since it was a guided tour but we had some free time when we were at 101 tower and by chance I saw him so I bought him ^^ Guess it must be fate.



I got Zoro Sailing Again POP as a Christmas gift from my parents from their trip to Japan back in 2013 (I think?). I didn’t join them as I had examinations during that time so I was very happy they took the time and effort to hunt down Zoro for me. ^^

They knew I liked Zoro a lot so they went to every shop they can find in Akihabara asking if they had any Zoro figures. I’m grateful for them as I know how hard it is for them especially when there is language barrier and Akihabara isn’t really easy to navigate for first-timers. My parents told me they got dizzy looking at so many figures there XD They fondly call him 'the swordsman' :D


This was also a gift from my parents.


Because he didn't come with a box, I actually posed him wrongly for quite some time before coming across official pictures here in MFC :P


Sanji was from my trip to Hong Kong and I also got a Gintama blind box (Shinpachi from the movie Forever Yorozuya). Sanji looks so badass with all the fire effects :D



I enjoy posing these two together ^^


These candy toys were from my sister when she visited Japan after she got married. The quality is kinda nice with shiny glittery paint for a candy toy :)

Up next is my backlog of last year's Japan trip. I was so excited when my dad proposed to go to Japan for a family trip!! And so we went from 23/02/2015 till 6/3/2015 and honestly those were the best time of my life. Japan is such a fascinating, interesting and lively country! We landed in Osaka and we went straight to Dotonbori to have our lunch.


The first picture I took in Japan ^^



The famous landmark of Osaka; the Glico man!


Osaka-jo~! I was really excited to visit Osaka Castle (I love playing Sengoku Musou and Sengoku Basara ^^) and my interest in Japanese history grew immensely. 

The museum inside was very interesting and insightful. You also get to try on several generals' helmets and swords for a mere 300 yen and you get to take as many photos as you want!

I tried Yukimura's helmet while my dad tried Hideyoshi's helmet and damn they were heavy! The sword too! How did they manage to wear the full body armour AND went to war with all these weight holding them down?? @.@?


This shrine was very interesting and peaceful. Later that day, we went to Den Den Town but I was too excited and totally forgot to take any photos ><


Osaka's loot. It was just the second day but I already spent half of what I brought (and I haven't even been to Akihabara, Nakano and Ikebukuro!) ;A;


Den Den Town had a Kotobukiya store (where I got KHII Sora PAK as a gift from my mum ^^), animate and K-Books (I got Masamune here!). I can't find Mandarake which was a shame since it was a chance to visit Grandchaos after all. Well, maybe next time ;)

The next day, we went to Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion.


Then we went to Fushimi-Inari shrine, famous for their Senbon Torii (1000 Torii gates). We didn't complete the whole course and we stopped at Okusha Shrine.




Ikebukuro! Holy ground for all fujoshis and fudanshis!! This is the old animate store and I didn't get a picture of the new animate store because I went crazy and stormed right in at the sight of animate XD


I also visited Jump World while I was in Ikebukuro. Very awesome displays inside though the games are completely in Japanese. It really helps if you know basic Japanese to fully enjoy what Jump World has to offer :)








I felt really excited that I finally get to walk the streets of Akihabara that I've only seen in the anime, manga and Google images!! Tons of hobby shops (Mulan, Softmap, Sega, Radio Kaikan, K-Books, Mandarake, Kotobukiya, Volks, the list just goes on and on!)


Akihabara's Kotobukiya~~~!!! ♡.♡


Love these figures from Whisper of the Heart~♡


My heart sank when I saw "SOLD OUT" plastered across these KnB figures TAT I was hoping to find them here in Japan but they're nowhere to be found (not even the mighty Nakano Broadway)


I enjoy admiring their displays. They really help inspire me in displaying my merch such as clear files, stickers and what not ^^




The masks commonly featured in anime and manga ^^


Jump Store in Tokyo Skytree. I regretted not getting Ace 10th Anniversary from there and now he's sold out everywhere.

On the last day of our trip, I requested to return to Akihabara one last time before flying back and we went to Kanda Myojin as well.



My Japan trip loot!


Awesome box designs!




I was pleasantly surprised when I saw such a cool image of Raiden inside the box and the tiny card with illustration from the talented Shinkawa Yoji-sensei.


Raiden in his full glory!


His eyes can be lighted up red! How cool is that? He looks so freaking badass!! ^^


Cute little Mikorin~♡ Always embarrassed and blushing. Sincerely hoping that Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun casts will get a proper scale figure or nendoroid treatment (Fingers cross!)


Megahouse Persona 4 Narukami Yu which was actually the first figure I bought in Japan from a tiny store in Den Den Town.


Aquarion Evol's Kagura Demuri which was sold for nearly 50% off right next to where I bought Yu. I couldn't miss the chance to own my favourite character at such a bargain price! XD


Kakashi from Volks Hobby Paradise in Akihabara for only 7020¥ (Still couldn't understand how his aftermarket price could rise so much...20,000¥!)


Date Masamune's prize figure! He is extremely detailed for a prize figure so I'm really glad I got him from Osaka's K-Books ^^


Hands down my favourite character in Sengoku Basara. I love Kazuya Nakai's Engrish and how Masamune has a habit of peppering his speech witb random Engrish words like how he said Yukimura needed more tension and Yukimura went "T-t-te-tension?!" XD


One-eyed dragon Date Masamune!

And that concludes my diary about my figures and how I started collecting. Feel free to share your stories on how you started this hobby, your first / favourite.figures and whatnot ^^ I enjoy reading how others started collecting figures and how they liked their favourite character.

April was a great month for me as I only got two parcels (which is a great improvement if I do say so myself ><) and PO for Native Aoba was finally opened! On Aoba's birthday too!! It was very exciting and I am very glad I managed to PO him. Hopefully he sells well enough to continue this 18+ male figure trend ^^ Kotobukiya have released Nicolas' painted prototype and Worick's PO was opened so April was indeed great.

I want a Gokotai nendo real bad~ I would love to have Akashi and Suoh Mikoto scale figures too (really pushing my luck for Mikoto). Here's to hoping for even more male figures announcement. Cheers! Thanks for reading. Till next time, MFC. Take care :D

10 May 2016
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solluxcaptor4 år siden#9810568Very enjoyable loot post and I love the Japan photos!
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Seeing all the Japan posts inspired me to make one as well ^^

Akira4 år siden#9813617You got a very cool loot! 0: Also I didnt expect the japan pics haha It seems you had fun :>
Thank you! I really enjoyed the trip :D

SabryChan4 år siden#9814800So beautiful! It seems you have a great time there! I love the photos and your loot! The figures from Free! are a cutie pie! I adore the boys!
Thank you for your kind words ^^ Yes! They are so cute and adorable~ especially Makoto!

saintbe4 år siden#9814884But but but... These are all guy figures ??? J/K great post !
Haha 99.9% of my figures are guys XD I like your bunny farm too! ^^

Gabmag104 år siden#9826624Great loot post as always <3
Thank you! ^3^~♡

Sekhmet4 år siden#9836334So nice! I didn't realize the back of the Sora [box] figure was like that, pretty neat! Looks like you had fun in Japan ^.^
The box design perfectly reflects the game and I loved it! ^^ Still hoping we could one day go to Japan together :D

IridescentFall4 år siden#9861519Ah, those Free! kid figures are so cute! The sailor ones too! (Haha, I also have a thing for uniforms! XD) It was great to see your history with figure collecting. I'm a bit jealous your family is so supportive and has actually gifted you figures. Mine is okay with it, but they don't necessarily encourage it. A family vacation in Japan would be so cool!
Also, we were totally in Japan at the same time last year! I saw that Foo Dog shrine too- it was really amazing and quite different from most other shrines.
I was I had a Kotobukiya store in Canada- it's definitely one of my favourite places in Akiba! I can't wait until I can go on another Japan trip!
Anyways, awesome loot and post! It was fun to read! ^.^

I know right! Uniforms are so cool looking. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it ^^ I'm really grateful to my parents for their support and constant reminders not to go overboard. They always say quality over quantity XD
Oh we were?! Man maybe we were passing each other on the streets without knowing! :D
Kotobukiya and Volks were my favourites! When are you planning your next trip? ^^

Rychi4 år siden#9877796Wow i love your collection and loot!!^^
Thank you so much! ^^
4 år siden
Wow i love your collection and loot!!^^
4 år siden
IridescentFall いいよ~
Ah, those Free! kid figures are so cute! The sailor ones too! (Haha, I also have a thing for uniforms! XD) It was great to see your history with figure collecting. I'm a bit jealous your family is so supportive and has actually gifted you figures. Mine is okay with it, but they don't necessarily encourage it. A family vacation in Japan would be so cool!
Also, we were totally in Japan at the same time last year! I saw that Foo Dog shrine too- it was really amazing and quite different from most other shrines.
I was I had a Kotobukiya store in Canada- it's definitely one of my favourite places in Akiba! I can't wait until I can go on another Japan trip!

Anyways, awesome loot and post! It was fun to read! ^.^
4 år siden
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
So nice! I didn't realize the back of the Sora [box] figure was like that, pretty neat! Looks like you had fun in Japan ^.^
4 år siden
Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Great loot post as always <3
4 år siden
But but but... These are all guy figures ??? J/K great post !
4 år siden
So beautiful! It seems you have a great time there! I love the photos and your loot! The figures from Free! are a cutie pie! I adore the boys!
4 år siden
You got a very cool loot! 0: Also I didnt expect the japan pics haha It seems you had fun :>
4 år siden
Very enjoyable loot post and I love the Japan photos!
4 år siden
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