First garage kit experience. Enma Ai by InorisamaFirst garage kit experience. Enma Ai by InorisamaDiary

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minami_desuminami_desu4 år siden
Hello everyone!
I think the time for my first ever blog here on MFC has come. Three years since I joined this community passed and I didn't have enough courage to write something. But now I want to share with you my first experience in assembling a garage kit.
I've read a lot of GK articles, blogs and tutorials recently, and the idea of assembling one by myself started to grow on me. The more I read the more I thought that I can do it. And finally I decided to do it!

Warning! The blog is image heavy and contains panty pictures!

First of all, why did I choose this kit? Well, I sticked to some points for a first-timer - the kit requires not much colors, that are easy to mix, big size of a kit (1/7), and small amount of details - 18 pcs.
And I chose Enma because I love the character, love the anime itself, but Alter's figure is not affordable for me (and I don't think will be ever).

Well, I decided to start with painting my kit with a brush, and If I succeed with it and don't give up on assembling GK, one day I'll buy an air brush.
So all the necessaries (acrylic paint, 00 brush, pastels, putty, vaseline, liner, sandpaper, primer and a lot of other stuff) were bought, some of them I already had (like epoxy glue, other brushes or drill) and I jumped into action!

First of all, I cut unnecessary molding trees, sanded rough parts a bit (with a polishing nails machine lol) and put in pins.
From this part you can see the basis of pinning - you drill and put a pin in one part (here it's a neck) and in other part (body) you drill a bigger hole, put there putty, vaseline a part with a pin and assemble two parts. And - tadaa - you have a hole that exactly fits your pin.
Then, after putty hardens, you can assemble your kit and check stability.
And here you can see a problem I faced - 5 parts of hair, that made giant holes. So I decided to glue them together with epoxy glue and cover the gaps with epoxy putty. I used Tamiya epoxy putty quick time, If you wonder.
Then I sanded all the details. Honestly, It took more time than I thought! I wanted to cheat and sand only with rough sandpaper and right after it with soft one, but you shouldn't be lazy as me - because of my laziness I had to sand some details after priming =\
After that I washed the details in de-oiler, It's required for right and steady covering of primer and paints. I've heard a lot of people face a problem when paint just fall off from the kit and it's all because of avoiding de-oiling.
Priming time!
Next comes the most exciting part of building a GK - painting!
First layer. Since I used brush, I had to water a paint and make a lot of thin, semi-transparent layers.
Five layers
After 8 layers, the smallest parts of a kit were ready - hands, torso and neck.
And after ~13 layers the black parts of a kit were completed. I honestly mixed two different colors for seifuku and hair, and also put a transparent gray layer on a seifuku, but, unfortunately, the more layers you put, the darker the detail becomes.
Painting lines on seifuku~
Also, I'd like to introduce you a part that almost made me give up - this %#in STAIN! Ooh, I had to put more than 20 layers to make it less noticeable.
After fighting with a stain, I started to paint a detail that made me think that I do all this not for nothing. With painting a face I thought only one thing - GUYS, THIS IS SOO SATISFYING! I understood why GK painters say that this process is rewarding. I almost saw that my figure become alive and breathed the first time in a life.
Next step - shading a kit with pastels! This is the step where the magic begins and you realize that you made a thing. I mean, the thing that you made with your awkward hands and that can compete with completed pre-painted figure.
And, after spraying matt lacquer all over the details, I can say that my GK is done :3
GK is done, but what about a base? In my head, Ai-chan, and Jogoku Shoujo, associates with lycoris, the "flower of hell". Mainly because in the anime there were a lycoris field in hell, where Ai lived. So I thought that adding these flowers would be good. I made a lot of them, carving out of a plastic bag (the things that come to your head at 2 A.M when all the art shops are closed and you can't buy a flimsy paper). I made a base out of modelling paste and after it hardens painted it and "planted" grass.

So, let's see the final result of my work~
The base~
The details~

And in the end, I'd like to say that I was one of those, who say "I have twisted hands and I can't assemble a garage kit". But to my mind, If you have enough courage and really want to do it, If you believe in yourself and enjoy the process, you can make a GK. I want someone who've read my blog realize it and finally start to build a GK, like I did once, after reading lots of blogs.
Thank you for coming!
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Great job!
4 år siden
Wow, incredible! She seriously is an amazing figure. I'd even go as far as to say I like this better than the Alter figure!
4 år siden
Wow, I cant even color the kids menu without getting out of the lines and you can do all this, it's amazing and came out beautiful
4 år siden
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Seriously impressed! I'm considering trying my own GK soon for one of my husbandos, Alucard. I just need a workspace first and read up more about painting GKs. But, keep it up! You did such an amazing job! I'd honestly buy her if you were selling XD
4 år siden
This is beautiful! You did an amazing job!!
4 år siden
That's a neat pinning technique. I did build a few kits myself (and I really suck at pinning :(). With my next kit, I'll try out to pin it the way you did. Thanks for sharing :)

But ll together you did a neat job on this figure. The paint job and her base looks stunning. Also, you gave her a beautiful face.
I hop we'll see more GKs build by you :)
4 år siden
nagi2525nagisa4 år siden#10643311Wow! This looks so awesome! Nice job! :DD
Mind if I ask what kind of paint did you use? The matte finish looks nice.

Sure I can say! This is acrylic paint in tubes. I just bought the one I found in an art shop in my small town, so I think you can use any acrylic paint. The matte finish is mostly because of the lacquer I used - mr. Super Clear matt.
4 år siden
Thank you everyone for your kind words! I'm especially pleased that you liked the base, I've been deciding for a while should I add flowers or shouldn't. So now I'm sure that base looks good :3
4 år siden
Nicely done! My favorite character ^_^ !!
4 år siden
saintbe4 år siden#10648814Hi,
It's a nice first attempt.
The painting job is OK. Especially since you used a handbrush ... nicely done ... I like the details on her face especially the eyes look good. I always hated doing those and was always happy if the kit came with decals ^_^
I like the base a lot as well.
It seems to me that you could improve a lot on the assembly part in my opinion. There are obvious gaps that could have been an easy fix with some putty (between legs and pantsu ; also between neck and head seems like a very obvious gap unless I see that wrong).
On these pics the gaps are really obvious :
Legs :
Neck :
Keep up the good work !

Thank you for a comment!
Yeaah I know about it, I just didn't want to mention it :^)
I put a putty all over the parts you've mentioned, and here you can see it View spoilerHide spoilerru.myanimeshelf...
But after priming and painting the details just...didn't fit.
I already asked some GK buiders about the reasons and will consider it in my further garage kits)
4 år siden