S.H.Figuarts VS Revoltech <Ultron Prime & Ultron>S.H.Figuarts VS Revoltech <Ultron Prime & Ultron>Review

SetsuRyuSetsuRyu4 år siden
Since Revoltech and Bandai do the same character again (though they're different type), it's time to compare.

S.H.Figuarts is Ultron Prime (Hot Toys also do this one) while Revoltech is Ultimate Ultron (got this name from wikia so I'm not sure is it really the name). So I don't do much comparing on the detail.


I'm not sure about their height, is it the same or UItimate Ultron is higher (I mean official data not these figures)



Just 1 picture for overall detail.



Though I said they are different type but S.H.Figurats isn't that good (You can compare it with Hot Toys). Normally I think Bandai can do great work with robot face but what happen to this Ultron.



Revoltech use double revoltech joint (Small Size) for the shoulder so it easily to rise the arms this high. The elbow joints are normal ball joints not revoltech one.

S.H.Figuarts............ Well.... As you see........ you can't rise the arms because of the armor on shoulders. Anyway the elbow joint still use standard S.H.F joint so don't need to worry about it.



The drawback is, not only you can't rise the arms aside but it also effect a lot when you try to pose this figure. It can only go this much, just like soft vinyl with eblow joint.



Revoltech can lean forward this much, the neck also use revoltech joint so it can lower the head.

S.H.Figuarts...................... Meh...................



Revoltech can't lean much to the back becuase of the armor. But at least the head can do this much so it's not bad.





Revoltech doing fine to turn left-right.


Yeah............... Fxxx you S.H.figuarts



Though the revoltech joint is really suck but the leg can move aside this much.

S.H.Figuarts though the joint on the hip can be lower but it's no better than Revoltech.



Revoltech, if you have some revoltech figure you will know that they always use their really pround revoltech joint on this part and it really..... really suck to move. You can't move it up directly but have to move aside.

S.H.Figuarts still doing fine as the standard.



What we got in the box?

Revoltech - 1 pair of hands , Shooting Effect and Display Stand.

S.H.Figuarts - 2 pair of hands (which not really much differents) and that's it..................


These 5 pics I try my best to pose the same thing on thse 2 figures.

Well I'm not intend to make S.H.Figuarts look funny but that's all it can do.







That's all for this article.For short Analysis


- Cheaper (5800 yen)
- Much more poseable
- Display Stand
- Great Design
- Movable Eye ball

- Revoltech Joint
- Some part better not use the Revoltech joint but they still use it.
- Every parts which connect with joints are quite loose. (I thought it's revoltech's weak point)


- Easily to stand straight by itself. Well normally it's not a Pros but after try to set the pose of revoltech to stand straight, this might be.

- Missing coloring
- Fxxking overpriced (7020 yen) and it is tamashii web shop product so I thought the price is higher outside Japan huh?
- Nothing in the box except 2 pair of hands.
- Able to pose like soft vinyl figure with the joints on kneel and elbow.
- Doing the job like "Since the film is hugely success everybody will buy this one eventhough it suck"

When compare between what I got and the price I pay........



Lastly, I still don't like Revoltech I really hate the revolt joint. So Revoltech is not that great but S.H.Figuarts just worse.



Thank you for reading this article. And sorry for my bad English.

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The SH Figuarts looks just stupid compared to the Revoltech, especially with how much it lacks posability. :/ And on top of that the Revoltech is also cheaper!

I'm absolutely no fan of Revoltech (I had my own share of rage with their joints), but they are defenitely winning here. I had to laugh at your last picture. xD

dhemong4 år siden#11317683S.H Figuarts Ultron Ultimate face look like old man..lol

Oh god I wasn't the only one thinking that. I was thinking of a wrinkly old man with a :I expression when I saw i1290.photobuck... xD
4 år siden
What is a Ultron’s favorite type of music?

View spoilerHide spoilerHeavy metal!!!

4 år siden
Both figures are actually based on Ultron Prime (Ultimate Ultron is a way different look, with more smooth armor and pieces on his body). The reason why they don't look the same is because of the difference in source material: the Revoltech is based on the final movie design (more accurate the movie), while the Figuarts is based on the concept art/unfinished model (less accurate to the movie).

But yeah, great review, and those are just my observations since I'm a fairly big Ultron fan. ^_^
4 år siden
S.H Figuarts Ultron Ultimate face look like old man..lol
4 år siden
Those 2 last pictures... XD!

Revoltech Ultron definitely looks badass! I don't like jointed figures, but when it comes to mechas, androids and robots, they are totally acceptable for the most part since they tend to blend very well with the original design. This one is a very good example of that.
4 år siden
Very practical and informative review. This review is great for people who are unsure what to choose when a character gets a release from each major action figure SH Figuarts/Revoltech/figma.
4 år siden
katsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
Ah yes... The Revoltech ball joint system that Kaiyodo flaunts so much. It's something I'm intimately familiar with as I own a good number of Revoltech- I have a love/hate relationship with them. Some like ITEM #1394 and ITEM #21660 I absolutely adore, and then there are ones like ITEM #144531 that I want to melt into a ball of plastic.

Thanks for the write up! I'm honestly not surprised that the S.H. Figuarts version isn't great as Bandai can get very lazy with their 'Tamashii Webshop Exclusive' stuff, I swear they throw that label on some in a set just to make people pay more to finish it. (See every Kamen Rider series)

From the start, I didn't even think it looked very good so there was no way I would pay the price they were asking for. The Revoltech Ultron looks awesome though, he looks bulkier and meaner and doesn't have a derpy face either... If I ever end up buying one, it's definitely going be that version.

It's funny how poor Bandai's Ultron turned out as for the most part, the S.H. Figuarts line is great- the exclusives aside, they are fantastic for the price range.
4 år siden
Very interesting comparison. I almost always prefer SHF to Revoltech. The joints drive me crazy and they never quite look posed natural no matter how hard I try. I did do surgery on one and give it figma joints and that made it pretty sweet.
4 år siden
Great review/comparison!

I have the Revoltech Ultron and I must say it basically blows the Figuarts one away. As much as I like Figuarts, their Ultron felt rather skin and bland while the Revoltech Ultron felt more like, well, Ultron.
4 år siden
Good comparison. Always interesting to see c:
4 år siden