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From the TV anime series, "Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri", this is 1/7th Scale Rory Mercury:

(Each photo can be clicked on to give a full-size view of the image, even if the image itself doesn't display).

Here's her in the box:


I'll be honest here: I haven't watched the GATE anime yet, but I really love Rory Mercury's design and personality enough just to get the figure! So my review might not be completely "in the know", as I don't really know the anime at all.

In the box, Rory's package is really well done overall. The front has a simplistic design, but is visually appealing and has all of the necessary information a box front should have.

The name of the anime is prominently featured along the bottom, along with the figure's name in both English and Japanese. Also the company's logo, Kotobukiya, is also there. Even with this, there is still plenty of room for a nice waist-up view of the figure for box art and a large window for viewing the actual figure inside as well!

Back of the box:


The back of the box is pretty nicely done as well, overall. Putting all of the logos and text for the figure in the four corners of the box allows for a lot of open room to show off details of the figure more prominently; in this case a complete view of the figure as well as a close up.

A few different views of the figure would have been nice to include, however...such as seeing the figure from different sides and the back or even a close up of the base and her halberd weapon.

The image of Rory on the back seems to have some kind of problem with her left eye...which made me initially worry that this might reflect on the figure inside as well (which, thankfully, it did not).

Sides of the box:



The sides of the box are virtually identical; mostly just being mirror images of each other. They feature the background from the anime as well as some smaller windows to also view the figure inside from.

The only real difference between the two sides is one of them shows the sculptor's name as well as the choking hazard warnings; and the other side doesn't.

Top and bottom of the box:


The top of the box continues the pattern from the front; a kind of starry sky effect. Even the top has a window and yet enough room to fit the text from the front on it as well; which is always good because it's not always known what side of the box will be exposed when a figure is on a shelf for sale.


The legal text has to go somewhere, so the bottom of the box is the place for it with this figure. The figure is recommended for only people over 14, as this is more of a collectible figure than a toy.

But the most interesting feature of the bottom of the box is that even with all that legal text; they still put an image of the figure on the box bottom as well! This is something I haven't seen before and it's a very impressive feature...something more companies should do!

Inner Core:


Rory's inner plastic core packaging has a few layers to it. The main part holds the figure, with an open circle in the front to view the figure's face (in the box).


In the back of the plastic inner core there is a two parts; pulling apart to hold the base in place. The base comes together with the halberd in it; but the halberd's handle is partially disconnected as a separate piece in the package.



Rory does come with a set of instructions, despite being a static pose figure. The instructions show how to attach her to the base, by putting the foot hole onto the base's peg, as well as sliding her hand down onto the halberd's handle. Then, after that, the end of the halberd plugs into the handle a certain way, shown in the diagram on the instructions.

Out of the package, base:


Out of the package the base comes pretty much ready to go. There are some plastic protective pieces to take off, but they remove easily.

The detail on the base is very impressive! Her weapon has been very accurately recreated and looks very exact in all aspects, from the snake encircling it to the patterns on the blade and the colors of the halberd overall.


The rest of the base is just a rocky surface; very rugged and generic looking. This works pretty well for Rory's figure, as the halberd has a very unique shape to it that wouldn't work well with a regular flat base...so something just as uniquely shape works best, as it allows for the halberd to be viewed from most angles unobstructed, and yet keeps it sturdy as well.

The foot peg for Rory can be seen sticking out from where the 4 parts of the halberd intersect, as a partially unpainted plastic peg.


The last part of the base is the handle. It can attach as it is to the base, but is designed to go on after Rory is added onto the base.

Complete figure, front view:


It should be noted that the protective plastic for the figure in the package is really bad for the figure itself. There are two tiny pieces that go onto Rory's hair bangs on the side of her face; and those are extremely difficult to remove! They are very, very hard to slide down and remove; especially without using anything like scissors or a blade to cut it off (as it might damage the figure's hair in doing so)!

EDIT: The plastic on the hair bangs is much easier to take off once you remove her front hair bangs from her face (as shown towards the end of the review in the alternate face option). However, this option is mentioned NO WHERE in the instructions, so it's still a bad thing).

But, once finally assembled, Rory looks really amazing! The detail on this figure is very impressive! She looks spot-on to the anime appearance of her.

Side view:


The sculpting on Rory is really impressive as well; giving great dimension to her hair and an unique pose that isn't impossible or uncomfortable for the human body to achieve. Even her halberd is easily visible from pretty much any angle; despite having her in front of it holding it.

Back view:


One minor issue that I do have with the figure is that her halberd is actually slightly bent. It's only visible from a direct-on view of the blade; but from the back it can be easily seen.

The blade is slightly tilted; but the handle goes up in a slightly different angle more upward. While not a huge problem, it does detract from the figure's quality a bit.

Other side view:


From this side it's easy to see where Rory's hand slides down the pole; and the handle extension simply connects onto the base after that. The handle extension goes only to where the end of the snake's coil is; blending in seamlessly with the rest of the handle.

Bottom of the base:


The figure's legal information is put on the bottom part of the base; which is the best place for it (some figures have it on the actual figure itself; which is never good).

Unfortunately one of the bad aspects of this figure is just how light it is. This is most apparent with the base, as it is mostly hollow. Even the part with the legal info is hollow; it's a cap that goes over the hole in the base.

The base also isn't one solid piece, as shown with the disconnected part on the right of it. This is actually where the two parts go together around the halberd, so it's understandable why it's like this.

Bottom of the figure:


Keeping with the great attention to detail on the figure itself; Rory's panties are actually painted and not just the standard white color...they are actually pink. I'm not sure if this is anime-accurate; but it's a nice change from the traditional white panties most anime girls have.

Also the figure is one solid piece with no removable parts; so her skirt and dress do not come off at all. This is surprising because (by lifting up her skirt a little on the sides) her panties are actually fully painted and completely designed; looking like a complete pair of panties despite only the very bottom being visible on the actual figure.

This is odd because, most of the time, when panties are fully designed, they usually are meant to be fully seen as well then (by having the skirt removable). This might mean at some point they were meant to come off; but were glued in place during production.

Close up detail:


Remarkably they managed to capture Rory's expression quite well; right down to her bottom-lip-only lipstick and slight smirk grin. As mentioned before, the paint apps, sculpting and casting on the figure is really well done. Of course it's not perfect; but very well done for a figure of this scale. Kotobukiya doesn't have the same level of attention to detail that some other companies have (such as FREEing), so this is very good for their figures.

Size comparison:


Rory is 1/7th scale, standing 29 cm (11.31 inches) tall. She's actually quite tall; especially since her halberd goes well above her head.

Base tilt:

One major problem with the figure is that the base is not tilted properly.

By viewing the box images, the proper angle of the figure is easily established. However, the figure has a backwards tilt that is about 5 degrees ( 14mm / .55 inches ) off from what it should be.

Thanks to user Just4Lolz; there is an easy solution: Use a wedge:


Anything will work; whether it be a folded piece of paper or a wooden shim or slices of cardboard cut to shape...pretty much anything small and to the shape will work.

However there is a warning with this: The figure's aforementioned light-weight is a real hindrance with this. Tilting the figure too far forward will make her fall over VERY easily; and also the items used to balance her must be strong enough to keep her from wobbling, as that also might result in her falling over.

Other options:

Ordering the figure directly from Kotobukiya (or a 3rd party dealer that orders it from Kotobukiya on your behalf) will give you a bonus:


This is called the "high tension" facial expression, and it's an alternate face for Rory.

EDIT: As it turns out the face can be removed, even on the standard version (despite not having the alternate face to put on there). This is done by pulling her bangs off behind the hairbow; and then removing the face (similar to how it's done with a Figma figure):


This would have also made removing the plastic pieces from her hair a lot easier...but, as it's not mentioned AT ALL in the instructions; this wouldn't even be known to do if you didn't order the alternate face version of her to begin with.

The alternate facial expression didn't really warrant buying it directly from Kotobukiya and paying an additional 960 Yen for it; at least for me.



This figure has a lot of good and bad aspects to it. For the good, it has an excellent sculpt; great paint apps, good attention to detail overall and a really unique pose. The box is also really well designed; one of the best I've personally seen.

However, there are a lot of bad aspects to the figure too. The halberd isn't straight when viewed from the blade-on-edge; the figure is very light weight, and the skirt doesn't come off despite having details underneath it for the panties. But worst of all is the base tilt issue: To have it lean backwards so badly is a real shame. Although it can be easily fixed; it shouldn't have to be in the first place. Lastly the plastic pieces on Rory's hair are so impossible to remove...it was completely unnecessary to make it THAT difficult to remove!

Even with the optional face part, I can't really recommend getting her at either price point (as she is a bit expensive, costing 12,000 Yen / about $112 USD at retail plus shipping). If she were a bit cheaper, it'd be worth getting at full price.

Only recommended at a decent price. No play value, only for display.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy the review! Please check out my other reviews here: profiles.php?us...
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I used tweezers to take the plastic off the bangs. That worked out pretty well.
4 år siden
Naomellori4 år siden#11459657Just want to let you know that my halberd blade and shaft are aligned. I've been meaning to check if I see the same off-angle as in your picture, but there was none. The bending may have occurred when you assembled it (putting the figure on to the shaft). <--that's just a guess on my part.

It's possible that it's just an issue with my figure; that's true. I didn't really force it on or do anything to bend it; but then again I didn't check to see if it was bent before I took the photos either, so I'm not sure if it came that way or if I did it. But at least it might not be a wide-spread issue then, at least. Thank you for letting me know! ^^
4 år siden
Just want to let you know that my halberd blade and shaft are aligned. I've been meaning to check if I see the same off-angle as in your picture, but there was none. The bending may have occurred when you assembled it (putting the figure on to the shaft). <--that's just a guess on my part.
4 år siden
shiro1694 år siden#11376977Great Review - Seems like she is a great looking figure. Love that gothic dress. She does seem a bit pricey

Thank you, shiro169! ^^ She is really nice...a bit pricey; especially with the issues with her base; but she's not too bad overall. I don't regret getting her at least. ^^
4 år siden
Great Review - Seems like she is a great looking figure. Love that gothic dress. She does seem a bit pricey
4 år siden
Just4Lolz4 år siden#11372256Great review! Nice to see my trick was mentioned here :D
Edit: In case anyone was wondering, the height of the block I use is 14mm which gives her decent stability.

No problem! ^^ I saw your trick in the comments, so I had to give credit where credit is due. I noticed the lean too, and since you already covered it pretty well; I just thought I'd re-iterate what you already stated in the review.

As a side note, I included the bit about 14mm now in the review too. Thanks again, Just4Lolz!
4 år siden
wewe4 år siden#11372711I feel as though the bent halberd is intentional. Looks to me like her right leg was resting on the halberd when her left kicked off the boulder in preparation to lunge towards something, while her arm is in a pre-swinging motion and causes the halberd to bend (since one end is stuck in the boulder while the other is getting pulled forward due to her movement+swing).
Or maybe I'm just reading too much into a manufacturer's mistake. (lol)

It's hard to say...as I haven't seen the anime at all, I'm not sure if her halberd can bend or not. But I would assume it's not supposed to, as it's a melee weapon and usually those are supposed to be rigid and strong. But I could be wrong too. XD

Or maybe, as you said, it's just a manufacturer's error. Thank you though, wewe!
4 år siden
victorissocute4 år siden#11372902Great review. It is one of my favorite figures :)

Thank you so much, victorissocute! ^^ I'm glad you liked the review!
4 år siden
Great review. It is one of my favorite figures :)
4 år siden
I feel as though the bent halberd is intentional. Looks to me like her right leg was resting on the halberd when her left kicked off the boulder in preparation to lunge towards something, while her arm is in a pre-swinging motion and causes the halberd to bend (since one end is stuck in the boulder while the other is getting pulled forward due to her movement+swing).

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into a manufacturer's mistake. (lol)
4 år siden
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