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Hi guys! :)

As you might know, everytime Bandai releases an SH figuarts they open a poll to see which characters japanese fans want to see in its line.

At the end they finish releasing the characters they fucking want and not the most voted ones so I would like to see with a public poll which are the most voted characters from Sailor Moon you guys would like to see next in the SH Figuarts line.

We know that the line has been in a one year gap and know there is going to be at least two lines: The Super inners 90's version and the Crystal design version. So we don't really know what can be next.

Its my first time doing a poll in myfigurecollection and I think that we can only choose one option so... vote the most wanted one and then in the comments add the characters you would like to see so we all can have a public vision of what we the fans want.

I know that almost all of them won't be a reality but anyway I really want to see what do people want and then see what Bandai does.

Thanks everyone! Vote :D

PS: Sorry for my english!
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12%Princess Serenity
3%King Endymion
2%Queen Serenity
6%Neo Queen Serenity
2%Queen Beryl
3%The Four kings ( Dark Kingdom villains )
3%Ayakashi Sisters ( Black Moon villains )
2%Rubeus, Demand, Esmeraude, Saphir ( Black Moon clan )
1%Witches 5 + Kaolinite ( S villains )
4%Mistress 9
2%Super Sailor Chibi Moon
1%Amazon Quartet ( Super S villains )
1%Amazon Trio ( Super S villains )
2%Inners Super version
0%Outers Super version
15%Human Luna
12%Eternal Sailor Moon + Chibi Chibi
8%Star lights + Princess Kakyuu
3%Sailor Animates ( Stars villains )
7%Girls in school uniform
4%Sailor senshi Crystal versions
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I literally want all of them. I'd much rather have new characters instead of a Super upgrade for a scout when the small changes there are don't make it worth it.
3 år siden
Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion, Prince Demand, Mistress 9, Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity, Helios, Human Luna, Princess Kakyuu.
3 år siden
Seti3 år siden#15410477Prince Endymion?

3 år siden
Mistress 9 for sure, maybe the Witches 5, and... HUMAN LUNA IS AN OPTION??? Oh man, this is gonna be hard! XD
3 år siden
Lazuli Sailor Muteki
Eternal Sailor Moon with the Moon Power Tiare for me.
3 år siden
Can I vote for 2 or 3 more?
I would also love a sailor Chibimoon teen version in SuperS, Chad and all the other Senshi's love interests.

SuperMilk4 år siden#15308646I hope Max Factory/GSC gets the license to Sailor Moon. I don't like paying $40+ for items that feel like something you get out of a cereal box.

-Same here!! I've been requesting GSC to try and fight for the Sailor moon license. lol
Try sending them a message too.
3 år siden
Then don't buy them. nammy3 år siden#15432662i wish theyd stop making them
3 år siden
I can't vote because I want all the characters as well... that's a completely unfair poll
3 år siden
i wish theyd stop making them
3 år siden
Prince Endymion?
3 år siden