Taking off Ryoma's Hat!Taking off Ryoma's Hat!Diary

Echizen-MomokoEchizen-Momoko3 år siden
First of all:

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there!^0^

Well I guess everyone knows about the mess upGSC made about the Ryoma Nendoroid.
And no, this Diary isn't for complaining, even it is very sad he only came with his hat and without any Ponta Can.

This diary is about me fixing this issue

I got myself a seperate Hair part of Ryoma
This is my first customizing Project So it surely wont be perfect but here we go!

First I cut away the Front of the Hat and sand it to become more smooth. To get sure to not peel off the Color of the Hair I used some tape for protection.


With some Putty I create the hair Parts and let them dry seperately since the Putty wouldn't stay on place. Meanwhile I started to place more Putty onto the hadpart, trying to make shape it into a more head-shape,
While the Putty was still fresh I started to add some lines for the hair to make it look a little more realistic .

As soon as the Putty was dry I glued the hairparts on place and started to sand the rough places away again.


After some break times I was able to find some errors and fix them, smotthing more details, adding more Putty where it was needed etc.


Finally the Putty was completly dry and the most errors were fixed so I started to put a ground color of white. To be sure I painted two layers of white to have a quite good grounding color.


It took a while to finx the correct mixture to receive Ryoma's hair color and the next problem: how to get a neat gradient?

after a few minutes of thinking I decided to try it with a make-up sponge - Worked perfectly!
After a few tries I managed to make a neat gradient on his hair.

the last Step was letting the color dry and seal it


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Have some additional Photos!

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The Ponta Cans aren't perfect yet and will be fixed asap
Also I will make better Photos as soon as the cloudy days are finally over.

Basically I am quite happy with the result and of course very happy to now have a (almost) Perfect Ryoma! ♥

However, I am already about to start witzh another customizing project, I will blog about that one of course as Well!

Thanks for reading ♥
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Aaaw he looks so cute!! Congrats Momoko, you did great *o*
3 år siden
Echizen-Momoko Echizen Ryoma's Wifey
damedanbo3 år siden#18242458I don't know the character, but he looks great! You did a really good job on that hair.

Thank you ^-^
It was very fun to customize it, even I was very worried to mess it up than success for it
3 år siden
I don't know the character, but he looks great! You did a really good job on that hair.
3 år siden
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