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Nostalgic figures and goodsNostalgic figures and goods

C2QueenC2Queen1 år sidenDiary
I started thinking to myself this morning about some old figures and merchandise I owned over a decade ago. I still remember almost everything I owned clearly. Lately I wonder what it would be like if I owned all of those things again today and if I would have a similar feeling of enjoyment I had when I owned them a long time ago. That and going after items I really wanted as a kid.

I don't own these anymore/lost them all because of how much I moved around, siblings, and my parents secretly selling off some of my toys but here's what I can recall.

I lived in Las Vegas for about a decade and there was a really cool store I got most of my figures from called GameWorld. All of these old figures and goods were all stuff I owned or saw growing up in Las Vegas.

ITEM #15342 This was probably the first anime figure I remember owning. Weirdly enough I think I got this one from an EBgames (before merging with Gamestop) and had no clue at the time who the character was. Little did I know many years later I would end up reading the manga in middle school (without clearly understanding until later how perverted it is) Lol.

ITEM #4060 is one of the first few ones I remember owning when I was in elementary school. I remember being confused because the box said Samurai X but clearly recognized the characters as the ones from Rurouni Kenshin. So I didn't understand why the series had two different names. I also had the matching Kenshin but I can't seem to find the one I had in the database. I don't remember exactly where I got them but I could swear it was a grocery store. But they ended up getting stolen by a classmate of mine and I tried getting them back but never did.

ITEM #34209
ITEM #22470
I got these two from GameWorld and remember letting my former stepbrother play with my Yusuke figure but he was an idiot and sold a ton of me and my brothers figures (my brothers were mostly of DragonBall Z) without telling us for some money (which he never even got). I was devastated when I found out he gave them away trying to get money. I still had Puu though and Botan luckily.

ITEM #10572 I thought this was really cool I also had a Big O set just like this, but I can't find it in the database. It had Dorothy, Roger, and probably Big O. Got both of them from GameWorld also.

ITEM #1572
ITEM #1573
ITEM #1574
Getting these three took some time but I eventually was able to. Though I honestly wanted the FFX Play Arts more but couldn't find them. I was still really happy with these and they probably ended up being some of my most played with toys. I think I got them from EBgames.

I also had figures of Megaman and Rush + some old Sonic toys that I can't find in the database. I just remember Megaman and Rush being two of my favorites overall (Rush the most) as a kid and playing with them in the tub a lot as a kid. Lol

I always wanted but never did end up getting these

ITEM #224041
ITEM #9821
ITEM #9819
I tried really hard to at least get Kairi and Riku. Kairi was the one I wanted more than anything though and I hunted hard but she was always sold out.

Goods wise I remember having some chibi Sailor Moon figures and a backpack from it, a keychain of Artemis (that somehow became very precious to me and stuck with me for a long time until sometime after its tail broke), and possibly a Luna plush. Hamtaro was another series I was really into I had an eraser cap set from it and a Bijou plush that came with a VHS that I ended up giving to a classmate for her birthday (probably also elementary or middle school). I can't remember much more sadly but I know I had more.

For goods I always wanted these but never ended up getting them

ITEM #71359 One of the oldest anime items I remember wanting if not oldest (Cardcaptor Sakura was my first anime) - I saw this one at Blockbuster of all places and have seen it recently on Mandarake for about 12,000+ yen. That and a Kero plush (though I can't remember which specific one since he has a lot) Now I have a handful of Kero plus some of Spinel.

Edit: I also had a talking Pikachu plush my grandma got me that I absolutely loved but I left it in our RV with most of my other plushes and it caught on fire (the RV that is) and took all of my plushes with it.

That's about everything I remember right now but I'm sure more will come to me though. There was really only a few years I was able to get some anime/videogame toys until a long time later since I had moved again and there were no stores that really sold this sort of stuff near me anymore otherwise I probably would have had more. Remember this was early 2000's too when getting things was tougher (especially because I was a kid too).

Now that you've read about mine... what are some nostalgic figures and goods to you? (not as in series nostalgia but as in figures + goods you owned a long time ago/might still own) And are there any figures and or goods you wanted when you were younger that you were never able to get?

Thank you for reading~!
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I feel happy when I look at ITEM #5937, ITEM #5939, and ITEM #5938. I don't remember how I got them, but they were some of my first actual figures that weren't pokemon, or something. I got ITEM #4833 at a nearby convention back in 2007. I still look for some of these.

I somehow own ITEM #224041 and ITEM #9819, not sure how I got them. I sometimes send pictures of Sora to my friends because he's a little scary.

Then, I had lots of Pokemon toys. I don't know where most of them went.

I also owned one of the Ryo-Ohki plushies, maybe ITEM #46645, but I don't know where it went.
My younger years was a mystery I guess.
1 år siden
C2Queen Maji Tenshi ❀
Thank you all for your responses by the way! They've all been very nice to hear about. It takes me back to being a kid and it's neat to see a lot of the stuff you guys had when you were younger.
1 år siden
C2Queen Maji Tenshi ❀
abi (1 år siden) #19156010Hi! Maybe here are some entries you were looking for:picture/94696&a...

Even so, I would like a scale based on the illustration with Kenshin and Kaoru with an umbrella (maybe I should try doing it myself ^^')

At that time I got ITEM #9039 and ITEM #7395 saving allowances and as gift.

Yes! The Kenshin figure in that picture is the one I had with Kaoru! Thank you!

A scale like that would be incredible!

AH! That second Sailor Moon item you had! I had the keychain version and thanks to your post I found it in the database. I had ITEM #442252 I had it for a really long time, then eventually the tail broke somehow and then at some point I lost it. I remember using it more as a toy than a keychain.
1 år siden
Most nostalgic figures for me are the Tokyo Mew Mew set PICTURE #430502 which were my first figures and I got them when I was around 12, my early entrance to this hobby though I wouldn't properly join it until years later :P

The figures/merch I wanted most at that time were ITEM #6364 and ITEM #139784 which I still want to get but when I see them up for sale they always just slip out of my grasp.... ;-;
1 år siden
mirberry 絶対可憐
When I was still little, and Sailor Moon was airing on Cartoon Network, it was no secret to my family that it was my favorite. I had all of the Irwin dolls and plushes, and loved them to bits. My mother, who at the time had no idea about eBay, actually scoured the city for Sailor Moon stuff for me, and found shops that had the imported plushes from Japan.

This means that I have items such as ITEM #20629, ITEM #191108, ITEM #191109, ITEM #21320, and ITEM #20861, though all save for Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon are now in unfortunately awful shape because hey, I was a kid, I played with my toys back then!

I have some old Pokemon toys too, but none of those have the same nostalgic vintage as the Sailor Moon ones. I'd love to re-acquire these old, rare items so that I can appreciate them properly.
1 år siden
Hi! Maybe here are some entries you were looking for:picture/94696&a... Rurouni Kenshin is one of my favourites as well, though, I couldn't find anything at the time (was on junior high) I always wanted the whole manga and ovas, now I only have half of them, and when I started collecting, the Kotobukiya figures were available, but for some reason they weren't too appealing for me, though they're really nice. Even so, I would like a scale based on the illustration with Kenshin and Kaoru with an umbrella (maybe I should try doing it myself ^^')
Definitely getting this sort of items was difficult when being a kid, in my time all I could get were cards at conventions and collectible stores (mainly Sailor Moon, but I also got from Ranma, Pokemon and Slayers) . Only some Bandai toys were easier to find as at that time they were sold at toy stores and also supermarkets toy's section. There was a variety from Saint Seiya and Sailor Moon (early 90s) and then CCS and Pokemon from other brand (early 2000s). At that time I got ITEM #9039 and ITEM #7395 saving allowances and as gift. Years later my brother and I got a Pikachu and Raichu, and later I got from my dad and brother a Pikachu plush. From CCS I got some collectible cards and manga magazines printed here in spanish, but always wanted the clow cards and couldn't get them, until now that I can buy my own stuff online, I got the rerelease and quite a number of other stuff from CCS and Sailor Moon (though I told myself I wouldn't because that time has passed, but nostalgia beat me and I'm still getting stuff that is being released ^^')
1 år siden
Digimon was my jam back in the day (and still is) and I still have 99% of my childhood collection (Even the Taco Bell paper bag from when the movie came out)! One of my good friends back when I was in elementary school/middle school had the digidestined figures and every time my mother would take me to TRU, I would search for those figures, but would never find them. I mainly only wanted Kari ITEM #32699. I think that was the only thing that I really wanted back then, but never got at the time.
1 år siden
There was a series of 1/72 Macross kits made by Imai/ARII that I always wanted to complete. I had a few of the models, but both Imai and ARII went bankrupt, and prices skyrocketed. Luckily Bandai released re-tooled versions of the kits resulting in the prices (of even the "collectible" kits) to come back to earth.

ITEM #50332
ITEM #50333
ITEM #50335

Looks like several of the models are not in the database though.
1 år siden
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