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♥ Q&A - what kind of collector are you? ♥♥ Q&A - what kind of collector are you? ♥

tacholatachola2 år sidenAsk MFC

♥ hello everyone!! i'm here today to ask you guys some questions!! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚♥

the one thing that unites us on this site is, obviously, our love for figures!! whether we own 100 or none we all love figures dearly. so i wanted to ask some questions of you guys on how you all collect differently! this is really just a fun little thing i was thinking about so don't feel pressured to answer every single question i have!


1) are you a "character shrine" collector? aka, do you extensively collect anything of your favorite character, or do you only get figures you truly like?

2) do you collect figures of characters from things you've never watched/read/played?

3) do you prefer non-movable or movable figures?

4) do variants seem like a waste of money or a new way of displaying a previously loved figure if you own the original already? (haha this one might be controversial ;w;)

5) do you try to keep a tiny collection or do you like having a huge collection? and for the people that do have huge collections, do you like downsizing it?


those are all my questions!! i'm super excited to read everyone's answers!!
in case anyone was curious, here are my answers to my own questions...

1) i am definitely a character collector @__@ i will collect anything madoka kaname related!!

2) yes, i don't mind collecting figures from unknown origins! i'm happy to add new characters to my collection no matter what~~

3) i prefer non-movable figures!!

4) i usually only like color variants...i dont really enjoy variants that only change tiny details!

5) my goal is to have my house transform into a figure haven so...big collection all the way!!
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1) I will buy literally anything of Ryunosuke Tanaka from Haikyuu, even if its the ugliest thing in the world. But other than him and a few other characters, I don't really buy just because of that character. I like to buy things more based on a series, even if the figure is a character I don't really like I'll still buy it if it's from a series I enjoy.

2) Not really, while I appreciate figures a lot i can't really ever bring myself to buy from something I've never seen or played. I do have some figures from anime series I didn't like that much (like black butler and prince of tennis) because of how beautiful the figures are but thats about my extent. I would rather spend money on characters I know and enjoy rather than just a nice statue

3) I like them both! I'm not a fan of Figma's but nendoroids are my jam

4) I think it depends. I am really into guilty gear and blazblue and the varients for those figures often times are just the exact same thing but colors are switched around. I'm not really a fan of changing the colors in the games themselves so I don't really see a reason to buy a color swap one vs. the original one because they have colors that they are supposed to wear. But in JOJO I think it's cool how a lot of the figures have different colors, because it's like in JOJO the characters can be colored so many different things they don't really have official colors.

5) I have a pretty huge collocation I think. I originally wanted to keep it small back in the day but more stuff just kept catching my eye. I would love to downsize a lot and get rid of things I'm not in to anymore to make room for new things, but nobody wants any of my old figures from eva and knb sense its so dead now lol.
1 år siden
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
1) I WISH I were a shrine collector... but unfortunately the characters I like most are usually not the type with lots of figures ;n; tho I definitely want a sonico shrine
2) sometimes, but I usually want to know the character or at least try their anime!
3) non-posable are better!
4) nah, I'd never get a variant if I already owned another version. tho I like variants in general cause they can give color options I like more, and possibly one variant will be less expensive so I can still get that figure!
5) I want to keep growing my collection, though I think it's out of hand when you're keeping cuties stored away in boxes for lack of space
1 år siden
1) are you a "character shrine" collector? no! well, sometimes. i like having a shrine of my favorite characters, but i don't like limiting myself as there are so many amazing figures!

2) do you collect figures of characters from things you've never watched/read/played? it depends, but usually not.. i prefer getting something from a series i genuinely enjoy and know about.

3) do you prefer non-movable or movable figures? i love both - they both have their pros to enjoy.

4) do variants seem like a waste of money or a new way of displaying a previously loved figure if you own the original already? (haha this one might be controversial ;w;) i believe variants are unnecessary, because i think if you make a figure you should probably contain the needed things to make a different pose/facial expression. especially if it's an expensive figure:/

5) do you try to keep a tiny collection or do you like having a huge collection? and for the people that do have huge collections, do you like downsizing it? i'd like to have a moderate sized collection. i do not plan stopping anytime soon, but i'd love to have figures of characters and series' i love. i get very attached to the figures, so i probably wouldn't downsize rip
1 år siden
infinity_haruka Heart Breaking King
1) no, in the end i'm just collecting character which i truly like

2) of course, ex: Shining Blade series. never play or watch it

3) sometimes I prefer non-movable and sometimes i prefer movabale one

4) variants seems like waste of money, but sometimes variants has lower price than the original one which is a big help to small collector like me

5) I like to having big collection and now i'm trying to keep my collection as big as i can
1 år siden
1) I'm half/half!
My collection is really small for now but I aspire to collect every madoka kaname figure (I'm glad you like her too :D!!) but besides that, I mostly try to get figures I truly like from other shows too

2)For now I did it once, but I can see myself do that from times to times. If the figure is really pretty and fit my collection, I would in a heartbeat

3)I prefer non movable figures. When it comes to movable figures, I only like nendo

4)I don't like variants because I don't really want "duplicates" or well figures that are mostly 99% alike + it's a waste of money to me and I can't afford that;;

5) I have a tiny collection but I really want a big one! But I don't want one that looks messy, I'd like to keep it organized
2 år siden
1. Yes, but I dedicate the shrine to favorite artist/s, not characters necessarily...

2. No. I'm discouraged to buy figures If I don't know their source/stories, even if they are pretty... That's why I like original characters, I can get them for purely aesthetic reasons...

3. Non-moveable... Maybe until they make joints that don't make me uncomfortable. (Though I have to admit some of the dolls I see here, BEAUTIFUL)

4. Waste of money. I really dislike this trend and I'm not putting one cent on it.

5. Keeping it tiny. Don't really want to clutter my room with stuff. And my minimalist tendencies stop me from displaying a lot of figures I buy anyway... Maybe if I was rich and had more space (like an entire house just for displaying figures) I'd give each one their own stand and glass case and also I could actually afford more figures, but hey...
2 år siden
1: Not particularly although I have ended up with quite a few Hatsune Miku nendoroids because her designs are really cute..

2: I try to only buy figures from series I know about however if I really like the design of a certain character I will buy them (ITEM #198400, ITEM #177442)

3: Moveable, I like how if I have several characters from the same series I can pose them so it is like they are interacting with each other, however they do have their disadvantages in that they are generally much less detailed than scale models.

4: I'm okay with variants as long as there are some aspects which are greatly different from the original such as the use of a completely different colour palette or if it's pose able that it comes with a few different accessories. I am trying to complete my set of Touhou nendoroids and am really annoyed how ITEM #575679 is literally a reskin and that despite the fact the original nendoroid is over 6 years old at this point they didn't even update the sculpt.

5: I have ended up with a pretty large collection after 4 years and due to space constraints feel that I should downsize it however I really don't want to let any of my figures go. If it wasn't for the fact I live in a small house I would happily continue expanding my collection.
2 år siden
1) YES! Although I am usually choosy about which figures to get of my faves or put in place some rules so I don't go too insane with my spending. Like my extensive collecting of Victor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki merchandise and figures; I will only buy merch. or figures if there is a matching Yuuri and Victor. The one character who is exempt from my 'only if it looks great' rule is Angela Balzac, I want ALL of her figures X'D Currently, I'm only missing 1 out of all the pre-painted figures she has released.

2) Not very often. I like to know their origins, the only figures who are exceptions are original characters (with no origin ie anime/manga) or if it's a game character from, say a VN that I will never play.

3) I like both! I love the sculpture of beautiful static figures but I like to pose and play around with my Nendoroids (and handful of Figma). I also love dolls, specifically dolls with joints like Dollfie Dreams, Obitsu and of course resin Ball Jointed Dolls.

4) I see them as mostly being a waste of money, particularly if they are expensive. I have a few Sonico prize figures which are colour variants of each other but their cheap price makes up for the potential 'waste of money' concept.

5) I like having a large collection! I love collecting lots of things and admiring them all. I've decided to be much more choosy when I purchase figures so I do actually plan on selling some I don't have on display or no longer have any attachment to (Particularly those that I have negative emotions attached to)
2 år siden
1- A bit of both. While I have a varied collection from multiple series, I do own quite a few Sabers and other Type Moon characters.

2- I don't go out of my way to do it, but I don't mind it if the figure is THAT good. Only one I have like this is ITEM #166816.

3- Static scales are more my thing, they have more potential for detail. That said, I do have a few figmas.

4- Definitely not my thing to get variants. While I understand the appeal and have been tempted to buy copies of the same figure even (like ITEM #464666) due to great quality of interchangeable parts, I have very limited space and can't afford to even consider it.

5- Well, in my dream land, I have a full museum style area filled with stands with every figure I like and want to have. In good ol' boring Earth-land, I have like 3 detolfs' worth of space and no more. I also don't wanna cram things in uncomfortably. I'm aiming for a modest, but still somewhat varied collection.
2 år siden
Alrighty... here goes nothing xD

I am both I would say xD I want EVERY figure of Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou because I totaly love her since the very first time I saw her <3 I also like all of her figures so... a win win situation here I guess xD But I also collect figures I truly like

I want to but it kind of feels like I won't give them as much credit as I should... So I always inform myself about the series and/or play the game/watch the anime.

Except for nendoroids I prefer non-movable

It really depends on how much I like the character itself and how much it differs honestly... But if you like something nothing is really a waste of money ;)

I would loooove to have a huuuuuge collection but... adult stuff makes it hard xD the rent doesn't pay itself and I'm still in my trainee so... I'm broke af all the time ;-;
2 år siden
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