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Oboro Muramasa- Kongiku (Alter)Oboro Muramasa- Kongiku (Alter)

Howdy hoo, everybody! ChocolateSpider here with another figure review to aid you in your quest for collecting expensive plastic characters. Today I am taking a look at a rerelease of a figure that was an absolute nightmare to get in the aftermarket following its first issue in 2013. Let's take a look at this lovely figurine of Kongiku from Vanillaware's "Muramasa: The Demon Blade" made by Alter.


The box is nicely stylized with an Autumn color scheme featuring graphics of red and orange leafs. The sides also feature images of the figure with the LED lantern in use. This is clearly made for collectors who wish to have the box on display.







Take her out of the box, assemble following the instructions, and Kongiku is ready to bring some elegant charm to your display.


What we have here is the lovely kitsune who serves as the main support character in Momohime's quest with her signature Autumn kimono and lantern. The pose is a 3D translation of this official illustration from the game.


As you can see, this figurine stays faithful to the illustration. It is as if the drawing has leaped off the page and onto your shelf. There is a lot of fine craftsmanship in this figure to appreciate. Let's take a closer look.

The base is quite small compared to most figure bases. Instead of a traditional circular plate, we have a carefully crafted diorama piece featuring elements such as stepping stones, part of a small wall and some grass. I am especially impressed with the realistic texture of the stones.


I am delighted with how her kimono turned out. It has been carefully sculpted and painted down to every last detail. The various folds and creases have been accurately crafted and the leaf graphics are super crisp.


A mildly lustrous coating has been applied to the surface making the kimono look as if it is made with highly slick and soft fabric. Only the highest quality kimono is acceptable for a lady as lovely as Kongiku.

Now let's take a look at the wonderful floofness that is her tail.


You can tell a lot of work went into the tail. The strands of fur have been meticulously sculpted so that it has the same bushy look of a actual fox tail.


As much as I love this figure, I do have a criticism about the tail. In my opinion, the coloring is wrong. When you look at the original illustration and within the game itself, you see her tail is a creamy white color. But what we have here is the color of her tail has been changed from its usual creamy white to a mostly beige coating.

While a little bit of light-brown shading would be accurate to the appearance of her tail, I would say Alter put in a tad too much. While I would call this a flaw in accuracy, I wouldn't say it ruins the figure. It is one of those flaws that while it is obvious, it ultimately does not cause much bother in the grand scheme of things. I would say it should have been colored more like Amakuni's onsen Kongiku, which I also plan to buy and review.


That covers the only real flaw I can find in this figure, so now we can check out something totally flawless: Her gorgeous face and hair.


The expression on her face is an exact match to the illustration. She is glancing at you with a seductive and somewhat curious gaze. Alter got the entirety of her head just right. Her elaborate hair style has been accurately posed, the hair strands have been precisely sculpted, and the leaf on her head has all the same light-decay spots as seen in the drawing.

The true complexity of her hair is more easily seen from the back. It makes me wonder how she would look with all of her hair let down.


Then of course there is her impressive bosom.


Just as with everything else, her skin has been carefully painted to make it look soft and inviting. You can also see the attention to detail in her collarbone.

Lastly, let's take a look at her LED lantern. This LED requires two LR41 watch batteries, which are not included. I was worried that the LED feature would be a disappointment after the brightness and longevity of power issues with Alter's Halloween Maki Nishikino I got last November, but I am actually quite pleased with this light.


The light from the lantern is not super bright, but emits just the right amount of light you would expect from a flame-lit lantern. I am especially pleased with how long the battery power seems to last. Where Maki's battery power would only last a few hours, the light in this lantern has managed to maintain a consistent lumen output for about 2 days. It starts to lose some brightness on the third day, but still holds a fair lumen output. Bear in mind that it is best viewed in a low light setting. I find it looks best when she is placed in a corners of a shelf when a light level of shadow is cast over the figure, thus highlighting the light from the lantern.

Now comes a problem I have had with my copy, but it is pretty much negligible for me. According to the instructions, you can turn the light on and off be twisting the bottom part of the lantern, but that doesn't seem to work with mine. Once the batteries are put in, it lights up and there is no way for me to turn them off. But since this figure looks much prettier with the light on and the battery power seems to last a good while, this little problem is of no concern to me. By the way, be very careful when handling the bottom. The tassels are only held in place with very thin metal wires. Those will break very easily if you are not careful with them.

My final thoughts on this figure? While Muramasa: The Demon Blade is a fun game, I honestly didn't find myself getting into it that much. Despite that, there is no denying the powerful charms of Kongiku and Yuzuruha. I probably won't be buying any Momohime figures, but you can bet your left kidney I'll buy any good looking Kongikus or Yuzuruhas.


Whether you are a fan of the game or just have a thing for silver-haired fox-women, you cannot go wrong with this figurine. If you are going to get Kongiku, you must have Alter's Yuzuruha to go with her. Click here to read my review of Yuzuruha. But be prepared to spend a pretty penny on both of these figures as Kongiku is usually priced around $109 and Yuzuruha is around $148. Although because of those prices and the fact they are still in stock at several stores, you could likely find them on sale if you stalk various stores like I did.

Are they worth those prices? The answer is yes. A fast and loud yes. Alter figures cost a lot of money because they are such high quality, but you definitely get what you pay for. Add these foxy temptresses to your collection today!
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Rajke (2 år siden) #23541104The paintjob Alter did with this figure is really amazing (especially the pattern on her kimono). This figure is so close to perfection.
Works the LED feature the same way as with maki? (plastic holder with a removable small light that you can't find when you accedently drop it?)

I feel your pain. I had a similar situation with a different figure. I actually started pulling my own hair when a that very important figure broke. I was able to repair it to some degree, but the damage is still noticeable. T__T
2 år siden
Rajke Ca Fanatic
The paintjob Alter did with this figure is really amazing (especially the pattern on her kimono). This figure is so close to perfection.
Works the LED feature the same way as with maki? (plastic holder with a removable small light that you can't find when you accedently drop it?)
2 år siden
I love this figure so much! You're right about the lantern being fragile. I wanted to show a visiting friend of mine the light up function, but I was a bit tipsy... so my dexterity stat was suffering a -2 debuff at the time. Of course, I dropped the poor lantern and it broke! It was a clean break though, so I repaired it with some glue (once sober) and it looks good as new. ^^
2 år siden
I actually kind of had the same problem you had with the game. It's good, I beat it, but it's artstyle oddly enough is better than it's game play. That said all of these figures are amazing.
2 år siden