Kommentarer Orange Rouge Aoba Gothic Ver. Review

  • Gorgeous, hope one day got mine ✨
    6 måneder siden
    Thank you for this review! Now I've finally seen him together with Ciel...the figure I was thinking about displaying him together with. ^^
    7 måneder siden
    My internet is being a butt and taking an age to load your photos, but from what I've seen so far they look great! He looks really impressive and dashing, and it's nice to see the sheen/gloss on this figure, it looks good with the outfit. Personally I wasn't interested in buying this figure, but I still really like it. I wish they made some of the other characters in a similar style, that would be cool! Oohh, I don't know who any of them are but those illustrations on the wallscrolls you posted at the end there look so nice - those would also make good figures.
    1 år siden
    Do you think he will he sold out fast? Btw interisting review, Aoba is a beautiful and detailed figure!
    1 år siden
    Omigosh, amazing review, thank you so much! I have very little info about the source material beyond that it is possibly BL? and has an anime, but i have been watching this figure for a while, I'm glad you liked him in the end! And while i was reading, i had the same thought about both the Ciel's, glad I wasn't the only one! I love the translucent effects!
    1 år siden
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