Yoshii Hotori 1/7 (Native)Yoshii Hotori 1/7 (Native)Review

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http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2012/06/30/463916.jpegToday we'll be taking a look at native's latest Creator's Collection series figure, Yoshii Hotori, drawn and created by abec aka BunBun. This artist has a few few mangas under his belt and is also the character designer for a few games. A lot of his work is R-18 as it should be no surprise to you. His girls are expressive, realistic and detail laden. His art style is a perfect fit for native and I would love to see more of his girls brought to life.

She was a made to order figure available from native's online store. The order period has already ended. She was released in June of 2012 and retailed for around 8,500 Yen. Since she was an exclusive from their online store, she was only available for order to residents of Japan. This means more than likely you'll have to use a proxy or order her through another store that will see a markup.

Having ordered her through another store, she cost me 10,600 Yen not including shipping. Since the order period is over and she was made to order, you best bet to acquire her is either through the secondary market or any stores that choose to stock a few either as extras or due to cancellations.

The goal today is to take a closer look at her and what she has to offer.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! This review contains NSFW pictures as well as graphic and sexually suggestive language, proceed at your own risk.
Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡






native like usual was creative with the design of their packaging. This time they made the figure box look like the vaulting boxes the figure is kneeling on. All I can say is this definitely supports the theme of the character perfectly. And like usual you cannot see the contents which helps protect the figure from damage and prying eyes.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 540 grams
Weight with protective box 785 grams
H: 117 mm
W: 215 mm
D: 270 mm

You may or may not encounter the usual protective box they use to protect the figure box. most of the time depending on the proxy/store you go through they might not send you the figure with it. This is good and bad in that it is less weight to add to the shipping cost but also less protection. The protective box is made of medium weight corrugated cardboard and offers decent protection to the figure box.

The figure box is made of lightweight corrugated cardboard and the trapezoid design actually offers excellent protection. The size of the figure box is just big enough for the contents. They achieved a decent balance between weight, size and protection. If interested my shipping weight was 1.2 Kg and EMS from Japan to the US cost 2,800 Yen.

An interlocking two piece blister was used to encase the figure and her accessories. The tolerances on the pockets were tight and nothing should shift during transport. A generous amount of plastic was used to protect the figure and her accessories from rubbing and paint transfer.

The original illustration the figure was based on was also included in postcard form.

native did a nice job again with the figure box. It easily supports the theme of the figure/character and at the same time offers decent protection while keeping size and weight down. She should get to you safely and at a reasonable cost.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Sculpting credits go to Ken Kawanishi aka Grimrock!. He has been sculpting for well over a decade and has a number of beauties under his belt. I actually have some of his other ladies but never had a chance to review them yet. However from what I can see of them they look great and my expectations are high for this figure and future offerings. She is 1/7 in scale and as you can see her head can be removed. The reason for that is to allow the installation and removal of her whistle. The lanyard is actually real instead of plastic which was a nice touch. The head is easy to remove but it does take some practice to put it back on. The mounting point appears pretty sturdy and it would take some effort to break.

In any case let's move on to the main attraction.


She looks pretty good, right? Well she's better in person. There are absolutely no sculpting issues to bring up. Now I'll admit results may vary in regards to the manufacture and assembly process but the tolerances and attention to detail on this figure makes me think you shouldn't have to worry about any quality issues with this figure.

Let's start with her lovely face. It's detailed and looks great from all sides. I love the job with the mouth especially partially exposed teeth. You can't even tell her head is removable as they hid/minimized the seams at the connection point. Her face seems pretty accurate to the illustration from her facial features down to her expression.

The same can be said for those twin tails of hers. They are loaded with details in both look and feel. Care should be taken with those tails when handling her head and mounting her as they are fragile. They did a nice job integrating the seam lines into her hairstyle. Her hair looks great from all sides and is pretty close to the illustration. The positioning is slightly off but I have a feeling that results might vary between figures?

Moving on down you're treated to her slim and athletic frame. Her exposed breasts are may be small in cup size but are shaped nicely. Considering she appears to be a gymnast the small breasts are to be expected. Note the details of her shirt hiked up over her breasts. The wrinkle effect looks pretty realistic and adds nicely to the details.

Look at the details in the rest of her outfit. Note how the material wrinkles and stretches. It really looks like she's wearing those clothes as well as showing off that slender yet athletic frame of hers. They do nothing to hide those lovely curves of hers. The attention to detail here cannot be missed.

And of course we arrive at her main ASSet. Just like the illustration her main attraction is that firm and tight rear end of hers. Look at lovely lines and curves and she's as detailed as the illustration. I don't think you can deny she's got a butt that won't quit. The transition from flesh to those skintight shorts was executed perfectly. The attention to detail here cannot be ignored and is definitely appreciated. This is what you expect from native and they delivered. Her rear end looks quite realistic and fits in perfectly with that gymnast body of hers.

Moving on further down if you can pull yourself away from her lovely rear end you can see they did a nice job with her legs as well. They are proportional with her slim and athletic body and detailed as well. The transition from her flesh to the socks was done well and looked quite realistic. The same can be said from her thighs to the skintight shorts. It really looks like those shorts are digging into her flesh.

Attention was paid to every inch of this figure down to her sneakers. Look at the treads on the bottom of her sneakers as well as the transition from her socks to her sneakers. Instead of stopping at the top they actually tried to make it look like her feet are actually going into the shoes.

native and Ken did a lovely job with her. From head to toe she is detailed and put together perfectly. There are no ugly seams and any that are visible are integrated nicely and do not stand out. She is loaded with details and match up pretty nicely with the illustration. Expectations were met and exceeded. native redeemed themselves with this figure. I was starting to get concerned that they were slipping but this figure has re-instated my faith in them. I have no concerns about pre-ordering Ken's next native figure and can't wait to see her.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
I don't know about you but I think they did a decent job coloring her especially if you factor in the differences due to the sunlight in the illustration. native usually colors their figures using every tool available and does an especially nice job in the flesh. Their past few figures caused me some concern but it looks like they got back on track with this figure.






Let's start with her face. The biggest thing is she actually has a blush. And it isn't faint but actually easily visible and stands out. They also did an amazing job on her mouth especially those partially exposed teeth. It looks great on her and those big eyes of her were placed precisely and look just like the illustration. The job they did on her hair is to be commended as well. They did a very nice job matching the illustration and the different gradations of shading compliment the sculpting details quite nicely.

As mentioned, look at the lovely job they did on her flesh. From her lovely face to that tight posterior of hers. Look at the accents and shading used to accentuate the details and her curves as well as her naughty bits. For the most part the areas hand painted was done very precisely. The few areas that were not were only noticeable under magnification like the pin on her armband I'm sure results will vary between figures. I believe one of the few decals applied was on her armband and it was done expertly with no flaking or bubbles. Basically it looks natural and not out of place.

Note the nice job they did with her legs. Look at the shading used at the knee and the transition point from her flesh to socks.

native did a nice job matching up with the illustration. Her flesh was perfect and looked quite lovely and of course you can't forget that blush. The areas painted by hand was done very precisely and the tinting and airbrushing were done appropriately. The decals looked natural as well. The attention to detail was noticeable and I doubt results will vary much between figures. Expectations were met and possibly exceeded, an excellent job all around.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
I don't know about you but it looks like they did a pretty good job. And any difference is really more my positioning of the figure and camera angle. Now the differences in figures should be minor and I don't have a doubt you'll be able to replicate the pose without issue.

As for the pose itself, especially after actually setting up the figure I'd say it's actually pretty natural and realistic. Based on the illustration and as well as the figure I think I have an idea of how the figure/character came into that pose. If you look at the illustration and the base you can tell she's in the storage room for sports equipment. The concrete floor that makes up the base is all scuffed up from various things being moved over it and it's definitely too hard to perform gymnastics on. And of course you can see in the illustration the sports equipment in the background.

To how she came into that position? Seems to be she walked into the storage closet to either perform inventory or retrieve equipment due to her clipboard and whistle. I'm not sure what the armband says but I'm guessing she's supposed to be a coach or manager. More than likely someone followed closely behind her unseen and unheard as they placed their hands on her shoulders surprising her. Those big, rough hands moved down her arms as she stands frozen with her breath held until those hands find themselves at her waist. She felt a shiver travel up her spine and her legs trembling with weakness. Those firm hands and arms encircle her. The hands move to her tummy caressing her as they move up taking her shirt with them. Her breasts are exposed as her shirt is hiked up over them as those hands cup and massages her breasts. Those big, rough hands move in a circular pattern massaging and finally ending with fingers on each of her nipples as they are pinched and twirled between dexterous fingers. By then she's unsteady and her breathing quickens. Suddenly she's pushed forward and she sprawls onto the vaulting boxes. She weakly tries to regain her balance as she catches herself. She's commanded to remove her shorts. Unable to speak but with her quickening and heavy breathing filling the ever so quiet room she complies meekly. As she begins to remove those shorts painfully slowly she can feel his eyes on her and she feels her ears and cheeks burning with embarrassment. She looks back to see what that dark figure behind her is doing as she offers herself to his carnal passion that she felt strongly pressed against her only a moment before.

I'm guessing that's what happened. 8Þ

She matches up pretty nicely with the illustration. Ken and native did a very nice job. The pose seems natural to me and I don't have any issues with it. For display purposes she looks best at eye level. If you display her above eye level then her naughty bits will be on primary display. Below eye level will work but she's definitely best at eye level or around there. She looks great from various angles but I'd say matching the illustration is the best of the best. Basically you can't go wrong with her. Expectations met and possibly exceeded.

Base: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
What can I say? The base gets the job done and definitely supports the figure perfectly. In fact the base is necessary to the figure and illustration. The vaulting box appears to function like the real thing and looks quite realistic. It's been mentioned that if you look at the side of the vaulting box there appears to be a face. Do you see the eyes and mouth?

They even paid attention to the background in the illustration. They did a nice job simulating the concrete floor you would find in a storage room down to the scuff marks from equipment being moved on it. For a sense of scale you can see a CD on top of the base.

The base gets the job done and supports the theme of figure as well. There's not really much else to say. It matches up nicely with the illustration and actually functions like a real vaulting box. The attention to detail with the vaulting box and concrete floor was noticed and appreciated.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Here we are at the end. We've taken a closer look at the figure and what she has to offer. Ken and native did a fantastic job with her. She is nicely detailed and well put together. This is what I expect from native and they delivered. Results may vary but I doubt it with this figure. When all was said and done she cost me roughly 14,000 Yen. I say she was definitely worth it and I do not regret getting her. If I had to do it again I wouldn't hesitate and would definitely regret it if I missed out on her. I can't wait for Ken's next native figure and have already pre-ordered her without any worries. native redeemed themselves with this figure and I can't wait to see their next offering. This is what I expect from Creator's Collection series and I'm glad to have her join the other ladies.

See you later.
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StarshipPooper8 år siden#1137763The tolerances must be pretty loose then. I don't actually need the clipboard. Mine is just resting on the horse with the sneaker off it. Well, the sneaker is about to touch it but she's resting completely on the horse and her left foot is only helping her keep stable. I don't see how yours would be doing that unless something was too long or short.
Hmmm, that might be the case. If I don't use the peg for the left foot, her left foot just touches the base when her right leg is resting on the vaulting horse (with the right sneaker in the same position as you have posed her, just at the edge of the horse). This means that if I use the peg, it raises her left foot just a wee bit off the base and correspondingly raises her right leg off the horse. Unfortunately, both my cameras (dedicated and cellphone) are dead right now, I'll post some pics once I get some equipment.
8 år siden
ffenris8 år siden#1137748All the loading appears to be on the left foot, do you see any concern with that? Even with the clipboard under her right leg (the original picture doesn't have it that way), I don't think any load is being taken there. If I move the vaulting horse back a little bit, some load then goes on to the tongue of her right sneaker, but I can see that you've kept the right foot fully off the vaulting horse. Thoughts?

The tolerances must be pretty loose then. I don't actually need the clipboard. Mine is just resting on the horse with the sneaker off it. Well, the sneaker is about to touch it but she's resting completely on the horse and her left foot is only helping her keep stable. I don't see how yours would be doing that unless something was too long or short.
8 år siden
All the loading appears to be on the left foot, do you see any concern with that? Even with the clipboard under her right leg (the original picture doesn't have it that way), I don't think any load is being taken there. If I move the vaulting horse back a little bit, some load then goes on to the tongue of her right sneaker, but I can see that you've kept the right foot fully off the vaulting horse. Thoughts?
8 år siden
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I cant wait for mine <33
8 år siden
I never noticed the teeth and half the details in the production shots. your photos always make these figures so tempting
8 år siden
GSLinux Love coding, video & figures!
Hatsuma248 år siden#1010981Usually native executes their figures flawlessly. But this is the one time I feel like they could have done better, for example adding shading on the jack could have been an improvement.

Believe it or not, mine does have more shading than that image ^^. Also, the tip of her hair is more sharp in mine that the one show in the image as well ^^.
8 år siden
god I love that one, I am very happy i ordered her <3
8 år siden
StarshipPooper8 år siden#1010977Thanks. Also that's why I don't give 10s. There's always room for improvement. The production figure still turned out pretty nicely especially when compared to the proto. Also, when having looked at native's other recent girls this one was a breath of fresh air in regards to overall quality and execution. Usually native executes their figures flawlessly. But this is the one time I feel like they could have done better, for example adding shading on the jack could have been an improvement.
8 år siden
Hatsuma248 år siden#1010963Nice review.
I recently received this figure also and my only disappointment are the hair strands. When comparing both promo and actual figures, the actual one has her strands of hair bigger and round and are not as sharp as in the promo. :\ image/richirock... & image/StarshipP...

Thanks. Also that's why I don't give 10s. There's always room for improvement. The production figure still turned out pretty nicely especially when compared to the proto. Also, when having looked at native's other recent girls this one was a breath of fresh air in regards to overall quality and execution.
8 år siden
great review. and great figure. So awesome were the two of them than after reading the review I bought one for 12000 on mandarake, so I'm very thankful to you, because I wanted to be sure about this fig before buying it, and when I saw that it wasnt anything like Morudina, the decision was made instantly.
8 år siden
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