August / September / October Loot~! (Pic Heavy)August / September / October Loot~! (Pic Heavy)Loot

JingobeanJingobean2 år siden
Howdy,MFC! I'm afraid this might be a bit picture heavy ( ›ω‹ ) I've been saving up pictures to make a loot post,but time got away from me and I ended up saving them for longer than I'd meant to lol.So this post will be of my packages from August up til now,and probably a bit long.

Also,I apologize for not really taking many pictures of the items out of the packaging / boxes.I'm moving in a couple days,and have been packing up all my things for ages.So each time a package came in I'd open it to check the contents,and then most times I'd just pack everything back away (。•́︿•̀。) I can't wait to get into my new place,it will be like Christmas having so much new stuff to dig into! lol



First up is the items I ordered from the Sailor Moon x My Melody collab that was released in August.I was quite strict with myself,and only ordered the Luna plush,and the sticker set.I preordered these from Anime Osaka on Facebook.


Here is Luna! I'm so pleased with her,I've been wanting a Luna plush for ages,and the pastel coloring of this one is right up my alley.


Lol,I just noticed you can see the imprints in her from the bubble-wrap (ᗒᗨᗕ)


I really love the little touch of the embroidery on her foot,and the ribbon on her tail!



I do wish there were more variation in the sticker designs,but I'm still quite happy with them.


Pikachu Plamo Figure, Syaoran Nendoroid, and Sailor Moon Break Time Prize Figure.

I snagged the Sailor Moon figure in the AmiAmi preowned section,and couldn't be happier! I've been wanting it for such a long time,but most places have to marked up so much now,so I was jazzed to stumble on it for only ¥1380 unopened.

Little Syaoran was a preorder,and he's so much more adorable in person!


This Pikachu Plamo figure was a random find on AmiAmi that I decided to chuck in my order,and will give my brother for Christmas.It looks really cool,and was only ¥610.I'm tempted to order a second for myself >w>


AmiAmi,again.Love Live Sunshine You Watanabe Furyu SSS Prize Figure,KumuKumu Pikachu Puzzle Figure,and Victor Nikiforov Nendoroid.

I picked up the You prize figure from AmiAmi preowned for ¥1580 as A/B.I'd honestly been waffling about whether or not to get any Sunshine figures at all for quite awhile,and then once I caved,I caved hard (as you'll see lol). The quality on this figure is really excellent,and I'm happy I got her!


Victor is finally here~! (*´♡`*) I made such undignified sounds of glee when opening this package,ngl.


I couldn't help myself,and unpackaged him & Syaoran and displayed them for a couple days before I had to pack them back up again.I'll never get over how happy I am that he comes with his "heart mouth" expression face plate,and a little Makkachin!


Here's the KumuKumu Pikachu puzzle.This was another cheap thrill / random find on AmiAmi.It's made of a soft rubbery feeling material,and the pieces slot together super easily! I did have trouble with the leg pieces,and spent probably 20 minutes struggling with them..only to realize that I was trying to shove them in the wrong way like a dumbass (-___-;;)


This was my smallest AmiAmi pkg ever lol.Osamu Dazai Nendoroid & Cardcaptor Sakura Memo Pads.Isn't that month's postcard pretty??


Confession time! I actually only started watching Bungo Stray Dogs because I saw Dazai up for preorder,and liked his character design a lot..but I don't (usually lol) order figures of characters / series I don't like / watch (ᗒᗨᗕ) So I watched it,liked it,and ordered Dazai.I'm glad I did stumble on it,though,because I really enjoyed it!


I got soo excited whem I saw several items of Cardcaptor stationary op for preorder a couple months ago!! There were two other designs of these memo pads as well,and I'm really grumpy with myself for not getting those as well ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ


They have a really pretty gold embossing on the covers.


The designs on the pages inside. I was happy to find that the paper quality is really nice as well.


One of my September AmiAmi packages (๑◕ω ◕๑)

Qposket Victor Nikiforov,Nendoroid More Pudgy Bear Face Case,Yuri on Ice Tsutsumarekko Rubber Strap Set,Umaru-chan Tsumamare "Pinched" strap,and Kirby rubber straps.


Qposket took extra care with wrapping Victor's beautiful face lol.


Siiiiigh.That line in the mouth ( ̄ロ ̄lll) I'm so bummed about that.I'm hoping that it won't be noticeable when he's up on a shelf,but I dunno.


The details look good on his hair,though.


The 2 Kirby rubber straps I ordered to give my siblings for Christmas,and I ordered the Umaru cola strap for myself :3



I love,love,love when company's go the extra mile with package design,like with adding this little bow on the flaps of the boxes! It's the tiniest little detail,but it always impresses me.


Anyone else have so much fun opening these blind bag type boxes of items?


Here they all are! This set of straps is beyond precious.Each one comes with a Makkachin kigurumi style sleeve that can go over each strap,or they can be used alone.Plus I'm a huge sucker for anything that has long-haired Victor!

Ps~ If anyone is interested I'm planning on selling the JJ strap! Probably the Otabek also.


Lookit that lil' grumpy face.


And inside the Makkchin sleeve!


Long-haired Victor (ノ^ヮ^)ノ


Almost nekkid Victor lol.


Coach Victor! I wish there was more Coach Victor merch ;3;


Skating Yuri.


Omfg,check out that belly button!!


More September AmiAmi~


Here is more from the Cardcaptor stationary items,this time 3 clear files.The artwork is so beautiful,and the printing is so clear that I plan to display them on the wall like prints lol.


Oh boy,I always manage to get suckered in by the misc cute odds & ends lol.First off on the left is sets of Rilakumma & Sumikko Gurashi mini post its,which turned out to be way tinier than I'd thought! But that works well actually,since I ordered them to use in my planner :3

Next is an acrylic memo stand / clip board of Hinako,from Hinako Note,and 2 Cardcaptor compact mirrors.They have the same artwork on them as one of the clear files & memo pads! Then 2 sheets of Sumikko Gurashi planner stickers.


These came out really beautiful!! I wasn't expecting much tbh,but they look & feel really high quality,and have a nice weight to them.I bought 2 so I could give one to my sister for Christmas.


Yess,finallyyy!! I was so peeved when Megumin was delayed D: Unfortunately I didn't even get to open her up and take a look before having to pack her away again.Moving sucks.


This is the PreCure a la Mode Cutie Figure Set.I'e actually never seen the show,but I could not get over how freaking cute these are! So I caved D: Opps.





I really love how cute they made the packaging!! Although on the downside,that now means I'm super reluctant to throw it away :/


They each come with a piece of gum,and their own little stand.I only took one out to take a peek,then packed it away again.Like I said earlier,moving sucks.


Love Live Sunshine You Watanabe Aozora Jumping Heart prize figure.

This I ordered from an Ebay seller in Japan.I desperately wanted her,and was too impatient to wait for her to pop up on AmiAmi preowned lol.I paid I think $30 CAD + free s/h for her,which is way more than I would have paid for her from AmiAmi (sigh),but I just couldn't wait >w<;;


I like that they have the original artwork on the side of the box :3


I was so surprised to see how securely she was packed! I've never seen a prize figure in blister packing like this before,Sega is stepping it up!


Here she is set up,before I had to pack her back away.I'm so impressed with the quality of this line of figures! She's gorgeous.


Next up in the Aozora Jumping Heart line is Kanan! I totally spaced and thought he'd come with that You figure when I was taking pictures though,opps lol.


Kanan is fantastic quality as well,I'm so pleased with her! I couldn't find any obvious flaws,or paint splatters/smears etc on her at all ٩(。•ω•。)و I also bought Kanan from a random Ebay seller from Japan,but this time for much cheaper than You,I paid only $19 USD + free s/h!


I was so excited for this package! (੭ ›ω‹ )੭ I've soo been looking forward to all of these figures!


First off is Re:Zero's Emilia Nendoroid! I can't get over how perfect she is ╰(✧∇✧)╯ I can't wait to be able to actually display her lol.


Then I managed to snag the Hanamaru & Yoshiko Aozora Jumping Heart prize figures from AmiAmi preowned.I was checking for them every day after they were released,and POUNCED when I eventually saw them put up! ٩(๑>∀<๑)۶



This is such a fantastic figure,I can hardly believe it's just a prize figure! I highly recommend grabbing it if you're a fan of the show,or Yoshiko.



You can see there are a couple small white paint drips on the back of her blue skirt,but they're small and since they're at the back are not noticeable,so I'm not bothered at all.



Hanamaru! I love how joyful she looks,bless her.Her quality is also top notch,I'm super impressed!! I couldn't see any flaws on her at all.



Here is the October postcard from AmiAmi that came with this order.Isn't it cute??


Now,don't worry,we're coming to the end! This is the last order xD

This is an order made entirely of random odds and ends,it turned out!


Here's two clear files from Sakura Quest & Re:Zero.I was happy to see something from Sakura Quest,and the chibi style of both of these is so adorable.



Re:Zero Emilia acrylic stand,and Rem & Ram acrylic keychain in the same chibi artwork as the clear file.Shiro and Jibril "Pinched" style rubber straps.


Post-It notes from the Cardcaptor stationary line as the other items above,and Q Posket Petit Belle from AmiAmi preowned.


Almost too cute to use! D:


She is soo much prettier than I'd thought she'd be! The detailing in her face is lovely.


Chun Colle Sakura Cage Cover & Yuri on Ice Victor Nikiforov Chun Colle plush keychain.


I was so happy to see that Yuri on Ice was getting Chun Colles! I've looked at the other Chun Colle birdies and absolutely love them,but they hadn't done any series I'm into >w< I decided to be good and only get Victor,but he's so presh I really want Yuri & Yurio now too.





Here he is in the cage cover! It has holes in the top of it for the strap part to pull through so you can hang him in his cage.


And very last is 2 more Love Live Sunshine prize figures lol. I preordered the You figure,and got the Hanamaru from AmiAmi preowned section.


After seeing how the 2 previous figures in this line turned out (Chika & Riko),I was really regretting preordering You (๑°ㅁ°๑) But she actually turned out quite a bit better than the others imo.She's not as great as the Aozora Jumping Heart line for sure,but she's definitely decent! She doesn't have any major flaws,just a few small paint splats on her stockings.



Here's the small paint splats on her stockings.Though they're quite minor,so I'm not sure if you'll really be able to see them.I'm not bothered by them,either way.


I'm really glad I picked up this Hanamaru figure. It's excellent quality,and I think the pose & expression suit her perfectly!


I couldn't notice a single flaw on her either,yay~!


Phew! Finally done! xD That took forever lol.Putting this post together really made me miss all my figures packed away in boxes! I cannot wait to have this move done with,and get to unpacking everything again,waah ;3;
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<3 lovely
2 år siden
Such an amazing loot and nice pictures! It was very interesting to see an opened box of the Pikachu Plamo. I got tempted to pick up some Pokémon model kits in the past when I saw them at conventions, but I was afraid they would be too simple to build compared to Gunpla. Seems like it's more complicated than I thought. :O Very tempting to buy one now (saw the link below). :)
2 år siden
Jingobean2 år siden#27514659 It doesn't come assembled,so I'm not sure exactly how big he is.But from looking at the parts it looks like he'll be about 3 1/2 inches or so put together ( 'ω' ) AmiAmi still has some in stock here if you're interested!
Oh thats quite bigger then i expected and thanks for the link :D
2 år siden
Darkdman002 år siden#27479383Very colorful loot! =3

I hadn't noticed it,but you're right! xD I love bright & colorful things ❤

xCommando2 år siden#27477671There's so much cute stooofff!
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://media.tenor.com/images/4609525bd5d65dd308f60ac47ce79593/tenor.gif
Very nice loot, thanks for sharing! :3

Haha,thank you! Cute stuff makes me happy ❤❤

KiruKiru2 år siden#27466979adorable loot <3 hah also how big is the plamo pikachu? its so cutie

It doesn't come assembled,so I'm not sure exactly how big he is.But from looking at the parts it looks like he'll be about 3 1/2 inches or so put together ( 'ω' ) AmiAmi still has some in stock here if you're interested!
2 år siden
BlazeDazzleDusk2 år siden#27463140Amazing loot! I love the Luna My Melody collaboration plush, the Precure figures, the Sakura Stationery and all those Love Live Figures especially the Yoshiko.

Thank you! The Yoshiko figure really is fantastic! I was worried she might not turn out as awesome as the promo pics,but thankfully that wasn't the case :D

solluxcaptor2 år siden#27465531So much cute stuff!!! I love the Luna plush and Cardcaptor Sakura stationary the most.

Thanks! I love being surrounded by cute things (*´♡`*) I'm just so cross with myself for not getting the whole set of those Cardcaptor memo pads lol.

Emillia2 år siden#27465881That Luna plush is so cute, I was tempted but resisted. The Disney petit q poskets are so nice for such tiny figures - I picked up my Belle from Ami preowned too. Great haul of stuff.

You must be made of stronger stuff than me,eh? lol I've seen they came out with another Sailor Moon x My Melody collab recently,and I'm cursing my empty bank account (ᗒᗨᗕ)

I totally agree,the Petit Q Poskets look so nice! This is my first one,but I was really impressed with it.The Petits also seem to be much less creepy looking than the full size ones can tend to,imo >w<

AnimeCowgirl332 år siden#27474877Really cute and awesome loot! Emilia looks adorable as well as Megumin!

Thanks! Emilia really turned out gorgeous,I'm so happy with her :D And I can't wait to finally be able to open Megumin and have a look at her!
2 år siden
Very colorful loot! =3
2 år siden
There's so much cute stooofff!
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://media.tenor.com/images/4609525bd5d65dd308f60ac47ce79593/tenor.gif
Very nice loot, thanks for sharing! :3
2 år siden
Really cute and awesome loot! Emilia looks adorable as well as Megumin!
2 år siden
adorable loot <3 hah also how big is the plamo pikachu? its so cutie
2 år siden
That Luna plush is so cute, I was tempted but resisted. The Disney petit q poskets are so nice for such tiny figures - I picked up my Belle from Ami preowned too. Great haul of stuff.
2 år siden
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