November Haul Part One? ( tons of keychains)November Haul Part One? ( tons of keychains)Loot

hicks16hicks162 år siden
Hello! This is my first time making a loot post so sorry if anything is off. Also I take pictures with my android phone so the pictures might be a little shitty. But on to the haul!

So, fair warning most of this haul is Yamaguchi Tadashi from Haikyuu!!
He's my favorite character and I've just been building my collection to have of him, maybe I'll do a collection post of everything one day.

But, here's some keychains I ordered from Suruga-ya from TreasureJapan. I ordered these because I bought some from a seller on tumblr and these were the ones I was missing that I didn't buy from her~


Fun fact: The halloween Yamaguchi, I made my order on TreasureJapan but then I went on Suruga-ya a minute later and saw that it was just added and immediately ordered it!

Some closer pictures of the acrylic stand that I also bought!


I also bought this Exclusive Towel in my order! With the matching keychain we will see later in the haul!


Aaaannn here's that matching keychain I was talking about! Also two more Yamaguchis that I ordered from a seller off of Depop (an app like Poshmark) If you also noticed my first post made about these Haikyuu Memories Keychains, wellll I found where to buy it off of Aitaikuji! And I'm so happy to see this pure child to match my icon xD


Whew! Let's take a break from Haikyuu! and take a look at these YOI rubber straps! I participated in a Group Order from the seller tsuyukami on tumblr,they're using the money from Group Orders to help with their transistion surgery so I reccommend them for some YOI and Bungou Stray Dogs merch if you're looking!


Back to Haikyuu! I bought this artbook from an artist that goes by m00kie! She does very pastel pictures of the Tokyo Boys(Kenma,Kuroo,Bokuto and Akaashi) and I got her last artbook from 2016 so I bought the 2017 one too!


Here are the four free extra postcards I got along with this cute Kenma keychain!



Here are some of the pages in her book, sorry for the glare >.<



Last leg! The end of my haul ends with these Yamaguchi nitotans I bought! I bought two of the same nitotans but ehhh sue me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I bought this one from a seller on here named Titan_Scientist! Thank you so much again!

Then I bought this one from a seller on Twitter under the name @felicider
The smiling one I bought off of ebay from the seller japan.shop.tk


Thank you so much for reading! I'll probably be back since I have a lot of payments to pay off this November hehe
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BlazeDazzleDusk2 år siden#28094328These are some very cool additions to your collection, I like the nitotans!
Thank you!
2 år siden
These are some very cool additions to your collection, I like the nitotans!
2 år siden
Solarstormflare2 år siden#28079418I love Yamaguchi Tadashi too! In fact I actually ordered ITEM #271153 because i need at least 1 merch of him in my life. Cool artbook!

Ahh I've wanted that wallscroll but I have no more room on my walls sadly :c and thank you! If you ever want to talk about haikyuu, I'm down to chat :D
2 år siden
I love Yamaguchi Tadashi too! In fact I actually ordered ITEM #271153 because i need at least 1 merch of him in my life. Cool artbook!
2 år siden
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