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I have these two autographs I bought off of Surugaya a while ago, I've been thinking about to put them on my wall. I can't find a frame that's the perfect size for the Lovely Complex one. The frame is either too big or too small to fit it OTL

And for the Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun one, I'm sure I could just put it in a regular frame but I still wanted to know if anyone had any fun ideas to put these two up~

Thank you! ( Sorry about the shitty picture )

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bomhat because I'm batman
omg i love lovely complex. good choice.
2 år siden
Cause I can't find fitting frames aswell I just put it in a manga bag, cut it to the needs so it's protected and looks clean and display it standing on a book stand.
2 år siden
I think maybe getting a bigger frame gives an opportunity to make little decoratives around it? Like scrap booking style with ribbons and different colors that adds to framing the autographs. Hopefully that makes sense ^^;
2 år siden
You could make a frameless wall mount by cutting a sheet of clear acrylic to the right size.
2 år siden
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