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Monster Gathering: Cecilia's Dinner 1/8 - A modest reviewMonster Gathering: Cecilia's Dinner 1/8 - A modest review

Hoshiyo_RinaHoshiyo_Rina3 måneder sidenReview
Hi! Before I start, please know that this post will be picture heavy.

Last week I posted a diary about buying a figure with no prior information about it except basic information (scale, manufacturer and promo pictures). You can read that diary here. She's the first figure from COREPLAY, a chinese company that seems to be affiliated to GoodSmile Company since you can view their products on their website. She was released in December 2017, making her pretty recent! She's listed as being a scale 1/8 and as the very first of a new series of figures, the Monster Gathering series. If that means we'll get some "monster girls" I'm definitely down for that!!

Cecilia arrived a couple of minutes ago and I'm feeling impatient so I took her out of her cardboard prison immediately. Please excuse my makeshift photo studio with awful lighting... This is actually my gardening table. Also... my good camera isn't available to me right now as my dad's cat ate through my charging cable... Another one has been ordered but it won't be here for another month at least! Please excuse the shit pictures my phone produces...

Let's get onto the review!


Cecilia is packaged in a really tiny box! I was legitimately surprised at how minuscule her box is. For comparision sake, I posed it next to a good old regular Figma box (oh my dear LTTP/LBW Link... I'll take you out one day!). This small box means that she runs a bit small for a 1/8 but it's nothing too dramatic. She looks great next to my Art Spirits Catherine and Katherine as well as other old 1/8 scales.


The packaging itself is fairly standard. We get some cute promo pictures in the back and the original illustration from which dear Cecilia was pulled from. According to the box, she was illustrated by GaoYang. I must admit, I'm really digging his art style! It's cute yet alluring, I love it!


She comes out of the box ready for display. No assembly required at all, which surprised me, honestly. I thought I would have to at least place her onto her base but she's already on it. Makes it quite easy to display for sure but it does leave me with certain leaning concerns. Cecilia is very light. She can't be much more than 1 lbs since, in her packaging, she's roughly 1.68 lbs. Since it's impossible to know if her base will keep her from leaning, I'll have to observe her as time goes on. I sure hope she stays nicely perched on her dead stump!


Opening this box gave me quite a nice surprise! She actually came with a small poster of Cecilia's original artwork and what is specified as being a monologue booklet. It's somewhat of an origin story told by Cecilia. I like that! It's a really neat touch that gives this figure a bit more meaning!

My cat Maya couldn't resist being in the frame anymore!

Posing, Base and Painting

Cecilia, as mentioned before, comes ready to display right out of her bubble packaging. Just gotta release her from the additional packaging plastic...


Here she is in all her glory! COREPLAY decided to respect the good old Gothic purple color scheme which makes Cecilia's bright red eyes and blood packs shine against her base and her purplish skin. It's a really nice touch. Before going any further, let me show you a very quick 360 of this mademoiselle.

The first thing that struck me about her is her somewhat defiant look she displays while drinking from her blood bag snack. I quite like her face actually. She looks young and determined as she looks at you with her stunning eyes. COREPLAY opted to leave her eyes as matte as possible and to use the decals themselves to create the typical anime eye shine one would expect of a figure these days. As you can see in the next picture, the shine is drawn on, making this figure look a bit more like her original illustration. What I am a bit disappointed in regards to this figure is how flat her hair appears. You might notice from the previous section that her hair should have a really nice sheen that creates a hue of orange and red on her hair. They failed to capture that detail in the painting here as her hair appears to be mostly just a purple-brown color. I guess that's not the worst thing in the world since that just gives us an opportunity to light to create whatever colorful hue we want on her hair with strategically placed lights.


Regarding her hair, if you spin Cecilia around, you'll see some really unsightly seams in her mane. Let's not forget that Cecilia was released in December 2017... Yes she's the very first figure that COREPLAY produced but such gross factory blemishes should be unacceptable... At least, from "standard" viewing angle, they are not apparent as much.


Where her hair fails, her metallic ornaments fair much better! Her hat is adorned with a very Gothic pair of bat wings holding up a beautiful red jewel. With how deep the red is, I'd like to assume that this stone is meant to be a garnet but I'm pretty sure it's simply supposed to be a plain ol' ruby. Get creative with your semi-precious stone choices people! The details here are very nice! WangYang, the sculptor on this project, did a really fine job with all the sweet metallic details. By observing her hat closely, I noticed that, compared to what I thought, it's not a pure solid purple color but actually has a moreso lilac dotted ribbon as well as an almost dark magenta base ribbon. Good job on the painting details, it's really lovely.


From the one review I checked out of Cecilia, she seems to have a huge defect on her left arm. It seems like that arm was incorporated on the figure after casting because some people have been complaining of seeing a gaping hole where the arm is supposed to connect to the rest of her body. I'm glad to say that mine looks fine! There is a little hole but it's nothing major. You can't see it from the "typical" viewing angle one would have. It's nicely hidden by the laughing demonic skull that she has on her shoulder.


Her wings are lovely! They do not have an impressive paint job like other figures of the sort, I'm thinking of Olivia or Tenshi. They are fairly plain which leave the viewer's main attention on Cecilia herself. They still have a basic hue that goes from dark blue to the same purple as her tights. I believe that they are perfect the way they are since, if they were more vibrant, it would definitely detract from the whole "Gothic vampire" vibe that Cecilia has.


Our next stop will be at her chest. Contrary to the original illustration, her PVC joybags do not really pop out of her ripped leotard. Nevertheless, they look nice! Perhaps a bit too perky for a girl with no bra but she's a sexy vampire, you can't argue with that! Unfortunately, if one decides to stare at her cleavage, some major blemishes become visible. At the bottom of her cleavage, you can see the manufacturing seams, which are truly unappealing. Fortunately, from a little further away, they just look like some creases below her voluminous breasts. Also, I must say that I'm impressed at the quality of the writing that can be observed on her blood pack, which is present a little higher than her chest. It seems that Cecilia has some expensive taste since she's greedily drinking from a O blood pack!


Onto her hips! She has a nice little butt, nothing to write home about but nice nonetheless. Her lower back has a particular little quirk. She exhibits somewhat of a "hole" in her lower back, which is something that some of us creatures of flesh and blood have as well. From what I gather, having a single hole like that is a bit more rare than having two holes on either side of the pelvic bone. I find it kinda cute, actually. This angle also allows us to take a peak at her two blood vials that she has somehow attached at her side. There's nothing that can clue us in as to how they stay in place but no matter. They are really nicely sculpted out of clear plastic and shaped like hearts. The labels on them are a bit hard to read but they seem to say "Blood Undead"? Please feel free to correct me!


Let's migrate to her legs. They are fairly long and thin, a quality that I kinda like on her. A common complaint about Cecilia is that her right leg seems to be incredibly contorted in a weird angle. I have to say that it IS unnatural but not impossible. When I used to do ballet, one of my teachers would have us twist our ankles to a similar angle. I'll try not to look at her ankle too much tho as the PTSD from those terrible classes is starting to resurface! I think they could have made a nicer angle on that leg but it's not AS impossible as some said in the past. That leg also has a cute skull bracelet that has some really nice details on it as well! I have to say, Cecilia is wearing some pretty sexy stilettos that I wouldn't mind owning myself! (I probably couldn't walk in them but they would be pretty!!)


Let's go back to her backside real quick. I have a problem with the hand she uses to stabilize herself on the dead log she's perched upon. It can barely be described as a hand, really. It looks like a slightly sculpted piece of clay... With the beautiful details we got on other recent figures like Heart Hunter Miku or older figures like Mikuru, I find such a defect pretty much unacceptable. Fortunately, while not being perfect, her other hand grasping her blood pack is nicer but pretty imperfect too... It would be on par with prize figures in my opinion, which is not a good thing with a full fledged scale figure.


Finally, let's look at her base itself. It's not very detailed but it conveys what it's supposed to be easily. It reincorporates the whole purple color scheme present on Cecilia with some sort of fabric laid out next to the dead stump... Or maybe it's "cosmic fire" I can't really tell. It's pretty basic but it does its job! Unfortunately, the tiny branches coming out of the stump itself are fairly flimsy while still being pretty soft. They would survive a shock or two but don't expect them to still hold on after a few drops (tho I don't know why you'd drop test a figure...).


Final Thoughts

I'm glad I picked up this quirky little vampire. Despite her flaws, she's still a nice piece with a lot of personality. I love me some cute vampires and Cecilia is definitely adorable yet sexy! She's not really skimpy like some said she was... She has some ripped clothes but that's pretty much it! I will definitely display her in my living room and not in my shameful lewd display hidden in my personal room! If I had to give her a numbered score, she would probably be a 7/10. Pretty good but definitely not perfect.


It's a nice first attempt from COREPLAY and I think I'll try to pick up the next Monster Gathering figure that is slated to come out in June of this year. She is the Nine Tailed Chinese Phoenix Nan Gong Yi, sculpted as a 1/8 by newcomer Phantom.W and once again illustrated by GaoYang. She has some very Chinese qualities to her like the floral patterns on her clothes and the flowing fabrics coming out of her short sleeves. Her pose is a lot more reminiscent of Chinese paintings which is less interesting as Cecilia's pose but still exudes this sort of fantastical elegance. Lucky me, she's actually still available for preorder on Amiami so I don't think I'll hesitate to order her....... despite my GIGANTIC order list...

Please tell me in the comments below how you liked my review of Cecilia's Dinner! Do you own her? Did you want to order her? Did I ramble too much in this review? Should I make more reviews? Tell me anything you'd like in the comments below!
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Thanks for the review! I always find reviews of niche/smaller company figures especially helpful because they bring attention to a figure most people may not have heard of. I think I'll keep my eye on this company because their concepts are interesting.
3 måneder siden
blueberrywaifu (3 måneder siden) #34200446Great review, I'm glad you ended up liking her! I don't think she is coreplay's first figure though, I think that title goes to this lovely lady: ITEM #473919

Damn...that's an elaborate setting/base for that wee girl...LOL!

Love your figure, she's super cute and unique, and I LOVE that she's munching on a blood bag, LOL!! Thanks for sharing her with us!
3 måneder siden
Great review, I'm glad you ended up liking her! I don't think she is coreplay's first figure though, I think that title goes to this lovely lady: ITEM #473919
3 måneder siden
Nice review! I saw this figure for sale on a few sites, and while I absolutely love goth girls, it's unfortunate this figure didn't come out as well as I hoped.
Maybe I could go for it at a bargain price, but idk...
3 måneder siden
MillyParis (3 måneder siden) #34197959I think she's pretty, but the seams are kinda funky. FOTS Japan seems to be doing a lot worse regarding first figures, their newest release, an O.C., comes with broken fingers because she's packaged so poorly :'(
Thanks for the pictures though, never really saw this figure before. :)

She does have some funky seems but they somehow aren't that apparent when you look at her regularly. I actually do like her quite a bit! She's totally my type and, despite her obvious flaws, I'm glad I got her. I would have preferred getting her for less than 9000 yen (shipping and all that included) but still, I think COREPLAY will get better over time!

And thanks for your comment! It's my first ever review and I'm glad it's not being hated hahaha
3 måneder siden
I think she's pretty, but the seams are kinda funky. FOTS Japan seems to be doing a lot worse regarding first figures, their newest release, an O.C., comes with broken fingers because she's packaged so poorly :'(

Thanks for the pictures though, never really saw this figure before. :)
3 måneder siden
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