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Nendoroid Saber (Prototype ver)!Nendoroid Saber (Prototype ver)!

MagusfiguresMagusfigures9 måneder sidenReview
Hello hello, everyone!! It's been couple of months since my last review, but my May AmiAmi order FINALLY decided to show up, so here I am with a look at the newest addition to my collection!!

Today we'll be looking at
Nendoroid Arthur Pendragon: Prototype Ver. by Orange Rouge!
ITEM #603991


I was pretty deeply into the Fate series a few years ago, after watching Fate/Zero and falling in love with it. Subsequent forays into Fate have been, let's say, more or less mixed. Few Fate properties have grabbed me quite as intensely as Fate/Zero did. I was really happy when Fate/Grand Order's stateside release was announced, because I'd heard great things about it from friends who were playing in Japanese--but fell out of love with the game (and subsequently the franchise) fairly quickly. To say I have a lovehate relationship with Fate is putting it mildly, haha.

But that aside, I also have a deeply engrained weakness for handsome knights. When I first learned of Saber Prototype, I remember thinking "finally, there's a Saberface for me!" and was dismayed that there was so little content for him. Of course, five years ago I never could have dreamed we would one day see a nendoroid of that male Saber--but as always, the changing figure market has found more ways to surprise me!

Anyway, I'll shut up about my checkered history with Fate and get to what you all came here for, which is pictures of handsome knights!


Here's how he looks from the side! His armor has been sculpted in fine detail for something so small!! Despite using a unique connector to account for the hood, I had no trouble getting him on his stand.


From the back, you can see his little hood! The texturing on the back of his head is also phenomenal.


From the other side! My copy had a few very visible seams, but... for some reason, they managed not to show up in pictures? it's a miracle


As I've come to expect from Goodsmile and Orange Rouge, tiny details have been recreated faithfully! Some of the white paint did bleed over on his skirts, though.


I was particularly impressed with the detail work on his right arm--the ties are so tiny!! And the little sparkle of gold paint is great!


Here's everything he came with! Two static arms, three gripping hands, two expressions, and of course, Excalibur! It may not seem like a lot, but the fact that Arthur's arms are articulated means that fewer additional arms were needed. I had also decided against getting the Ascension ver. (ITEM #639324) because I wasn't swayed enough by the additional parts to justify paying more. (The fancy cape might have been fun, though...)

Also, while I don't usually comment on boxes--this was my first nendoroid following Goodsmile's recent box design change. The new boxes are so little...!! But I think the new blister packaging is a much needed change. No more pulling the packs apart, at the risk of dropping tiny parts everywhere...


The detail work on Excalibur is amazing!! I spent a while just admiring all the linework, haha... (also, pardon my dusty desk!)


As I was changing out expressions, I noticed that Arthur's hood is actually detachable with a simple peg! I realize that this is for swapping out the raised hood on the Ascension ver., but I was happy to see that the hood is anchored in. (I had a pretty bad hood experience with ITEM #163749, whose hood is not attached at all!)

Anyway, let's try some option parts!


I decided to try out the battle face, as well as the two static arms that are... presumably for this pose? It's a cool pose, but the shadow from the sword is a little obnoxious haha. I'm a little unsure why the separate arms were included, when Arthur has such a wide range of motion with his usual arms... perhaps for a more natural-looking pose?


"It's a fight--from here on, there's no holding back!"
While I wasn't swayed by the static arms, I was able to make very natural looking poses with his regular ones! They actually have three points of articulation: the wrist, the elbow, and a third point just beneath the pauldron that allows for more nuanced posing. (this in addition to a ball joint at the shoulder!)

I'm usually pretty apprehensive when it comes to fully articulated nendoroids. I've had some bad experiences with them in the past--I've had some with very loose joints, and fragile-looking connectors. However, Arthur was a very nice surprise. His joints pose easily, but don't feel too loose either. And being able to pose his arms freely means I can be more creative in posing him!


I changed back to the default face for a confident pose. Ahh, he's so cute...

And now, for the absolute killer:


"If this sword could become some small amount of strength... then that strength is unreservedly yours, Master."
The blushing, smiling face is one I've been looking forward to for a long time!!! Aah, the way he holds his hand out, that gentle smile...!! I wouldn't mind getting swept up on a dangerous adventure if I had a handsome knight by my side!

And now, on to... face swapping! I already knew which expressions I most wanted to try...


ITEM #166487's angry face (drawn by ChanxCo) is like, perennially good. It works well with Arthur, as his eyes are green too! Ahh, those puffy cheeks are just the best...!!

But even this cute face couldn't prepare me for the next expression:


ITEM #287710's relaxed face also gets a lot of use in my house!! It looks so perfect on him!! The normally knightly Arthur displays his goofier side!

I was so slain by this combination that I almost had to display him like this, haha...

And now, for some silly skits! I have a LOT of figures from Fate (for some reason) so there were a ton of things I could have done, but I decided to just do a few for now, haha!


Nero: Umu! Another Saber-class servant has come to join us!
Arthur: Ah, so you must be a Servant also. Well met, then, Servant. I am Arthur Pendragon, King of Kni--
Nero: Never mind who you are! From this moment, you are part of the grand harem of Nero Claudius! Rejoice at your good fortune, handsome Saber!
Arthur: I... pardon?


Gilgamesh, appearing in a flash of glitter: Stop right there, Red Saber. Have you forgotten that I have already laid my claim on the King of Knights?
Nero: Butt out, you overgrown chamberpot! THIS King of Knights is very clearly male, and therefore mine!
Gilgamesh: The King of Heroes is undaunted by such trivial things as gender! The King of Knights is mine--male, female, or otherwise!
Arthur: ... you know what, I should go


Romani: I'm sorry about them... unfortunately, our Chaldea is fairly lively. I hope they haven't bothered you too much.
Arthur: Not at all, sir. I'm quite used to others fawning over me.
Romani: Oh, good! Anyway, my name is Romani Archaman. I'll be working with you from time to time, so I hope we get along.
Arthur: The honor is all mine.
Romani: You know, it's honestly kind of refreshing to see a male King Arthur around here...
Arthur: ...excuse me??


For giggles, I decided to put nendoroid Arthur next to ITEM #215524, who I bought in Akihabara a few years ago (before I had any inkling that there would eventually be a nendoroid). Needless to say, the difference in quality is staggering... If you're wondering which one you'd like to add to your collection, and don't mind spending a little more, the nendoroid is absolutely worth it.


Here's where I've decided to display him for now! (though I may change out his faceplate...)

I think that about does it for the meaty part of the review! Let's tally up the scores:

Sculpting: Definitely a 10 here. The texturing of his hair, the intricate details of the sword and armor... Orange Rouge definitely went all-out on this one!
Painting: Painting gets a slightly lower score of 8; for the most part the paint lines are clean, with a few sloppier spots. I think my one disappointment is that Goodsmile went with a totally flat color for the armor, rather than something more metallic, like the Arturia nendoroids... It's faithful to the design, but it lacks a little panache.
Posing: 10! I was apprehensive about the articulated arms, but they genuinely surprised me with ease and range of movement. I found myself deviating from the poses in the promo pictures and coming up with my own! I might be coming around on articulated nendos, haha...
Accessories: This category gets a slightly lower score of 7. There just... isn't much? And I know I opted to buy the version with fewer parts, but the few that he came with don't allow for a lot of wiggle room. Also, three gripping hands...?? I will say, though, that his expression parts are superb.
Enjoyment: 10! I don't tend to buy figures unless I already know I'll love them, but I was actually a little surprised that I enjoyed playing with him so much. I'd opted to preorder him instead of ITEM #604399, who went up for preorder around the same time... and in the end, I'm glad I chose Arthur instead! Again, handsome knights are a big weakness of mine, and Arthur hits that sweet spot so perfectly... I can't wait to see what I can do with him!

Well, that just about does it for this review! All in all, Arthur is an absolutely phenomenal nendoroid, and would make a great addition to any fate fan's shelf. He's also making me want to pick up FGO again... (I need to start saving my quartz for when he gets added to NA, and I can inevitably be disappointed when I never roll him!)

It feels like the Fate behemoth is constantly churning out new figures, so it can be kind of overwhelming.... but! among the endless releases are a few I'm looking forward to. ITEM #604483 has been teasing me since a few wonfes's ago (though, it's Alter, so I'm sure we'll be seeing him in 2020); while I may not put down the money for a scale, I'd be interested to see what they do with him. I'm also interested to see how ITEM #675825 comes out; again, not sure if I'll buy him, but I could be convinced...

My next review will likely be July/August, when the much anticipated ITEM #464625 finally comes in... (fingers crossed for no more delays!)

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!
(The weather was nice, so I took a few pictures outside, too...)

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BlueFlameParfait ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♪
ADORABLE! And a very nice review. I might pick him up myself now.
9 måneder siden
MobiusX (9 måneder siden) #35905149I loved the little narrative you wrote with Nero and Gilgamesh, hilarious xD
Thanks! Nero and Gilgamesh's rivalry is a bit of a running gag in my reviews, haha! (Though it's been a while since they had a Fate character to fight over)
9 måneder siden
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
I loved the little narrative you wrote with Nero and Gilgamesh, hilarious xD
9 måneder siden
I enjoy a good knight myself, I know nothing about Fate but I can appreciate that! Nice review :D
9 måneder siden
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