Another BIG Loot with mini reviews! Final Fantasy, Baccano!, POPAnother BIG Loot with mini reviews! Final Fantasy, Baccano!, POPLoot

MaakieMaakie2 år siden
Article originally uploaded on the 10th of July 2018. Image hosting lost in December 2019. Fixed most of the image hosting on the 12th of July 2020. If image hosting is (partially) lost again, let me know and I will look into fixing it again.

Hi! Welcome to another one of my big loots with mini reviews! Hope you enjoy! I have sorted the items again by the different franchises where I got items from, so depending on your likings, you can easily skip to the franchise(s) you want by choosing a title and using ctrl+F to search for it in the blog. Here are the titles:
- Queen's Blade
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
- POP Artworks
- Atelier series
- Baccano!
- Technorch
- Chrono Crusade
- Others

The package




Time to unpack all this beautiful stuff! The contents were mainly items for me, but there were also some items I ordered to give away with the local Secret Santa and a few small items for an user of a local anime forum.

Queen's Blade


I wanted this figure from Ymir ITEM #18544 for a really really long time, but never got to buying it! Now that I have decided that I soon want to make this as a cosplay, I needed it as reference of course!


She looks so good! I think I will also make a review of her in a while!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Gamecube is one of my favorite games and I never really went on merchandise hunting sprees for it, because I was so disappointed every time I wanted to buy the amazing OST ITEM #54354 and see it's high prices...so instead I now went on buying other kinds of goods!


The only figure ever made of this game was a trading figure of the Giant Crab ITEM #11918 , the first boss fight. Available in 3 color variations.


I saw a good deal for the regular color variation and wow! The details and paintwork on this small figure are impressive! Really makes me wish they made figures of all the boss fights for this game!


The next Crystal Chronicles related buy is probably my favorite item from the whole loot, because I was blown away with how much pages, artwork and information this book has! It is literally an 'ultimate' book for any fan of this game! Anyway the book is titled Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles World Ultimania and you can find it here in the database: ITEM #645768 .



Inside are detailed looks of all the variations your character can have. I am the biggest fan of the looks for the Yukes and Lilties in this game.


There are also multiple pages with sheet music of the game!


As it is also a literal guide for the game, there is lots of information about hidden items their locations.


I also really like this cute breakdown of the Black Knight.


Multiple pages with 2D artwork from the monsters that appear 3D in the game.


Also many pages with 2D drawings of items.


There are also many sketches, breakdowns and full maps of all the levels.

Overall this book is 100% recommendable to anyone with fond memories of playing it and I can imagine with the pretty artwork that even for people that do not know much about it, it could be an interesting purchase!

POP Artworks

In the small chance my Secret Santa is reading this: View spoilerHide spoilerDon't worry about me showing off POP items here! These have all been bought long before Secret Santa started, so my profile is up to date!


I had been eyeing this Shoujo Ripple ITEM #5600 figure based on POP's artworks for a while, but because of a good deal it got me convinced this time to really buy her! Not much users own here and recently I had a talk with VICTORVIPER about her. You will probably soon see a review from him and/or me about this figure!



I also bought this beautiful Moetan mug ITEM #646096 , of which it's quite a mystery how this item got into existence. Even after buying Moetan and POP items for many years, this was the first time I ever saw it for sale anywhere. I'm not sure if I will be using it, but I will at least unbox it later to display with other POP/Moetan items.


And we have come to the 2nd biggest item (after Ymir) in this loot!


A complete set of the normal color variations of the One Coin Grande Figure Collection Moetan ENTRY #93641 set! To be specific, these six are inside:
- ITEM #4784
- ITEM #3039
- ITEM #4723
- ITEM #3038
- ITEM #4782
- ITEM #28148

They are really big and high quality! I already own the color variation of the Ink in the princess dress ITEM #10224 and I think I will hunt later to have the whole set complete!


Because they are all still sealed, unboxing will take a while, so I will save it for reviewing them!

Atelier series

I had been looking at buying the Atelier Rorona & Totori Artbook ITEM #45495 for a while, so when I got my Secret Santa wishlist for this year's local exchange and saw that the person I got was a huge Atelier-fan, it was a win-win to finally buy this one! If the book would be disapointing (but I did not expect it to be), I could keep it myself. If the book was good, I knew I would have to keep it on my wishlist to one day buy a copy myself!


I of course could not help myself to take a quick and very careful look into the artbook when I got it...


Inside is a huge variety of themes and subjects displayed, as you could expect from an artbook this size. I really love this page with alternative clothes designs for the characters, I would have loved to see Rorona in the game with such big robes!



A big part of the book consists of all (!) special events CG. This artwork is in the games also very beautiful, so with only seeing these I knew I would have to pick up my own copy so I could have these on paper.


Sheets with character emotions/artworks.


Very pretty promotional artwork!


Christmas Rorona and Hom's! Never saw this artwork before!

So yeah, this one was gifted away (new owner is very happy with it!) and I'll have to pick up my own copy soon!


I managed to pick up some more doujinshi I did not have yet from my favorite franchise, Baccano!.


This one is titled 'TIME TO TIME KILLING' ITEM #645729 and is a collection of short stories.


To be honest, I wasn't really blown away by the artwork or story, but it's still a fine addition to my Baccano! collection.


This doujinshi is titled 'Chiacchierare' ITEM #645682 and the part I already liked a lot from it, was that the release date was in 2017. The franchise and it's fans are still alive and kicking!



Half of the doujinshi is a novel and the other half is a comic. Unfortunately both did not really appeal to me much, but I am glad to have supported more fancontent for this franchise.



'NO MORE CREA' ITEM #645673 is a bit of a silly, but very fun addition to my Baccano! collection.


This is something every fan wanted to see, right? Come on, admit it!


And this is just 1000% adorable!


This as well, in it's own way.



The front and back cover of this one titled 'Bakka janee no!' ITEM #645650 are very nice! Most of the artists working on this one are the same one as the previous doujinshi, so my expectations were high!



Poor Czeslaw, haha!


I was happily surprised when Maria made an appearance! Amigo, amigo!


I just melt away whenever there is anything cute related to Nice x Jacuzzi in doujinshi! For the people not known with Baccano!, Nice loves to make bombs, so she made one looking after her boyfriend here.


And another happy couple! I think



The last Baccano! doujinshi in this loot is called 'Jinsei ooka!' ITEM #645698 and has an absolutely adorable cover with adorable 'mom and dad' for Czeslaw!


I thought Elmer's and Czeslaw's relationship in 'Children of the Bottle' was very interesting, so it made me happy to see these pages.


This keeps on surprising people, but I like a lot of different kinds of music, including really loud and dark music from the Japanese hardcore scene. I picked up two very special CD's from Technorch with this loot!


I picked up the single 'Straight', one of my favorite songs from him. If you have headphones or speakers with some good bass, it's amazing to listen at, I don't think I ever heard so many layers of bass in a song as I did with this one: View spoilerHide spoiler

What is even more amazing, is that I thought that I bought the normal edition, but when I opened it up, I got the limited to 500 editions RePatch, which are all handmade/handcut to have an 'glitch' effect on the cover. Technorch also released a video showing how they made one of these covers:


Because it's handmade, the sticker cuttings and paint splatters on the cover are unique to each piece!



I was also really happy to see that the CD came with a mini poster of the full cover artwork. It is absolutely stunning!


I also bought another CD from Technorch, the incredibly hard to find 'Hardcore Techno Pop'. It had a huge discount because of missing it's CD case and being put in a smaller case. It contains everything the CD comes with, I just have to replace the case to the bigger size that is supposed to be.



If you want to get into Technorch's music, this CD has a high amount of varied styles and is definitely a good 'beginners' album. You can hear a preview from it on his Youtube channel: View spoilerHide spoiler

I also would like to mention that I love this album cover art also!

Chrono Crusade

It's almost like a Maakie loot is not complete without some Chrono Crusade items, right?


This CD also had a cover looking weird, but it was not advertised to me like that!


Luckily just a misplaced cover, the CD is in perfect condition! I picked up the Original Soundtrack - Gospel 2 ITEM #52691 CD.


The booklet is simple and the design of the CD is nice. I do have to say that I prefer the music from the first Gospel ITEM #52690 CD over this one. I do have one strange remark about this CD and that is that some high tones in the music sound a bid badly mixed, as they sound so 'sharp', that it hurts a bit to my ears. Can someone else who owns this CD confirm this? It would be a bit strange if both my laptop and desktop (with both very different specs when it comes to sound) have this so I'm guessing it's a defect in the CD.


Another Chrono Crusade CD I picked up was the 2000-drama CD ITEM #646094 , which is a variation of the story where Chrono and Rosette meet Azmaria. This CD was made before the anime and uses different voice actors. It's quite interesting how Azmaria's singing on this CD is a lot lower quality than the singing that was recorded for the anime. I do have to give this CD some extra points for having very good sound effects!


It doesn't matter how much times I see it, I keep on loving this artwork!






The booklet has some really nice character artwork (seen before in promotional images) and excerpts from manga pages.


This will probably look like the weirdest part of the blog, but I had an user from an local anime forum asking me if I could help him find some interesting design toothbrushes from Japan! Well, of course I can help with that, haha!



Inside were one of Osomatsu-san ITEM #645319 and two different ones from Detective Conan ITEM #645337 + ITEM #645342 . I kept them sealed for him of course!


I also bought this small keychain ITEM #186089 of Cynthia from Fire Emblem: Kakusei to give away to my giftee for the Secret Santa! I'm not up to date with this franchise (most recent one I played was Path of Radiance), but the character design was very cute and my giftee said she was happy with it!

And to finish it!

I completely forgot to take a picture with all of it unpacked together, so I hope you can forgive me about that! Everything I did not unbox here, will get more extensive reviews later! I still hope you enjoyed this blog, you could also check out my other recent big loot post that was so big, I hit the character/image limit and needed two blogs: BLOG #40389 + BLOG #40390

All pictures in high resolution will be uploaded here later today: profile/Maakie/...

See you at my next blog! Which will be either a smaller loot blog or a walktrough of my recently finished GK!
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Ninemeow2 år siden#37216648love love the Atelier artbook! Remind me of times when playing the game, which the main reason for me personally the game was so good was because of its art. Because your loot I added more items into my wishlist >U<. Thanks for sharing, very knowledgeable and well-chosen loot.

I absolutely adore the artwork of the Atelier series and I think the character designs of the Arland-part of the series are the best! :) Hehe, thanks for liking so much of my loot and I wish you good luck in hunting these items yourself! :)
2 år siden
Ninemeow ㄱ(ㅇㅅㅇ” )ㄴ
love love the Atelier artbook! Remind me of times when playing the game, which the main reason for me personally the game was so good was because of its art. Because your loot I added more items into my wishlist >U<. Thanks for sharing, very knowledgeable and well-chosen loot.
2 år siden
solluxcaptor2 år siden#37201578Nice loot! I love the POP and Atelier stuff :D

Thank you! And yeah both franchises are so cute!! <3
2 år siden
Nice loot! I love the POP and Atelier stuff :D
2 år siden
Takasugi2 år siden#37180605I just went and ordered a copy of Crystal Chronicles, thanks to this blog. I miss that game. ;v;

I wish you lots of fun with the nostalgia! <3 Maybe someday they will make a remaster, I can dream!
2 år siden
I just went and ordered a copy of Crystal Chronicles, thanks to this blog. I miss that game. ;v;
2 år siden
BlueFlameParfait2 år siden#37173681Who cares about the rest of this fantastic haul? Where'd you get the toothbrushes?!

Thanks for the laugh. xD They were found on Suruga-Ya. :)
2 år siden
BlueFlameParfait ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♪
Who cares about the rest of this fantastic haul? Where'd you get the toothbrushes?!
2 år siden
victorviper2 år siden#37159027I think too strict of a time limit detracts a little bit from the relaxed feel of most of the games, but the time element does make sense in some of the games, like Meruru for example. In that game, since Meruru is trying to prove that she can be a capable leader, it makes sense that she wouldn't have an unlimited amount of time to do so. However, Sophie doesn't have any real "time sensitive" goals, so it seems reasonable to forego the time limit in that game.
Sophie also encourages the player to experiment a lot more with crafting items to get just the right combination of traits and effects desired.
But you are correct, the subject of the time limit does tend to elicit passionate feelings
among fans of the franchise :).

That was very interesting to know about Sophie, can't wait to play it myself. :) And yeah, lots of different opinions and pros and cons with every new game in the franchise! But I think it's good they change up their formula quite a bit with every new game instead of doing the same one over and over again.

Mikadocolors2 år siden#37161020Final fantasy Cristal chronicle is a really wonderful game ! I'm glad to see someone who like it a lot too ~
Btw, nice loot !

Yay! More Crystal Chronicles fans gathering here in the comments! :D And thank you!
2 år siden
Final fantasy Cristal chronicle is a really wonderful game ! I'm glad to see someone who like it a lot too ~
Btw, nice loot !
2 år siden
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