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Buying figures of characters you dislike?Buying figures of characters you dislike?

makoannmakoann7 dager sidenAsk MFC
Hi everyone! I didn’t use this website in a while, but now that Japan Expo is over I’m back in my "god I wanna buy a lot of figures" phase ahah. I went ham and bought like 4 figures at Japan Expo.

The thing is, I don’t really know 2 of these characters that I’ve bought. (ITEM #303663 and ITEM #330765) I know Hestia is from danmachi but I really don’t wanna watch that anime, it really doesn’t appeal to me. I also know Io is from granblue but I only play this game when they give free pull. Basically, I bought them just bc they looked nice, I don’t know anything about their characters. Also, I caved in and preordered these two items ITEM #549392 and ITEM #549379 bc I fell in love with this character design even tho I know she’s pretty simple. I watched that anime but I didn’t like it at all. I’m not even attached to that character? I don’t even like her... In a sense, I feel like it’s a bit weird to buy characters I don’t specially like or that I don’t know, idk why. I kinda feel guilty? I don’t know how to put it. It’s like, maybe I’ll regret later? I’m weird.
So I was wondering, do you guys buy a lot of figures of characters you don’t know? If you love a figure but you don’t like the character, would you buy it?
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Buying figures from a series or franchise that you don't even know has always been a foreign concept to me. I enjoy figures because they represent meaningful characters or stories to me. I can't imagine putting so much money towards something that doesn't have any greater value to me than its appearance.
7 dager siden
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Sometimes I buy figures (figma only though) purposfully because I don't like the character. Jeanne Alter and Demon Homura comes to my mind. I don't like these versions of the characters. However for certain displays I need antagonist/"evil" characters. If only there were more "generic monster" figmas like skeletons or something, I could create a lot more battle scenes.
3 dager siden
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
It depends. I used to but then noticed I didnt love it as much as characters i passionatly love, like louise, often ended up selling em.

But occasionally I do buy a character Im meh abou (if i hate her then nope) like bunny kobato and maria while i found them a bit so so especially maria.. their figs look so cute! Kobato is even in my favs ^^ ITEM #98882

Or a trading fig of Henrietta from zero no tsukaima and siesta.. dont like em but theyre nice additions to the shelf to complete the set
3 dager siden
I’m late to the party, but I’m potentially getting: ITEM #13705

I really dislike Nurse Witch Komugi. I don’t like Komugi at all and I didn’t grow up with it like some. But I’ve been obsessed with her slightly cheesy, yet adorable nurse bunny design for ages. I find it so cute! I’d much rather own a Komugi than any existing Cardcaptor Sakura figures— and I grew up adoring Sakura. It’s weird!!
4 dager siden
I've bought a figure from an anime, Hitori no Shita The Outcast, I've never watched (and probably will never watch) because I found the figure quite pretty (ITEM #549737).
I've also got Kaori Miyazono from Your lie in April (ITEM #287869), although I didn't like neither the anime nor Kaori. But I found her figure very cute ^^
6 dager siden
I try really hard not to. I had a rule of not buying any figures from a source I don't know. Of course I ended up breaking that rule for the Mikazuki and Tsurumaru nendroid, and ended up getting sucked deep into Touken Ranbu hell.

Another one is Lin Setsu A nendroid from Thunderbolt Fantasy.... haven't watched past like episode 2 but it's on my list to continue...

Lastly was the Stardust figure... she was too beautiful to resist...

For now, I'm still enforcing the rule but tbh, I don't trust myself.
6 dager siden
I budget would not let me since I only buy top quality scale figures.
6 dager siden
When i went to Akihabara in tokyo, I bought two figures of characters of anime i haven't seen. I got ITEM #155667 because i really wanted a figure with glasses and ITEM #258579 because i wanted a castoff figure. As soon as I got back, I watched both anime and ending up liking the characters.
6 dager siden
I am the same way!! With my Nendoroid obsession I have bought a lot of characters I have never watched the anime, read the Manga etc. Because I liked how it looked. That being said, I have refused to watch and / or read or look up info for fear I hate the character hahaha.

I do have 3 figures of characters of I STRONGLY dislike, and at first I felt the same weird or guilty for owning them, I went as far as hiding the head piece (Nendoroid figure*) in a drawer and enjoy everything else about it.

Thats just one of the many layers of fandoms and hobbies that make it so fun, weird quirks and thoughts towards our collections. I would say enjoy your figures, you purchased them because you liked them and saw something special. If they really bother you knowing you hate the character, you can always try to sell or pass on to someone who will love and adore it. Then win win, you have made space for another new figure down the road ;)
6 dager siden
I think it's normal to get a figure you find aesthetically pleasing. I think there's nothing wrong with that. I bought ITEM #429201, ITEM #396942 & ITEM #209591 even though I haven't played the games they're in yet, but I am familiar with them and have bought the games.

I also have preordered ITEM #604449 & ITEM #464791 though I haven't played the game yet, because I found her really beautiful. To me these were all irresistible purchases and I don't regret any of them so far.
6 dager siden
I would say 95% of the time I collect figures of characters I really like. Sometimes I’ll buy a figure from a show I really liked even if the character wasn’t my favorite. However, I wouldn’t buy a character I disliked even if I liked the show or they looked good. This is an expensive hobby and I don’t have the money to waste on something I have initial doubts on.

Now I have 3 figures that I have no knowledge of their character profiles or sources but they are favorites in my collection. WHS Sorceress and Harbor Princess and Alters Shiki Ichinose. No regrets ever.

Lines like Hyakka Ryouran and Seven Deadly sins had no anime’s before they released so they were purely based on looks. Once the animes came out though I did fall in love with most girls
6 dager siden
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