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Frightening experience of pre-ordering NendoroidsFrightening experience of pre-ordering Nendoroids

CarolTheCarrotCarolTheCarrot5 måneder sidenDiary
NOTESHello MFC users, this is my first time writing a dairy and a super long entry. Please also note that English is not my first language and there might be broken English. But I hope you all will enjoy it nonetheless!

It was a normal, boring thursday, waking up, going to school, bla bla bla... everything was the same as usual in the morning for me.

When school finally ended, I checked through my phone for anime figures news, like I always do. But two nendoroid shocked me the most, item ITEM #455089 and ITEM #455088, the nendoroids that seems to be impossible to get a re-release, FINALLY got the legendary RE-RELEASE.


Now, I know a lot of people demanded for the re-release of that two nendoriods, but I'm not that type of person to add anything to the cart straight away when an item is available. At that time, I was also rushing to get to my 3-hour car lesson so I just thought "I'll pre-order them when class ended"


BOI OH BOI, did I just made the worst decision in my whole life? In just about an hour, the pre-order were already ended for the both of them on most websites. I've underestimate the power of the thirty fans of My Hero Academia. Feeling devastated, tears flowing down from my eyes uncontrollably, lying on the floor and hating myself for being a dummy.

I tried to find everywhere for them, but some remaining stores that still have both of them available are too expensive or you need to pay their pre-orders up-front. There's no way I have the money for that as I also have plenty of pre-orders this month on AmiAmi.


Just trying to get them already consumed most of my time and I'm tired as heck as I'm also sick at the same time. I've decided to give up pre-ordering them, washed up, and went to bed...


I was mentally and physically tired, but all the thoughts about their aftermarket price, their minimal chances of getting another re-release is still in my mind, and I can't get them away.

I went through my phone, checked for the remaining stores, and there's only one store that is the most suitable for me, AnimeNPC.
Although their price on AnimeNPC are pretty expensive, at least I can still afford for their 30% pre-order's price and it's on sale when I place my order (43 usd/ each). I signed up, and pre-ordered them right away.

"I've gone and done it, huh?"In the end, I still pre-ordered them even though I decided to give them up. The song "Never Gonna Give You Up" even played in my head as I was pre-ordering them too.

But finally, with all the bitter-sweetness I felt I was able to sleep peacefully through the night...

The next morning, I still felt some drowsiness from the medicines I took yesterday and skipped school. (Don't do this kids, it's bad.) But most importantly, I received an e-mail from AnimeNPC. In the e-mail, it stated that they cannot confirm my order.


Ok, ok, chill. They just says that their system had some glitches and my order went blank. They just want to reconfirm my order. So I e-mail them back implying that I had order one Midoriya and one Bakugou Nendoroids. I also added a screenshot of my payment invoice.

After that, AnimeNPC reached out to me again with an update of my order but with only one Izuku and no Bakugou. At first glance, it was no biggie, I can just reply them again to add one more Bakugou. But the problem here is that they were selling me of the price with no sale for the Izuku's nendoroid (47 usd/ each).

wait, what? pre-ordering from a different store other than AmiAmi was already painful for me because of the price and shipping fees. You might be thinking "a few bucks won't hurt that bad...", but actually yes, and it's killing me. I've already squeezed out my monthly finances for the nendoroids and I really couldn't afford more...

So I e-mail them, again, but with a screenshot of the order conformation they sent me before which I should be sending them earlier but I forgot about that and praying them to sell me with the sales price.


Waited them patiently and anxiously, they e-mail me back again after half an hour and thank god they are selling me with the sale price.


After all the mess, I check on MFC again for more information on both of the nendoroids to later learned that they were back up again at hobbysearch...


But oh well, it then sold out in an hour too. At least I've secure my babies and will be deliver to my home safely... right...?

I read reviews of AnimeNPC that they will cancel your order if you didn't pay in full payment and they transfer your order to customers that had paid in full payment... I just wish this situation will never occur to me... *sign*


Aside from all the drama from pre-ordering two nendoroids, I have learned that:
Freakin pre-order straight away for any My Hero Academia's characters' nendoroidsWell of course you still need to check your finances
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Times like this I'm glad to not be in the BNHA fandom. Scary stuff...

I heard some people were pre-ordering the max which is probably why it sold out so fast alongside the massive popularity of BNHA and previous rarity of those two.
See the picture below:
5 måneder siden
Recent Comments
The sad thing is about this re-release is most of the ones bought on the more popular sites like AmiAmi were probably sold to scalpers, I've already seen people selling their pre-orders for like a 60% mark up -.-; I was lucky enough to see them almost as soon as they went up, and wasted no time in adding them to my cart as I've been religiously checking their pages like every day hoping for a re-release :o I hope your order is fulfilled!
5 måneder siden
I was checking amiami at 6 am when i was half asleep and actually only had to go to the toilet but didn't want to stand up, when I saw these two were up for preorder I suddenly wasn't sleepy anymore. I thought about it for like two hours and ended up preordering them from cdjapan.
5 måneder siden
maggie (5 måneder siden) #38588302I really don’t think this preorder was that bad considering other ones I’ve been through, setting alarms at 3AM to preorder and not even getting it as it sells out in seconds. I can understand if people weren’t used to that, this preorder would seem insane. I was part of a community that set up chats and feeds to keep track of preorders, and we’d buddy up with people in different time zones and give passwords for amiami/hobby search so you could order for them, and they for you.
The worst part of this preorder I think was that there wasn’t adequate notice so that people knew to be there at the computer ready to hit the order button. Tried to help by constantly posting links to places with stock, but it came down to time zones and luck in a way. If I could have ordered for everyone that wasn’t around, I would’ve, but I can’t.
Stuff like this, you simply can’t snooze on. You go in fast and hard, get what you want and then get out. I tried my best to warn people about region restrictions and the limited nature with just that alone, but I see post after post of people confused and upset. Some of the most in demand, highest aftermarket price nendos from one of the most popular series of the moment, and not being stocked in the USA where there is a ton of demand... those Asian shops stocking him are carrying all the stock for worldwide demand.
Maybe TOMY will make more, but maybe they’re not like Bandai and don’t have factories devoted to making one specific thing. Slots for production take a long time to reserve. Those slots may already have a Todoroki Nendoroid in them, wouldn’t that be nice!

I read through those threads, you were doing a lot of good work! You definitely helped quite a few people. Congrats to those who ordered, hopefully those who missed out will get some more opportunities around release time. It seems like a lot of people ordered multiples for various reasons; so if some of those end up being cancelled orders then maybe a few stores will have some stock available for a little while upon release.
5 måneder siden
Karumi Bishie Enthusiast
Nothing is worse than trying to pre-order a Gift plushie (besides a GK, but as far as official merch goes...). @__@
5 måneder siden
I'll probably just get them at the next rerelease, which is bound to happen but not anytime soon, seeing as they sold out immediately. I like Boku no Hero, but my favorite characters are All Might & Todoroki, so I don't feel too bad missing out on Midoriya.
5 måneder siden
Somehow I saw them right as they were posted for sale (a Twitter mutual retweeted a picture of the two of them and I immediately went to see if they'd been rereleased on Amiami, lol.) So I lucked out this time, but I've definitely missed out other times (thinking "release is still a few months off, I'll order it later!" and then seeing the Asirpa Nendoroid sold out.... ouch...)
5 måneder siden
Haha. I feel you.
I actually saw the first message on MFC saying they were re-releasing and thought "oh cool!" then unsubbed from comment notifications because I didn't think I needed them anymore and as a result missed the hysteria of them selling out. Saw it pop up in AmiAmi during my first work break, but left it thinking I'd figure out where I wanted to pre-order them til I got home from work.

Obviously by the time I got home, they were already sold out at most places. Luckily though there were still some up at a couple of places, so I snagged those. I hate to think what would have happened if I had decided to laze about a bit more before checking MFC when I got home haha. I really did not think they'd sell out within a day, I didn't realize they were so limited. I've never really had to deal with anything like that before when it comes to nendoroids.

At least you managed to get yours, hopefully they stick!
5 måneder siden
Thank you for everyone leaving comments for my very first dairy blog and giving me strength and energy! It really helps a lot as I'm still stressing out.
5 måneder siden
Tsie (5 måneder siden) #38576772This whole ordeal was ridiculous in the first place. BNHA is an incredible money maker right now. Yet, releases are limited for such high demands nendoroids? Come on. Deku and Bakugo went for $500 on the aftermarket. Ridiculous.
Some of my friends were desperate. Emails, texts, it was crazy out there. While I love both of these idiots and had them in my wishlist, I didn't order them and even removed them from my wishlist (will I regret? Maybe. Who knows) I did help my friends secure their purchase tho. Thanks god for my fast internet haha. I tried for myself but most websites left with few stocks were in USD and it's a big no no for me as my devise is lower atm.
At the end of the day, there are people that will profit of it bc they've bought super big orders. I do hope you get your order safely. Fingers crossed for you!
First of all, thank you for the kind words and wishes! Second of all, I agree 100% with this whole situation, it felt like a joke to all collectors. *sign*

AshuriiKareshi (5 måneder siden) #38576911These nendoroids have been the most interesting topic to follow for the past year.
I have literally checked their page atleast once every other day for over a year now. This is mainly because of the comments.
People trying to take over preorders, people selling them for A LOT, people complaining about the high prices, people praying for a re-release, people coming up with theories to when it will happen but also why it hadn't happened and now all the insanity with the limited re-release. Its been one hell of a rollar coaster. I'm guessing the next chapter will happen in January when they're released.
I really hope you get the nendoroids. I guess one thing to do is try and save up for the order as soon as you can and get it paid for. I'm not sure how shops work and if they will give preorders to people who have paid earlier, but I guess it's better to be safe then sorry. A lot of people will want to wait till January to pay, so even if you pay in December it should give you that little bit of sercurity.
But honestly, I don't think they would allow more people to order when they know they won't have the stock. I think most sites put a disclaimer incase something comes up and they can't fulfil the order (unless the store has a history with cancelling/moving round orders). Thats what i think anyways, I could be completely wrong.
Wow checking up on an item once a day is insane. And thanks for the wishes and I try to save up as much money as I can since there are still anime con I need to attend. Need to resist buying merch from now on.
5 måneder siden
Talolili (5 måneder siden) #38574502Yeah this show is super popular. If you see merch available for pre-order do it ASAP! Such a stressful situation but I'm happy you secured them and if for some reason your order is cancelled I may have an extra Deku! Best wishes!
Thank you for the kind words and wishes! Just hope the process will be as smooth as butter after all the drama hahaha.
insanecha (5 måneder siden) #38575734It's sad how limited the stocks for them are. I saw them for preorder on Amiami first thing in the morning, but I was still deciding on the price so I didn't preorder them right away. Before the day ended they were sold out. Now I'm wishing I had ordered them the moment I saw them.
I had the same exact thought when I saw them on AmiAmi and also really hated myself for not being a good judge on things like this T-T
solluxcaptor (5 måneder siden) #38576221Times like this I'm glad to not be in the BNHA fandom. Scary stuff...
I heard some people were pre-ordering the max which is probably why it sold out so fast alongside the massive popularity of BNHA and previous rarity of those two.
See the picture below:

Yep, but here I am descended into the BnHA hell fandom...
5 måneder siden
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