As always, a very late Mai - July LootAs always, a very late Mai - July LootLoot

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SeranisSeranis2 år siden
Hello everyone and welcome to another (late) Loot post :3

As always a WARNING: Many many pictures and slightly NSFW content. Also some of my figures are pretty dusty. One cant see it with the bare eye, but in the photos everything can be seen. Im so sorry, i try to do better next time.

I was actually planing on doing my loot post monthly after april, but it somehow didnt fit, so i postponed it month after month, and now its almost october.

One of my july packages actually got lost after almost 2 months waiting for it, so i just did not want to write anything because i was so upsad. I still am, but a mail loss was filled with the company i bought the package from and now the only thing i can do is wait for a solution. Hopefully they will resend my items or ill get my money back, either way is fine with me.

So lets stop rambling and get to the loot post already :<

Ill start with my loot from may. (fortunatly i always register all my figures the day i get them on mfc. Otherwise i would not be able to remember which months i got what item, kinda sad, huh?)

First are all the items i got at Japanday. Its a special day on 26th May in Düsseldorf. Theres a big firework and many booths where one can buy japanese food, drinks, presents and of course figures. Figuya actually had quite a big booth which they shared with Good Smile Company as always. I got all the figures i bought from them for a great price.

EDIT: Heres a picture of everything i got.

Lets start with the two Nendoroids i bought there.
First is the Snow Miku 2018 ITEM #567485. Since Miku is my favorite girl and i already adored this figure when it was announced, i was so happy that i could buy her from a local store and even before the official release :)

The second one is another Miku. The Magical Mirai 5th Anniversary Ver. ITEM #581731 At first i did not intend to buy her. My best friend fell in love with her some time ago and bought her at Japanday. I myself was not convinced even though shes my bestest girl. But when i saw her in person i was stunned at how cute and adorable she was with her huge hat and the magic stuff. So I went back to the booth and bought her quickly so that my boyfriend would not see it (i already spend too much money).

Last but not least another Miku. This time my first figma of her. I was not a big fan of figma until recently. Then i suddenly i fell in love with them (partly thanks to the best friend again, curse you! <3)
The Snow Miku 2016 ITEM #303157 is just to awesome to not buy. She comes with some nice accessoires for example the snowboard, her rabbit of course and some other stuff. Her price was ok too, so i decided before hand to get her and Snow Miku 2018

Thats it for this years Japanday. It actually was my first time being there even though i lived in Düsseldorf for 3 years. Maybe ill go again next year, but it was so full and the firworks were really not that great this year.

Moving on, i bought this lovely wedding figure from my best friend (she has quiet a big presents here, its BROKEN-TOYBOX btw <3).
Nia Teppelin Wedding Dress ver. ITEM #368017.
She came out so perfect. I really love everyting about her. Her hair, her eyes, that wonderful dress, even the "real" veil. It gives her such an elegant vibe.

Next up is a group order i made on figuya as well. It consists of a figma of Toshaka Rin ITEM #287746. Im so in love with her shy faceplate. Its just to die for.
I also got two Nendoroid More Sets. The pudgy bear ITEM #549521 and one office outfit ITEM #562340. They are both very nice, pretty much What to expect when buying nendoroid stuff.

Bonus image of Rin and Saber
Saber: "I should do that with Shiro??"
Rei: "Oh just come on, dont be shy. Like me..."

I also bought this figma of Lucina from Fire Emblem from a lovely mfc member for an awesome price. I played Fire Emblem Warriors recently and i just love Lucina so much. I actually already liked her when playing Fire Emblem Awakening, so i had to get her figma eventually. She turned out pretty great, i think shes one of the best figmas i own.#

Now onto my AmiAmi order from May
To finish my GSC Madoka Girls collection i also got Sayaka ITEM #464611 in May. Shes acutally one of the best looking girls, i really like her pose with the sword and her firm look.

I also bough these lovely figures from Nier Automata(ITEM #625998, ITEM #626004, ITEM #626006, ITEM #626017, ITEM #626020). Im suprised at how much merchandise this series ist getting, finally. With all the bring arts Square Enix announcened this week im even more hyped.

Next one is also a Figma of my girl Miku. I wanted this figma for quite some time, put her on and off my wishlist and then i finally caved since May order was pretty thin. Shes pretty much perfect.

Moving on to June. I ordered some stuff from Figuya also, including one scale, a nendoroid and two trading figures.

The nendoroid i bought is from Fate (lots of Fate figures in this loot). Scáthach from Fate/ Grand Order ITEM #464593. I dont know much about her, except some things i read on the wiki, but i really like her looks. That long hair, her red eyes and suprisingly also her outfit.

The two trading figures are of Mami from Madoka Magica ITEM #283860 and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne from Fate/Zero ITEM #109900. Both are very cute and well done.

Lastly my one scale figure. Its the original character Black Odile ITEM #391934. Im a big fan of Tony Takas artwork and i wanted that figure for a while. And she was actually sold in figuyas summer sale, so i finally bought her for a good price. Im a little sad that i do not own the set of her and White Odette, but maybe ill get her in the future.

My june AmiAmi order is actually the one that went missing. It contained a scale, two nendos and some small merch. Well ,lets hope they will be able to find the package or something.

Another figure i got in June is Phats Shiro from No Game no Life ITEM #236199. Her overall quality is not that great, but i love the concept of this figure line with the mini figures included, so i bought her rerelease and im awaiting the second Jibril release. She was pushed to october some time ago, but thats ok, i have to much stuff on pre order for september.

I also got the hunter figma from Bloodborne ITEM #464592. Even though he does not come with many things, i like how he turned out. I even got the GSC bonus item, because it was just to awesome to pass on, pricing him quite high. But it was worth it in my opinion

The last figure i bought in june was to complete my Odin Sphere Set from Alter: Velvetand Cornelius ITEM #269729.
Shes just plain perfect and i got her from an awesome mfc member for a great price.

The last month for this post is quite a full one. So lets start.
First of i bought my first Bunny figure: Usami Miyuki. And its of course one with a design from Tony Taka. I was suprised how huge she is, even though i already saw some pictures of 1/4 figures. I will not start collecting many of them. I pre ordered the 1(4 Bunny Miku and im still thinking about getting Miyukis Sister.
The figure itself is fairly simple but really gorgeous. The paint and sculpting work is near perfection.

Another figma i bought is Joker from Persona 5 ITEM #464590. I did not finish the game, but i really want to continue after beating Octopath Traveler.

I also got these two cuties from Splatoon 2: Hime and Iida. Nintendo really improved on the quality of their Amiibos and i really look forward to the other ones they want to release (Give me my Dark Samus!)

I was not sure about this Miku V4X ITEM #548722 figure at first, but when i saw her in person i instantly fell in love with her. Her hair is so "flowy" and her face turned out very cute.

I also bought this cute Nanachi figure ITEM #604500. Im currently reading the manga and i bought the anime first season (anime blu rays are SO expensive here in germany compared to the UK for example)
THe figure is really pretty and captures Nanachis cuteness very well. Kotobukiya did a great job on her.

Moving onto my AmiAmi Order from june, which contains of one scale and four nendoroids.

The first nendoroid is Beatrice from Re:Zero ITEM #604404. She was my favourite character on the show, so it was kind of a no brainer to buy her and she turned out overwhelmingly cute.

Next is Loki from Thor:Ragnarok. Hes also my favourite character from the Thor movies and maybe even from the entire Marvel franchise.

I also got the D.Va Nendoroid from Overwatch ITEM #650052. I was also kinda dissappointed that she only had a small mecha included, but i went and bought the POP D.va as well and the mecha fits the nendoroid pretty well. All her other accessoires are perfect though and in the short period i played Overwatch she was actually my main.

Last nendoroid is Lotte from Little Witch Academia ITEM #594250. Shes my second favorite girl after Sucy, so i, of course had to get her as well. Now the three girls are together again <3

The "main event", if you will, from this order was the Hanairogoromo Rin Kagamine by Stronger. I already own the Miku from that line and shes the figure i love most of all my collection, partly because shes perfect, no flaws can be found and partly because my best friend gave her to me on my birthday last year <3
I really like Rin even though shes a little "simpler" than in the Promo Pictures. The tree which is included is so nice and gives the figure the perfect "autumn" vibe.

And thats it for my loot for the months of may, june and july.
I hope it was as much fun reading this post as it was writing it. If you want some more detailed picture or a review of a figure, just let me know, and ill see if i can write one in the future.

Thanks again for sticking until the end and i hope you all have a lovely day whatever you do and wherever you are <3

P.S.: If you guys would be interest, i will also include my game, manga and small merch loots from now on. This post wouldve been to huge if i already did that today. So let me know if you want to read such loot posts (including figures of course), too.

Until next time :)
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Shall I include some other stuff into my loot posts?

11%Yes, please. Games.
5%Yes, please. Mangas.
75%Yes, please. Everything.
10%No, thank you.
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Ninemeow2 år siden#40644307Great loot <3

Thank you ♡
2 år siden
Ninemeow ㄱ(ㅇㅅㅇ” )ㄴ
Great loot <3
2 år siden
kishitani2 år siden#40619262What a fantastic haul!!! The Miku nendoroids are so cute!! I especially like the magician one~

Thank you :3

I really love them too ♡
2 år siden
What a fantastic haul!!! The Miku nendoroids are so cute!! I especially like the magician one~
2 år siden
insanecha2 år siden#40608143Great haul! :)

Thank you :3
2 år siden
Great haul! :)
2 år siden
AshuriiKareshi2 år siden#40598968Can I ask how long have you had the D.VA pop funko meka?
I bought one for my so at Christmas and his has started leaning forwards. But this means now it can't even stand up straight without falling over ;-;
Also great loot blog. It be awesome for you to include small merch, games and manga ^^

Thanks :)
Good question. I think i got her for some time. Maybe 7 or 8 months and it does not lean in any way. But the Funko quality is so different from figure to figure, maybe you just got a "bad" one.
2 år siden
broken-Toybox2 år siden#40597708I love you too! X3
I swear we influence each other in the worst ways, but it makes loots much more varied and fun. ^^

True <3
But our wallets hate us for it :'D
2 år siden
Solarstormflare2 år siden#40597639Cool loot! D.va is so cute! Yeah it'd be cool to see the other loot stuff next time!

Thanks :3
Yeah shes super adorable. Ill include more "merch" into my next loot which will come soon :)
2 år siden
Can I ask how long have you had the D.VA pop funko meka?

I bought one for my so at Christmas and his has started leaning forwards. But this means now it can't even stand up straight without falling over ;-;

Also great loot blog. It be awesome for you to include small merch, games and manga ^^
2 år siden
You can buy Japanese anime and manga merch!

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