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Feet Feature: The Aesthetics of Feet on FiguresFeet Feature: The Aesthetics of Feet on Figures

Kimm134SayaKimm134Saya5 måneder sidenDiary
I'm gonna start by stating the obvious that I have foot fetish. That being said, the fetish is more aesthetic than sexual. With our hobby of collecting figures, I can indulge in this liking through another form of art. Unfortunately, I have come to a realization that there are only a few figures which actually have well sculpted feet.


I know that reproducing feet in a relatively small scale means that details can be lost in the process; however, I feel that there simply isn't as much effort or meticulousness put into this part of the body than others. Hands, hair, and even the smallest muscle tones are getting more and more refined over the years, but we rarely see excellent job on the feet. Probably because there are only a few people who consider feet as a beautiful part of the human anatomy.

Most of the feet on barefoot or sandals/slippers-wearing figures have feet that simply look like wedges with lines for toes. Only a few have feet that have intricately sculpted toes, nails, and bone features. The best example I can think of right now is this stunning figure of Hatsune Miku (ITEM #256472). Granted, it is too dynamic, some are actually freaked out of the toes, but I personally like it very much.


That's another thing I've realized. Most female figures have tiny feet. Of course, this is just anatomically correct. However, with a smaller sculpt, more details are also overlooked. So it is even more difficult to find female figures with attractive feet. Most of the better ones are found on NSFW figures, which kind of makes sense.

Some of the better ones I remember include Hestia (ITEM #331558):
Another Hestia (ITEM #312970):

This Skytube figure (ITEM #300072):

And this adorable Meiko Honma figure (ITEM #91365):

I personally think that the male figures have better sculpted feet as they have more prominent features. Take Ace (ITEM #582610) or Kamui (ITEM #359297) for example:

The toes are amazing as well as the bone features. Additionally, there seems to be more shading involved, adding another depth to the sculpt.

Even male figures with more feminine feet are generally better than most female figures. Haruka Nanase (ITEM #166705), for example, basically has feminine feet, but it still has better sculpt.

The same goes for this figure of Yue (ITEM #464229), with extremely beautiful features:

To end, I acknowledge the fact that, again, most details cannot be reproduced in a smaller scale, and that designers or manufacturers do not place high importance on feet. I am an amateur sculptor myself, and I know that feet, hands, and other small human body parts are a pain to sculpt. I just hope that more figures with beautifully sculpted and painted feet will be released for collectors like me.

Anyway, I only own a few figures which are barefoot or with exposed toes, so I cannot completely comment on all items which have the best sculpts. Which figure/s do you think have the most aesthetically pleasing feet? Write them in the comments section below, so I can consider adding them to my collection!
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I'm not a fan of feet like...at all. I think feet are one of the most unappealing features of the human body and you can just contort them into such weird poses. THAT BEING SAID: I'd kill to have feet like ITEM #166923 Benten from Zone-00. He even wears nail polish. And he's my favourite figure in my collection, I adore his entire design. <3

Edit: No reason to downvote me for not enjoying feet. I contributed to the discussion and even added a figure that I think has nice feet. :/
5 måneder siden
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tomocchi Superneko
In real life I HATE feet. Easily the worst part of the human body. I even hate looking at my own feet. I'm wearing socks almost always. x'D But on figures I don't mind them. I have a few figures that are barefoot. I got most of the Free! boys, and these all have nice feet as well! ITEM #166161 ITEM #149554 ITEM #198656 ITEM #236156 ITEM #143923
5 måneder siden
I mean anime feet are pretty sure, but in general? Feet are nasty imo sorry
5 måneder siden
Rajke Ca fanatic
The sculpt of the feet indeed varies from figure to figure. ENTRY #95891 This line have some nice examples of small 1/12 but good sculpt feet.
5 måneder siden
WOW...I just clicked this out of curiosity on my lunch break. A NSFW warning would go a long way.

Edit: I'm getting downvoted because the huge half naked girl that pops up without even scrolling should be behind a NSFW wall? Nice.
I didn't even read the article before having to click off at work, so I couldn't care less about whatever ya'll are actually talking about.
5 måneder siden
5 måneder siden
Feet are usually ugly to me but some anime/figure feet made me understand the appeal. I guess anything can be attractive when it's stylized enough :P
5 måneder siden
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Kimm134Saya (5 måneder siden) #41631203Thank you for that collage, it's orgasmic! I can't believe I missed the PO for this figure; although, I haven't seen a Fate anime or game for over a decade already. Her feet are perfect! The only thing I wish to change is the figure's overall pose. Since she's standing on her feet, her soles are completely hidden. If she floating, sitting, etc., a total view can be seen, similar to your gorgeous collage.
No need to thank me reall, I just took that one from my review after all. ^^"
Missing the PO for her isn't all that bad imo, right now you can get her a bit cheaper than I did.
I guess that'd be better for you, even w/o the base (it's actually perfectly possible for her to stand upright that way) and displaying her in a glass cabinet, there are still the pegholes under her left sole. :/
5 måneder siden
skylinedo (5 måneder siden) #41640766Alphamax is the most consistently detailed in my experience. EXQ prize figures have beautiful sculpts and are the best bang for buck. But you might find something you like here: users.v4.php?mo... Woah! You have a lot of barefoot figures! I applaud your dedication!
5 måneder siden
killindarlings (5 måneder siden) #41637882I don't like feet, they're below me. They're below everyone.
5 måneder siden
skylinedo BANNED
Alphamax is the most consistently detailed in my experience. EXQ prize figures have beautiful sculpts and are the best bang for buck. But you might find something you like here: users.v4.php?mo...
5 måneder siden
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