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Strife212Strife2128 år siden
Tsuki no Sango
Kinoko Nasu


Following on from my review of Kyoto, Haru, we have another book. Tsuki no Sango (Coral of the Moon) is a short story by Kinoko Nasu, set approximately one thousand years in the future. Humanity has lost the will to survive, and the earth is largely abandoned. Only a few people remain, living on a small island with someone known as the Princess.

It was originally written to be performed as a live recital by Maaya Sakamoto. It has since been released in pamphlet form, and in hardback form with accompanying audiobook. This is the hardback version, with illustrations by Takashi Takeuchi and Chihiro Aikura.


This is the slipcase containing both the audio CD and the book.


The story may be set in a bleak future, but the general theme is more of beauty than decay.


Here are the audio CD and the book, on the left and right respectively.



First we'll take a look at the audio CDs.


Above is the audio CD holder's full spread.





The book itself is a small hardback. I really like the illustration on the cover.



It's quite hard to photograph a little hardback book like this without damaging the spine, so sorry about the photographs.




That's about it. It's a small set, but quite nice.

By the way, if you'd like to see the original recital of the story, it's been uploaded onto youtube. www.youtube.com... It's subtitled :)

Thanks for looking. If you enjoy the works of Nasu or Takeuchi this is worth a buy.

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Strife2128 år siden#1106839It was pretty cheap, $15 + $14 postage, from ebay.

That's really cheap, even including the postage! (OAO)
I was expecting it to cost much more.
Thanks! :D
8 år siden
Strife212 Original Blue
Thanks for the comments.

mizunoyukino8 år siden#1105468I've read the story before and it was really beautiful.
Thanks for uploading the original recital.
May I ask how much did you bought this for? And how did you obtain it?

It was pretty cheap, $15 + $14 postage, from ebay.

Sobzob8 år siden#1105510One of the most beautiful parts of your collection now, right?

Yeah, it's really nice.
8 år siden
WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
This looks so pretty. -goes off to read it-
8 år siden
Her marriage proposal is so easy to fulfill! She can stay by my side for the rest of her life, I can bring her a fish from the moon!

A Moon Fish! ^-^''

Another name for it, it is called Opah, a deep water fish :)

My reply to her is...

Deep water can metaphor as the space between Earth and moon, a one way ticket to the twilight zone (water pressure can kill a human)

The scales and the round shaped body reflect its shininess thru the dark, as the moon shine brightly in the dark open space

Afterall it is a fish, from the moon, a moonfish... ^^''
8 år siden
Sobzob 神座万象
One of the most beautiful parts of your collection now, right?
8 år siden
It's real beautiful. If you can't read japanese btw there is a translated script of the japanese content here:
Might be nice to have to complement the book.

Nasu Kinoko story and Takeuchi Takashi's art are as impressive as always,
I really hope that youtube person will eventually upload part 2.
8 år siden
I've read the story before and it was really beautiful.
Thanks for uploading the original recital.
May I ask how much did you bought this for? And how did you obtain it?
8 år siden
Gorgeous art work! It picks up the story's melencholy mood very well.If the cd cover could be framed and still have a way to access the cds,it would be a lovely pic to have on the wall to admire and enjoy.
@Alexia:I think the metaphor is saying that civilization crumbled to dust and blew away.
8 år siden
Lot of metaphor, in which I am kinda confused in the beginning

When it mention about "However, how civilization that humanity spend thousands of year, developing has all but drifted away into the air"

Does it mean humanity were all dead or were they all moved into space?
8 år siden