Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ - Fumika (Organic)Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ - Fumika (Organic)Review

RakkaKazeRakkaKaze10 år siden
Hello, to those that are reading this review, this happens to be my first review on any figure, but also happens to be on my most recent addition~ (Thanks to a certain community member)

The Figure and Related :
Fumika from "Shigofumi: Stories of Last Letter" presented by Organic.
Retails 72 USD, I nabbed for 45.
Mileage may vary as she's not "common" but she's not a hot item either. (Amazon is showing a 99.99 but then again I rarely find a good deal there)

Fumika - VA'd by Ueda Kana - (Voiced Tohsaka Rin and Rachel Alucard)
and her staff
Kanaka - VA'd by Matsuoka Yuki (Voiced Orihime Inoue and Evangeline AK MacDowell)


The packaging in terms of effectiveness should save her if she were to fall from a decent height as she's given some head/foot room in her plastic bubble.
As for looks, it's made to give "Delivery!" feel with a large white postage stamp inside and a small red one anywhere you see "フミカ" on lined paper scraps. No real fancy art here, 3 of the same official shot on front and sides, and a back shot along with the same front shot on the back. Of course it carries the shows title logo.
She is definitely sealed in there though, my one bane of packaging, and that's tape... She has 3 pieces of tape holding the top of the box shut, and 5 more holding her bubble packaging closed. If you find her new and care about keeping the box in decent condition, take care when removing those first three, the tape is very strong and the third one ripped a little bit of the top layer of box.

Packaging Score - 7

~Figure Base~
Her base is a fairly basic (but not shoddy by any means) brown, smooth, reflective platform. The reflectiveness of it however helps add a hue back onto Fumika that helps blend some lines together. She also comes with a clear stand pole with support fork, but doesn't really need it since she should be able to stand fine without it due to how her foot is grooved for the single stand peg. However, her center of balance on one foot is far enough back that she's probably going to spending most of her time on it unless you want to improvise her leaning against something.

Base Score - 6

The painting for the most part is okay at best. The color choices and material match well enough that with another light source and a non-scrutinizing eye, that most of her flaws can be quickly passed over. Although, almost anywhere you see blue meet another color, you can probably find a little bit of gray, unpainted surface. Maybe they should have given her outfit a navy blue coat first? This is especially apparent on mine just below the emblem on her hat, and around some of the gold buttons, however the flaws on the cape are hard to spot. The painting of the eyes are done well enough, I just wish she was looking more to her left (Her lean direction) rather than mostly where her head is turned to. Overall, it's pretty bearable, if you're nitpicky about the paint job, you could always pick up a hair thin paint brush and touch her up right~?

Painting Score - 8

~Figure Pose~ (and dynamics!)
Her pose has a huge amount of potential. The pose is INCREDIBLY camera friendly, in that, depending on what angle you are viewing her from, the mood of the piece changes a little bit.
View a little from below and it seems like she's trying to hold her hat on and forgetting her skirt while trying to hand a letter out.
A top front view gives a dramatic rush, and from behind almost a falling sensation.
Because of this she displays well turned in almost any direction at almost any height.
(And for pretty much any shot below a horizontal 0 degrees, you're effectively guaranteed a pantie shot)
Panty shot, Go! (Note the buttons and hat)

Angle hiding her lean and the fact that her leg is in the air, giving that "step up" appearance... Of course more gratuitious panchira~
(Notice that her hand also seems to be holding her hat against this hidden wind of angles~)

Pose-abilities~ - 10

~MISC Whatnot~
The overall sculpture is very nice, the only issue at all that I find is that you can fairly easily see that her stockings were separate pieces at one point, giving an effect that they are SERIOUSLY pressing into her legs.
Her cape is very sturdy, you'd probably have to drop her with some force to break that, although the letter she keeps under her middle finger almost feels loose, enough that I'm almost afraid to set her staff/partner in and out of her hand.

Kanaka is fairly simple, an opaque material with a clear, slightly magnified section near the head that has Fumika's options and abilities that can be temporarily granted upon her in the animation. (I didn't even notice it before because it was such a small detail.)
Her hat is loose enough to take off and put on with fair ease, but will definitely stay where you put it on her head, and in some cases slightly off of her head~

Overall Enjoyment?
This is highly subjective based on YOUR habits, since I take alot of pictures and silly story stuff out of boredom, she's very versatile for that and I get a kick out of the random situations she believably be put into with the right angles.
I have to give this a personal 9


Overall average? - 8.3
She's not the greatest thing out there, but still would make a fine addition to many collections.
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I bought this figure very nice but not to scale so it does not go with my collection ....... so if anyone is interseted ill be happy to sell or trade is you have anything on my wishlist ... *"*
10 år siden
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Ah I remember this show...enjoyed it quite a bit.

Thanks for the review of her! ~_^
10 år siden
This is one I'd like to get eventually. Thanks for the review. =)
10 år siden
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