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Review originally uploaded on the 21st of March 2019. Image hosting lost in December 2019. Fixed most of the image hosting on 2nd of January 2020. If image hosting is (partially) lost again, let me know and I will look into fixing it again.

! There is a wall of text in the beginning! If you want to see the figure + pictures and not the background information, you can scroll down a bit. ;) !

This is a review of a figure in an outfit that can be considered NSFW and it has many pictures with the outfit also (partially) cast-off! Seriously, don't look at this review at work or in any other public space!

Welcome to my review! Today I will be talking about a figure of Ymir ENTRY #1923 from Queen's Blade ENTRY #18 , specifically she's in her Queen's Blade Rebellion ENTRY #22 outfit. This figure ITEM #18544 is made by MegaHouse ENTRY #7623 in the time era which I call the 'MegaHouse golden years' (2007-2012) in which they produced high quality and affordable figures, nowadays the manufacturer unfortunately has quite a tainted name for making expensive, small and not that high quality figures.

I will start off with telling some more about her background.


Queen's Blade Rebellion is the sequel to the first Queen's Blade tournament series. Queen's Blade originally started out as combat books (art books with which you can play games because of stats and effects listed on each page). Rebellion adds new characters and also adds from earlier characters new versions. Specifically for Ymir, she got a big personality and look change compared to her original Queen's Blade appearance. Queen's Blade Rebellion also has it's own anime telling the story, but it is recommend to first see the original Queen's Blade to understand everything.

Ymir is a Dwarven Princess, who takes a lot of pride in her heritage and her weaponsmith-work. The main reason for her entering the Queen's Blade tournament is to show everyone how high quality Dwarven weapons are. Similar to most Dwarven races in other media, she is very old, but does not show age. In the original Queen's Blade Ymir had a special gauntlet, that made it easier for her to wield big weapons. In her Rebellion look she has two of these gauntlets and wields big axes in both hands. During the Rebellion storyline View spoilerHide spoilershe is a subordinate of Claudette and helps with the Queen's Army.

The reason why and how I got her

I have always been a huge fan of Ymir and I own multiple figures and pieces of merchandise of her, with a goal of collecting even more in the future. Furthermore, I always had my eye on this specific design for her as I would love to make it as a cosplay one day. Figures are the perfect reference material for cosplay, so when I really decided that I want to make this outfit, I picked this figure up. I hope to start on the costume in 3-4 months from now.

Original art


The posing of this figure is very similar to the cover of her Queen's Blade Rebellion combat book artwork.


The coloring of her armor however, is a lot more shiny and looks a bit more like her anime-look, although the anime was produced later than this figure.

Before I start with this review...


Before I start with this review I want you all to appreciate the high amount of time and carefullness I spend on trying to get the creases out of my background for photography. Those 'direct out of the packaging' creases are horrible and you might remember my earlier adventure with trying to iron my backdrop and getting a small hole in there. So I was extra careful and still not all creases are gone, but hey, there is improvement! And maybe next time I photoshoot I will feel brave enough to try to do some more ironing and hopefully get everything out.


For people that prefer the box shots, first look and first shots of the figure as a video, please take a look at the inserted video below. For the people interested in pictures: keep on scrolling!

Parts of this video will also appear as gifs during this review!

The Box

Lost image hosting: gif1





Similar to most boxes in this line, it's dark in color palette and very big. The cross-shaped windows are very cool looking and fitting with Ymir's gothic lolita style in Rebellion.


I got the figure from a second hand shop and it was sealed with square tape. I am not sure if this was done by the factory and the figure was still sealed, or that this was done by the shop or the previous owner. There seem to be a bit of older damage of earlier used or replaced tape.


The inside of the box has some pictures of this figure, a nice touch!

First Look

Lost image hosting: gif2




The figure is quite big and comes with the following parts:
- Main figure with cast-off clothing
- Two axes
- Additional face
- Base

She is unfortunately hold by the famous 'older figure type packaging' wires that are twisted so much, there seem no end to it and aaagh!


Sorry Figure Gods, I got frustrated after while and decided to cut it, the wire was hurting my fingers too much when I was trying to twist it. If I ever re-box her again, I will replace it with a similar wire from the local hardware store.

The Figure

This figure comes with many display options, of which I will show a few possibilities in this review. All the options are:
- Top on or off
- Skirt on or off (so she can be displayed partially nude or fully nude)
- 2 different face plates (slight smile and grumpy)
- Neck joint, making it able for her to look in a lot of different directions
- 2 axes where you can choose if either 1 is hold or none are hold
- Freely movable elbow and wrist joints in both arms, giving a lot of display options for how the weapons are being held

When I was assembling this figure for the first time, I was blown away with how much options I have!

The Figure - as cast-off as possible

Lost image hosting: gif3





Although she is still wearing a lot of armor, Ymir looks surprisingly nude! I like with her body type how they, together with her posing, went for a stomach that sticks out a bit more. It looks very realistic for a fit girl with this body type. I also really love the design and color of her panties, that metallic shine looks so neat!

The Figure - partially cast-off

Lost image hosting: gif4





And here unfortunately comes the first issue that a lot of earlier cast-off figures had: the fit of the clothes. Nowadays a lot of cast-off figures come with extra body parts for alternative outfits and cast-off options. Back in the days of when these cast-off figures were quite new, most of the time the clothes were made of thinner PVC material with small pegs or loops that held the clothing together. This resulted in a lot of bad fits and frustrations and thus a lot of people either gluing the clothes to their figures or display them (almost) nude.

Having Ymir without skirt doesn't even look that weird, as everything has a layer of clothing right now. That nice panty-design deserves to be showed too!

The Figure - fully clothed


An important note before fulling clothing this figure is that the skirt needs to be put on first before you put on the top, otherwise it does not fit. This figure does not come with any form of assembly instructions, so everything is like the 'good old days' where you carefully wiggle with parts to see what is removable and what is not. This figure can also be displayed with skirt placed and top nude, but I did not make picture of it as I did not find it a very interesting look.

Lost image hosting: gif5





Wow! Isn't she impressive! Those big axes, all the matching colors and shine on her outfit! It's easy to fall in love with this outfit of her!


One of the most fun parts of this figure is those easily movable joints to create a lot more display options with her axes! Move her axe(s) and additionally her neck joint a bit and *boom*, different figure!


I'm not exaggerating when I say how easy it is to move them! If she is properly secured on her base, you can easily move it with one hand and these joints have no issue holding up at all.

Looking at all the details!


There is a lot of shading to be seen on Ymir's nude upper body and as I earlier mentioned I think the body type is very realistic for a petite looking girl that is quite fit.


When you have the upper body nude, there is a slight gap to be seen between her upper and lower body, something that is hidden when the skirt is put on.


Ymir's panties have a really cool design and the golden color looks super nice! The ribbons on the sides are also detailed quite well.


Probably the biggest downside of this figure is the bad fit of the upper body clothes. No matter how much I push, in a matter of seconds the top part pops open again.


Ymir's neck joint can be moved easily and a slight change of angle of the face can make a big change to how the overall look of this figure is!


Ymir's slight smiling-face is nicely done, with some gloss on her lips and nice sculpt in general here. Her eyes also have a large gloss over them and the decals of her eyes are good looking.


Ymir's 'grumpy face' is my personal facorite of the two. It's very similar in style and quality to the first face. I think the grumpy face is more fitting for her Rebellion-appearance and behaviour.

Her skull hair cap is a bit simple in shape and design, but done well.



Because of how the hairdo is done on this figure, her characteristic pointy ears are a bit less visible than they normally would be. Ymir's front bangs, side bangs and backside are sculpted quite nicely, with a bit of seam lines to be seen if you look very up-close. The only downside I can say about the hair is that there is a huge amount of shade difference between the front bangs and drills compared to the tucked away backside. It's like they forgot to shade the backside of her head!


The drills are a bit crude in shape here and there, but overall quite nicely done for a figure this age.



Ymir's corset is a super cool design in my opinion and the detailing and painting is done quite well for it's age and price. The fit of the corset to the skirt is bad right now, because the side of the corset won't close as shown in earlier pictures. If I were to glue the corset stuck (which I have been thinking about), the fit on the skirt will look a lot better.


What I also really like about this corsets' design is the three straps at the top. At first look this outfit seems quite well clothed, but actually the corset is starting under her breasts, so especially from the side you can see a bit of side-boob and the straps just cover her nipples. Quite an unique and ecchi design as expected from Queen's Blade! View spoilerHide spoilerCosplay-wise I will solve this by wearing a skin-colored bodysuit, don't really want to risk any nip-slips.

The skull just under Ymir's neck is nicely sculpted and painted and I love those two big red-black spikes showing.


The top of the corset wraps around her neck and has some borders and a golden button for detailing. This leaves most of her back fully exposed. Which is nice in looks, but not really smart for battle?


The back of her corset is closed off with some golden buttons, a golden skull for some extra detail (note how every skull on this outfit has a different design!) and a big black and shiny bow that seems to be made of the same latex/fake leather-like material her corset is made of.


And here we have a close-up of the most annoying part of this figure, the corset that won't close! Argh! Those two tiny pegs really can't hold the full weight of this piece of clothing! The corset is supposed to be laying flat on top of the skirt when correctly closed.


Ymir's skirt has a nice checked pattern that has a few paint mishaps when looked at from up close. Still I would say it's a good effort, as even more recent figures I have seen with such patterns have some errors.

Underneath the top skirt is a frill skirt that is slightly see-through.


The see-through part of the skirt is 'open' at the back and if you squint your eyes good enough, you can see a glimpse of her panties through there. View spoilerHide spoilerWelp, I guess that also means for my cosplay I have to create matching panties and wear a bodysuit here!


Also notice how there is some of her upper thigh 'spilling out' above her tight fitting socks. Something that has become very popular quite recently to bring back in character designs.


The shading on her socks is very impressive as it gives an illusion of being slightly see-though. The garters pulling those socks up also look very realistic.

Even with the figure being in it's least ecchi display option right now, it's easy to take an peak at the underwear.


There is a slight paint error at the back of her panties, but nothing too worrisome.


The top of her gloves have poofed-up parts of similar looking latex/fake leather as her corset and some small clasps to be seen.



Her armor pieces look really brutal, with big spikes sticking out and the red details giving some extra 'wow' to them. There are some slight scratches when you look up close to the armor, but nothing too bad. The elbow joint is fully hidden because of the design of the upper part of the armor glove


The gloves have a very deadly looking design with all those sharp parts! From up-close you can see the wrist joint a bit, but it's remarkably well hidden.



Use those joints Ymir, and show us your axes!


The axe might look a bit simple for today's standards, but it's very nicely done both in sculpt and paint. There is quite some shading on the black/grey parts.


The eyes on the skull of one of my axes is a bit off-center, which I think is a manufacturing error. It's only visible when you see this side of the staff from up-close.



That leg armor is also looking deadly and I love those golden studs on them!


The shoe armor has another big spike, which looks really cool. The only thing that bugs me a bit here is that Ymir's feet look very small and you can't really unsee that after noticing it.


Her base is a big see-through disc that shows the Rebellion logo.


Only when you hold it into a bright light or daylight you can make out the logo and writing well.

The Points

- Nice and high quality packaging
- Lots of display options
- In general, very high quality sculpt and paint, especially for the figure's age.

- Some slight let-downs in paint, for example in her hair and the skirt.
- Some slight let-downs in sculpt, for example her axe has one of the skulls with non-symmetrical eyes.

- The cast-off works dramatically bad (like with a lot of older cast-off figures).

The Scores

Sculpting 8/10
Amazing looking sculpt for her age, it would have been a 9/10 if it were not for the horrible cast-off fit.

Painting 8/10
Very nice paint, with only some small let-downs and bleeding when you look from very up-close. Some paint/shading might look a bit simplistic compared to figures that are made more recently.

Posing 10/10
It's not much that I give a 10/10 score on anything I review, but the posing of this figure is amazing and comes with so many display options! I never have seen a scaled figure before with so much hidden joints and they work amazing!

Base 7/10
A big transparent disc that holds her well, but is nothing special. If you like minimal bases or no bases to be seen, it's a good one.

Packaging 9/10
Really high quality feeling and looking packaging, big, but exactly the right size for everything inside. The uniquely shaped windows are very matching for the character.

Enjoyment 9/10
My enjoyment with this figure is very high. In general I love Ymir and her design and this figure is just amazingly designed and executed. The horrible fitting corset only give my enjoyment one minus point.


This figure really proves again the 'golden age of MegaHouse' with it's high quality Queen's Blade figures for good prices. Many display options, overall great quality, especially for it's age, really recommended to any Queen's Blade and Ymir fan! I would even recommend it to people in general into gothic lolita and similar styles.


A good copy of this figure seems to sell nowadays for about 5-6K yen, which is a bit lower than her release price. An alternative white version ITEM #25106 also exists and even though that one is Limited + Exclusive to 1500 pieces, she seems to be in stock a lot more and sell for lower prices than this one, around 4K yen. To be honest, I also really prefer the original color version, although the purple eyes on the white version are cool.

And to finish it!

I haven't unboxed my other Queen's Blade figures yet since after getting them out of storage, so enjoy Ymir on her solo spot displayed:


I will display her later together with ITEM #2355 and some other Ymir goods! I also haven't 100% decided yet on my posing of this figure. I know I prefer the grumpy face, but moving those axes around is also a lot of fun!

For those who read all this way, thank you! My next review will be about this Hokuhou Seiki ITEM #314587 prize figure!

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All pictures in high resolution and some extra pictures not used in the review will be uploaded here later today: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this review!

And if you like my reviews and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe to my blog on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...


See you at my next review!
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ReliXo7 måneder siden#72216713I'm planning on buying this figure and it would help a lot if I could see the pictures.
If it possible please reupload the images. I would be very curious about them!
Anyway its a very nice and detailed review, with or without pictures. :)

Hi! It took me a while, but I just fixed the pictures for this blog, hopefully on time before you made your purchase of this figure! Unfortunately I have not found a way yet to host NSFW gifs, so only half of the gifs are back. But I did manage to make this two-parter a one-parter now. :) Hope you enjoy!
7 måneder siden
As I'm deleting the 2nd part of this review (I managed to combine them), I have quoted the comments from that blog onto here.

victorviper1 år siden#54805403It had never really registered with me that Ymir's arms had articulation points; Megahouse did the same thing with Mirim ITEM #9209 and that was a nice feature, as it added some posing options.
It's too bad that the pegs in Ymir's outfit don't quite want to close properly and many of these Megahouse QB figures were notorious for this kind of thing. There's a spot on my Mirim figure where the pegs only want to close part of the way, but fortunately her outfit is secure and it's not too noticeable. Then, there's Airi ITEM #152. When I bought that figure new, trying to get her dress removed and then put back on (to remove all the plastic sheeting) was probably the most difficult figure maneuver I've ever attempted!
It'll be interesting to see the Ymir cosplay project. This is an interesting outfit for cosplay since the chest area of this outfit is, for lack of a better term, very...open. It seems like it will be a challenge to realize this outfit in a way that everything that is supposed to be covered up stays covered up.
Maakie1 år siden#54805617Heh, same for me! Until this comment I did not know ITEM #9209 had articulation points! I recently almost bought that figure by the way. Someone locally was selling her really cheap, but I decided to pass as that person had glued the clothes...the very same thing I'm contemplating on now doing on this figure myself. :/
I think we just had to go through this phase of 'bad cast offs' before manufacturers learned what the correct way would be. I think we talked before about ITEM #152 , mine has huge issues with her back ribbon not wanting to stay in place and when that back ribbon pops off, the rest of her outift also easily comes off too...and of course, trying to wiggle that outfit around her breasts (both when putting on and off) was ridiculous! I never casted her off again after unboxing her. I do really love that figure though, she has the sweetest face: PICTURE #255816 . I have been thinking of selling mine as I was thinking of focussing on Ymir only in my Queen's Blade collection, but I have a hard time letting her go. :')
Most cosplayers that did this outfit 'cheated' by making the corset actually cover their breasts instead of only the straps being on top of them. Most of them also had less of an open back and the black fabric of the skirt not being see-through. That really takes off most of the ecchiness of the design. However, I really want to go accurate. For my ITEM #162402 cosplay I made a fake chest, covered with skin colored fabric. I then had the possibility to attach the open sides of the shirt to the skin covered fabric, so the shirt would always be 'open', while nothing nude was to be seen. I'm thinking of similar tricks for this Ymir's top and probably also her skirt. Anyhow, it will be quite a challenge for sure! :)
Moro1 år siden#55019477I miss when figure companies made figures like this with real display options and neat features. Nowadays you'd have to pay at least 15,000jpy for a figure like this if it got made at all.Maakie1 år siden#55282619I'm 100% serious whenever I talk about the 'Megahouse Golden Years' (2007-2012) and I think that maybe the general prepainted figure collecting golden years could be 2007-2012 too (with some exceptions of course). I recently also talked with someone else about how 'basic' most new figures seem to be nowadays. Yes, their quality is high, but the amount of fancy bases, figures coming with multiple display options etc., is getting lower and lower. :/ And if they come with something special it's advertised heavily instead of things being a surprise/bonus like with a figure as this.
*sighs* Well, luckily for me, I'm mainly into collecting from older franchises and characters, so I have affordable prices for most figures I still want and can be surprised like how I was with this figure with my 'new' buys. :)
Moro1 år siden#55283185I absolutely agree although I would push that starting date for the "Prepainted Golden Age" a little further back, to maybe 2004, because of figures like this one ITEM #945
Collecting Eva stuff means there's a lot of older figures to be had, too. I really agree that figures almost seem like... the direction has been for a single massive sculpt with little or no options for the kind of price that could've gotten you 2 or 3 figures 5, 6 years ago. It's really hard to justify considering that not a lot of time has passed in between (and all the price-jacking apologists aren't helping at all, honestly, just look at the comments for Alter's Jeanne Alter for a look at that in progress.)

Maakie1 år siden#55621020Ooh, yeah! That one is also really nice! You made me check my collection and the oldest good looking ones I have in my collection are starting at 2006, but I do think price/quality wise in at least my own experience is 2007 (2006 was cheaper, but a lot lower quality in my observations). Do you have a specific one from 2004 (considering the one you linked is 2005) which could be the 'start' of good price/quality prepainted? In 2004 this classic was released ITEM #405 , although she looks rather simple if you see her right now. She could be a good milestone-point though. :) I personally also still have ITEM #19059 from 2004 on my wishlist, a very solid release. Eva-wise, I see mainly prize figures from 2004 on a roll from them. :)
It seems like both of us are quite 'lucky' that both of our most loved franchises have quite some more affordable things to collect. I did recently bit the bullet for ITEM #604888 , even though I know that 5/6 years ago I could have maybe bought 2 Tanya's with that price. :/
A lot of people specifically on this website seem to go through "Hope it won't be too expensive!" --> "Oh NO that price is way too expensive! How rude dfhdfskfdsk I remember when blablabla I won't buy it!" -->"OK, I bought her anyway lol, she's going to be worth it".
In the end it's a luxury hobby, and for me, my income has not been increasing as much as these pirces are rising, so it's simple: I buy less. And the bit I buy is mostly secondhand stuff from older franchises which, luckily for me, also brings me more joy than most new series on the market nowadays.
7 måneder siden
I'm planning on buying this figure and it would help a lot if I could see the pictures.
If it possible please reupload the images. I would be very curious about them!
Anyway its a very nice and detailed review, with or without pictures. :)
7 måneder siden
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