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Hi everyone,
Today's post will be a mix of many things so I hope everyone can find something he/she/they like in it.

Let's kick off with a bit of an unusual DIY project.

Ever since moved in, I've had this old paper ball ceiling light in my living room and I've been considering changing it for quite some time now.

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/kyoshinhei1553718284.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/kyoshinhei1553718286.jpeg

Instead I had my mind set on making a decorative light that would incorporate one or several figures in its design.
I had first contemplated having light bulbs hanging from a big tree branch with the ALO Figmas flying all around it. In the end that plan was scrapped as I could never find a branch with the perfect shape. I could have tried to craft a fake one but I doubted I could have made it look natural enough for my taste.

Then after scratching my head for some time I came up with what would be the final plan. The idea was to use paper balls as makeshift explosions in a kind of Gundam battle scene. I settled on putting my PG Wing Zero Custom Gundam on a setup that would mimic its trademark "Rolling Buster Rifle" move.

The laureate centerpiece

The Rolling Buster Rifle

Under this spoiler tag are some of the building steps for those of you interested in woodworking and wiring.

Building processhide
First a scale model to validate the concept and decide the "random" positions of the lights

Materials for the lights

Materials for the ceiling case

Measuring and cutting

Assembled and surfaced

Painted and with holes for the cables

Full assembly test


And here's the final result.



I was afraid that seeing the paper balls as explosions would strain the imagination too much but all things considered I find myself giving it a passing grade.
It would probably look better on a black ceiling but that would eat away most of the light and defeat the purpose which was to... well... light the room. And on that aspect, the new setup totally blows the old one out of the water. The room is now much better lit and the figures on the shelves are much better brought out.

So what about you, aside from putting them on display, have you ever had plans to integrate figures into your interior design in a more practical way? Share in the comments.

Now on to the next part.

I like my new ceiling and all but this post feels like it's more about woodworking than figures. To make up for that and since there have been a few recent upgrades to my displays, I think that now would be a perfect time to give you a tour of my humble abode, ver. 2019.

Let's start with the hall.

The led strips in the display cases are linked to the hall's light switches so that they light up with the wall lights. Making LARP swords is one of my many crafting hobbies and on the walls are foam and latex replicas of various famous anime/game swords.

From the entrance

The drawers under the display cases house all the extra parts of my figures

Towards the living room

Over the years I've made a lot more swords but the majority has found its way to new masters. Under the spoiler tag are most of my realizations, can you tell where all are from?

I am the bone of my sword...

Hints for the two more tricky weapons:
Bathide悟史 (Satoshi) is written on the knob
KatanahideCheck the edge

AnswershideFrom left to right and top to bottom
  • Left-handed Rickenbacker 4001S (Haruko, FLCL)
  • Goln Nova (Goury, Slayers)
  • Master Sword & Hyrule Shield (Link, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time)
  • Keyblade (Sora, Kingdom Hearts)
  • Excalibur (Saber, Fate/Stay Night)
  • Satoshi's bat (Satoshi & Keiichi, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
  • Gáe Buidhe & Gáe Dearg (Lancer, Fate/Zero)
  • Buster Sword (Cloud, FF VII)
  • Lion Heart (Squall, FF VIII)
  • Bakuya & Kanshou (Archer, Fate/Stay Night)
  • Sakaba-tou (Kenshin, Rurouni Kenshin)
  • Revolver/Gunblade (Squall, FF VIII)
  • Caladbolg/Ultima Weapon (Tidus, FF X)
  • Dark Repulsor & Elucidator (Kirito, Sword Art Online)
  • Mage Masher & Secondary dagger (Zidane, FF IX)

I've also made Saber Alter's Black Excalibur (Fate/Stay Night) and Teresa's Claymore (Claymore) in the past but unfortunately I haven't kept any picture.

Let's move on to the living room.

The main piece is my computer/bookshelf wall. I strive to organize each shelf around matching criteria (work, author, theme, aesthetics, etc.) but it's not always easy.
The pothos plants are an idea I shamelessly stole from MFC user Quicky ;-)

The Entertainment Center

Left shelves

Left shelves (top)

Left shelves (bottom)

Right shelves

Right shelves (top)

Right Shelves (bottom)

Another small display case on the side and behind curtain n°1 are my bed and my workdesk for small projects (sewing, cutting, gluing and soldering mostly).

Towards the hall

On the walls are posters for a small town convention I've helped animate for the past 14 years.

Bonus pichide
Same room, 9 years ago. *sniff* They grow so fast...

One last room before ending the tour, the workshop.

This is where I do my more heavy duty or messy DIY projects (sawing, sanding, painting, resin casting, latexing, etc.).
Notice on top of the shelves my Pile of Shame™ of model kit boxes. Some of them are already assembled (even painted for some) but a number have been sitting in their boxes for years, waiting for me to snap out of my procrastination. I swear I'll put them together, tomorrow...

Dust, dust everywhere...

Don't give me that look, please...

That was it for the tour, hope you enjoyed it.

One last thing

There's an announcement I'd been wanting to make here for a few months now but didn't consider it interesting/important enough to warrant a dedicated post so it'll serve as a wrap-up for this one.

If personal stories bore you, feel free to skip that last bit and jump straight to the comments.
And if you avoid personal stories for fear that they could ruin your mood then you can stay, this one is uplifting.

I had noticed for some time a number of MFC users mentioning their autism/Asperger's syndrome in their profiles or posts. I didn't find their presence on the site particularly surprising as I understood that a number of behaviors associated with autism lend themselves very well to collecting. What did surprise me however, was to see that these people often seemed pretty well integrated socially in the MFC community despite their condition which led me to realize how little I knew on the subject.

In fact, I'm ashamed to say that like many people, my understanding had never moved much further than the two old stereotypes: "mute kid banging his head on the walls" and "socially incapable guy with cognitive superpowers" and people here did not look like they belonged in either of theses categories (or they had done a very good job of hiding the head marks under posters in their room pictures).

So as an ever curious person, I set out to enlighten myself. I read some documentation, blogs, etc. and quickly found myself thinking: "Funny, I've experienced that too", "Oh wait, is this bit not normal for everyone? I always thought it was", "And that too, and also that..."

So now I'm sure you see the punchline coming, all those hints prompted me to investigate further and after several months back and forth with qualified specialists I ended up diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. For years whenever I had done something that weirds people out, I would jokingly brush it off as being "my autistic side". Well, joke's on me now! XD

So how will this affect my daily life from now on? Well, not that much or rather not any more than it already has for the past 30+ years. My case is not very severe (or it would have been found sooner) and I had already unconsciously learned to compensate and make the best of my condition long before this diagnosis.

If anything I'm glad because if it doesn't change my present, if does change my understanding of a lot of things that happened during my childhood. Things like social difficulties I had experienced or caused without anyone ever being able to satisfactorily explain why. With this new bit of data I can finally put together the whole picture and be at peace with the past. It also goes for my parents and siblings who now have the answer to many of the things they've had to put up with while I was growing up.

I may never have found out if it weren't for this community so I think that thanks are in order:
Thanks to all my new autistic comrades for unknowingly letting me find about that part of myself and thanks to everyone else for bearing with the lot of us weirdos! ^^

You all rock!
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moonstarfc1 år siden#55652416Your house is amazing! You did a really good job with all the DIY stuff. And your collection is great!Thanks for your kind words!
1 år siden
Helsing1 år siden#55647389Do I see a headcrab on the TV ?Nope, that's an Alien facehugger plush (arguably the headcrad's older cousin)
1 år siden
Your house is amazing! You did a really good job with all the DIY stuff. And your collection is great!
1 år siden
Do I see a headcrab on the TV ?
1 år siden
littlefishgirl1 år siden#55576827Love what you did with your light fixture, really great idea (and I personally LOVE seeing the work that goes into projects like this)! I don't find it a stretch of the imagination at all to see the lights as explosions. I really like how you've got figures mixed in with your media--it looks well organized.Thanks, it took some effort but it was totally worth it.
1 år siden
Love what you did with your light fixture, really great idea (and I personally LOVE seeing the work that goes into projects like this)! I don't find it a stretch of the imagination at all to see the lights as explosions. I really like how you've got figures mixed in with your media--it looks well organized.
1 år siden
illumi4Love1 år siden#55545084Amazing set-upThanks a lot!
1 år siden
Amazing set-up
1 år siden
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