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Hello everybody!
Today, a couple of small, but nevertheless exciting things arrived…well, I collected them from the post depot today, in any case — one item of which allowed me to completely finish a project I’d started over a month ago now. As I’m honestly rather proud with how it’s turned out as my first actually finished project, I’d love to share it with you all!! Thus, without further ado, I present to you…


The Witch of Certainty

A little background:
A couple of years back, I had started - and, really, very almost finished - a similar custom Nendoroid Doll-type (I say ‘type’ because, of course, the Nendoroid Doll line had not yet been released) of EVA-Beatrice, also of the visual novel Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. Using the Cu-Poche Extra Swimsuit Body in place of the then-nonexistent Nendoroid Doll body, I made EVA’s dress, her cap, even sculpted a little golden One-Winged Eagle staff for her to hold… And then, for some God-forsaken reason, I 'gave up’: quite what it was I 'gave up’ on I can’t said, given that I even had Nendoroid parts to use for her hair. In any case, the project folded, and, in perhaps a witch-like moment of impulse and boredom, I…threw the outfit away and sold the parts used for the actual figure. Yeah, big o o f, and I certainly regret having done so now——

But now, here I am, bouncing back some years later, inspired by having seen the Nendoroid Doll Prototype bodies, and this time with some success and closure!!

Thinking back on my ultimately tragic attempt back then, I was reminded of just how much fun it was, actualising the beautiful designs of Umineko’s witches into tiny, ~1/12 doll clothes — and having pre-ordered two Prototype girl’s bodies, well, I was certain which two I would make. Of course, the more astute among you have probably noticed that the stock bodies are still set to be released this month: I actually got impatient waiting for May back then, so I bit the bullet and bought Emily second-hand haha;;

But given how much fun I had sewing Lambda’s dress and hat, it was definitely worth me grabbing an extra body earlier to start on her ASAP!


The (approximate) pose in which I have her displayed, greatly inspired by her portrait from Ougon.

Actually, I started from a position of great luck when I started to put together things for a Lambdadelta custom Nendoroid Doll: the fabric I used for her dress and hat is actually the off-cuts from my sister’s prom dress about four years ago!! I bought some baby pink cotton fabric just in case I ran out of the satin-y scraps, but, thankfully, by the end I still had a good bit left over, so no worries there. What proved to be a greater pain was sourcing the various little bits and bobs for Lambda’s costume…


Wonderfully, at some point I worried that the embellishments only made her tacky…
before realising that’s exactly the kind of witch Lambda is dfgdfg

Despite how fiddly attaching the embellishments was (I actually pricked my finger enough to bleed once; blessedly, I was able to strategically sew a bow over the incriminating stain), I have to say that it was my favourite part: seeing her dress really take form as the various decorations were added was so incredibly satisfying! While the pearls(?) wrapping around the skirt of her dress was easy to replicate even at so small a scale, as well as the ribbon bows, the pumpkin appliqué(??) proved a little more particular. In the end, I just went with a simple Halloween-themed button, removed the shank so it would sit more flush against her body, and voilá!

I’m really quite surprised at how faithful I managed to keep the details, in the end, although…

…I wasn’t quite able to fit all three bows on the back of the dress. Her socks are missing the garter-like detailing at the top, too — an attempt was certainly made with narrow lace and the 3mm ribbon, but the lace proved too bulky for the girth of the socks. The narrowly-striped fabric I used for them was super-cute, though, and now that her red shoes have arrived, I’m very pleased with the overall result!

Looking at things critically, I’m a little disappointed that the dress’s square neckline came out quite scruffy, and that the gathers in the sleeves didn’t keep… It’s a small shame that she doesn’t look good with her black gloves, either, as they only end up making her hands look like they’re in mittens (and it would totally obscure that adorable 'peace’ sign, gosh). Most glaringly, though, I probably painted her hair a little too bright a yellow / blonde, and I’d definitely say sculpting and painting her hair (using this as a base) was both my least favourite and successful part of the project.

Still, I’m undoubtedly pleased - even more than pleased - with the finished product — especially as a first, finished custom Nendoroid Doll!


This unapologetically 'witchy’ pose is actually my favourite, but I’m too anxious about the stand’s strength to keep her display in it, unfortunately ;;

That’s all for me for now! If you read all the way to the end, or even if you read just a part of this blog, I’d like to thank you — I’ve been wanting to gush about Lambda ever since I’d mostly-finished her, so I really, really appreciate finally having an audience to whom to do so ; v ;

Next up (after another custom, albeit of the standard Nendoroid variety) is…
Well, it should be obvious, right?

Thanks again for looking, and I hope you all have a great day! <3
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Very nice work on the clothing, love the sewing and details!
1 år siden
Ahhhh I love this! I'm about to embark on my first sewing project and I hope it turns out this good!
1 år siden
I think the outfit looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing the Witch of Miracles!
1 år siden
At that tiny scale, and working with real fabric, you can only get so much detail in. Some things just have to be simplified. Don't stress on the little things - you're probably the only one who notices them. She looks perfect to me! ^_~
1 år siden
Looks great! I'm also on the bandwagon of desperately wishing there was more Umineko merch. If only the anime had come out like, five years later than it did...
1 år siden
Seeing more Umineko is always good! And she looks absolutely adorable!
You really did manage to capture every part of her Lambda-ness in this custom Nendoroid doll, and I really look forwards to seeing what you do next.
1 år siden
bonbonhime Professional Blanket Burrito
She turned out so cute!! What I would do for more Umineko merch ;3; I'm really impressed with her dress! I have trouble making clothes for DD and Monster High girls....the NendoDolls are so tiny I wouldn't know how to get any detail! :D
1 år siden
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