My Nendoroid Collecting Journey + [Wall Shelf Project]My Nendoroid Collecting Journey + [Wall Shelf Project]Diary

BrianRevyBrianRevy1 år siden
This is my very first Article / Diary post ever on MFC!

As title stated, this will be focused on my journey from my very 1st Nendoroid collected until Now :D

And I do hope you'll all be able to enjoy if not all then a portion of the joy I've had throughout my journey that's been almost 2 years!

Lil Introduction
Soooooo... This all sorta began when I first saw the Mei Nendoroid featured on (04.13.2017) the B.Net(Battle.net) Launcher when I was about to play Overwatch. It was Love at First Sight!
I was mesmerized by just how kawaii she looked and I knew I just HAD to have her! So I pre-ordered her ASAP! BUT, this wasn't really the actual beginning of where it all started...
Black Friday sale started and I noticed the Tracer Nendoroid was discounted so I ordered her too(11.24.2017). It was after I had gotten her that I finally decided to look into just what exactly "GoodSmile Company" was in December 2017. And that's when this spark lit up inside me reminding me that I had a dream when I was young that I wanted to have a collection of cute things!
~This is how my Nendoroid Collecting Journey Started~

* Before we get started, I'll be posting all Pictures as Spoilers to prevent this page being extra long. I'll have text & descriptions for them all (:

Here are some pictures of how small my collection was when I first started ~
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It didn't really take long until the shelf I had got filled up to this point:

As I kept on collecting, I started getting lazy with organizing and just left new figures in their shipment boxes and put them in places that was free in my room.
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My first spot filled
Later on....


I started to get a bit annoyed and wanted my shelf to look neater so I started organizing the shelf and rearranging things in my room.
Organizing Shelf
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Rearranging Room
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It didn't take much longer until more and more shipments of Nendoroids arrived and boxes started piling up again.
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Panorama View


Forgot to mention, but my parents nagged me A LOT because of how much space all my shipment boxes took up in the room, so at some point I started to look at how MFC/Youtube users displayed or organized their collection. *I'll list them down later on*
And so I finally came down to the idea of making a wall shelf to display them and here's the rough draft.
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Rough Draft Idea

I've talked to friends about it that way I have text & ideas to go back to in case I ever forget *I am quite forgetful due to lack of sleep Dx* And I was notified that my Relatives & Family from China will be visiting me in Toronto, Canada So... I had to step it up and plan out the whole [Wall Shelf Project]
The Plans for Project
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Labour/Brainstorming before Project
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Originally the plan was to just make the Wall Shelf directly onto the Drywalls



Getting Measurements
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This is where I ended up hitting a wall... If my parents didn't say anything about the drywalls not going to really hold up well with my Wall Shelf Project, I would've just drilled it into the drywalls anyways. So I also had to rethink how this will work. And I had to take into consideration about the wall studs too for as much support as possible.
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Diagram/Graph of the Porject/Measurements
Finding wall studs
Marking off the wall studs

My first idea was to just get a decent thickness 4'x8' Plywood and paint it white then to drill into the wall studs to use as extra support.
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Upon arriving to Home Depot, I thought hmm "This could look nice just like this without painting it
BUT I ended up going with the 4'x8' Melamine board as It was cheaper and already a lovely White colour. And also because after doing some googling at Home Depot, I read that the Plywood might warp overtime... so yeah ~
Carrying this big boii was a NIGHTMARE even w/ my cousin lending me a helping hand.

This portion for "Progress" of the [Wall Shelf Porject] I'll just Put the description above the pictures (:
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Had to make space, so flipped couch on its sidehttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/06/03/2227965.jpeg

Doing some measurements on where to pre-drill holes for 8x3" Drywall Screws. And to use as an Instagram post xDhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/06/03/2227966.jpeg

Close up picture of Markings & drilled holes.

Gotta keep area clean while working. (Vacuuming every so often)

Drilled 8x3" Drywall Screws into the board(But not all the way through yet! )
Got all the screws in holes ready to be drilled into wall studs.

With help of younger brother holding the Melamine board up to the ceiling, I drill in most of the 8x3" screws to hold Melamine Board into place.


Another Issue arises. The Screw doesn't go deep enough to be flat with the board...
So I had to use a drill bit to dig out the same perimeter of the 8x3" Screw head to make them fit.

Sadly it does rip bits off :(
All 8x3" Screws drilled in!

And now to install the White Wall/Shelf Brackets
Screws on Left were to hold the Black Shelf Boards in place (Free from Parent's workplace)
Screws on Right were to hold the White Brackets onto Melamine 4'x8' Board.
18 White Brackets
Evenly spaced out
The bottom ones being tight got in the way so loosened them first xD
All Brackets Screwed into place with 1 8x1/2" for now

Then did right side Shelf boards first, to make sure Brackets are flush with the boards before screwing White Brackets in place. (Haven't screwed on the Bacl Shelf Boards ~yet~)
Did the rest of the White Backets screwing the remaining holes in to hold them in place.

And once again ANOTHER Problem shows up.(Look carefully) The Black Shelf Boards AREN'T all flat, some ends are higher or lower ...
I rearranged every board so that it was all leveled and flat.
I had to make sure all the parts/places on the Black Shelf Boards that had ugly parts were facing downwards.

and finally... TADA :D

And now that the [Wall Shelf Project] is Complete.
It's time I finally take my Nendoroid figures out of their shipment boxes to display on my new Wall Shelves !
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All the Nendoroids out of their Shipment boxes
And I'll be Organizing the shelves like thishttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/06/03/2228004.jpeg
Testing out how I'll be placing these Nendoroid boxes to get the most out of all the space but still looking great.


Doing some organizing right now while getting a few shots on for Instagram (:
Had to get ready for work so Piled em up in the mean time.

Once all the Nendoroids were organized, this is the outcome.
A clearer picture
A Closer look


All my GSC Bonus items up here on top shelf (For now until I dedicate some space for them)

My dad was concerned about people getting up off the couch and hitting their heads?
But this looks fine, I've tried it myself and it's perfect :D

Now to finish off and bling this [Wall Shelf Project] up, I needed LIGHTS !
So went to Home Depot, bought some Philip Hue Lights to play around and test them out !
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These were what I picked up at Home Depot

And Here are some examples of how they'll look or where I can place them maybe? https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/06/03/2228006.jpeg










Anyways! Unfortunately I don't have the Budget yet to actually own these Philip Hue Lights :c So I do apologize that I had to be "that" kinda person to return the items after testing them.

And Finally the last few pictures of how my room currently looks like. My relatives/family has all returned back to China safely as of writing this Diary/Article Post (06.03.2019).
There are a couple of new Nendoroids not in the pictures below, But I will upload them onto MFC in the near future (: And of course I'll update it into this Diary post. Enjoy!
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Point of View(POV) from my PC Table

POV from the back closet

And this is the end of this Diary post,
but is NOT the end of my Nendoroid Collecting Journey!

(At a later date) Below I will post all the Things & Prices of what it took to create the [Wall Shelf Project]
In case anyone gets inspired and wants to do something similar~

Thank you all so much for your time reaching all the way down to this point (:
Hope it was worthy of your time!
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BrianRevy Youtube.com/BrianRevy
GerardHaZ1 år siden#60784954Why does people buy figures if they’re going to keep them in their boxes? I’m not saying it’s wrong, but when I get a new figure I’m like “HOLY SHIT TAKE IT OUT NOW”.
Do you plan display them someday?
I definitely do plan on displaying them in the future, but from when my collection started building, I honestly had no space Lol I've never collected anything like this before :P
Never actually thought I'd have this big of a collection :P Before I even knew what a Nendoroid was, my plan was to simply get a few Funko Pop figures and that was it.
1 år siden
Why does people buy figures if they’re going to keep them in their boxes? I’m not saying it’s wrong, but when I get a new figure I’m like “HOLY SHIT TAKE IT OUT NOW”.
Do you plan display them someday?
1 år siden
BrianRevy Youtube.com/BrianRevy
Cantisama1 år siden#60783075I enjoyed reading through the development of your shelves. Cool to see a DIY solution from idea to finish.
Are you planning to display any opened Nendos?
Glad to know ~ And Eventually yes, but with more visitors staying at my place, don't have the space for them yet. At some point I'm thinking about making some miniature wall shelves to display them, or Detolf Cabinets?
1 år siden
I enjoyed reading through the development of your shelves. Cool to see a DIY solution from idea to finish.

Are you planning to display any opened Nendos?
1 år siden
BrianRevy Youtube.com/BrianRevy
Heliodora1 år siden#60734658Awesome shelf, good on you for taking things into your own hands and making space for the nendoroids haha Thanks & I truly cant agree more xD Truly love how it looks right now <3
1 år siden
Heliodora Collector of the Boiis
Awesome shelf, good on you for taking things into your own hands and making space for the nendoroids haha
1 år siden
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