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Thinking on it, I probably could have saved myself a lot of hassle by just doing a loot haul article for all the crap I've had coming in lately (and I wouldn't have lost a whole review to a power outage), but hey, I enjoy getting to take pictures of my plastic addiction and ranting about them in the hopes that others will appreciate it. So let's keep going with the newest girl to fight for my ever-shrinking shelf space today.

WARNING: Despite not being listed as such on its page, this figure is NSFW.


Wait... Do I really have to do this part?
*Uhhh, yeah. It in the contract.*
But, it's Sonico. Literally everyone knows who she is!
*Look, just stick to the script, alright?*

Okay then, I guess for the two people on the planet who don't know who she is, Sonico is the adorably curvy, slightly ditzy mascot of the Japanese game developer nitro+ (who, ironically, are best known for visual novels featuring a lot of gore, rape, and monsters), as well as the waifu of approximately 63% of all known weebs. Between her college studies, career as a gravure model, being lead guitarist & singer in a successful band, and her part-time waitress job, she likes to spend time with her cats and play video games. Interestingly, despite just about everyone you can think of having done something Sonico-related at some point in their career, this actually seems to be the first Soncio figure for all parties involved (manufacturer Union Creative, sculptor Minheru (whose work is typically more petite and... fetishistic), and color designer Moriyama Nana). So let's take a look at how they did.



So right off the bat, if you've read any of my past reviews, big windows on boxes are a big win. Anything that can give you options on how you want to display your figures is always a plus for me. The only thing I might have done differently is put a backing into the blister, as without one Sonico kind of gets lost in how massive & empty the package is. As for the rest of it, it's definitely a Super Sonico box: Big product images, neon pink lettering, and pastel stripes & polka dots throughout. If it was any sweeter, it would probably give you diabetes.

Sonico Spin


Going for a walk around Sonico, there's a lot to take in here. It looks like whatever pervert Sonico has as her manager has roped her into doing a racy catgirl shoot this time around. And in a rare instance for Sonico, she seems quite happy for this shoot despite her imminent toplessness, probably because she gets to wear cute cat ears and a tail. And they are quite cute on her; Fluffy white ears fitted over her ever-present headphones, lacy panties fitted with a cat tail sporting a ribbon, and frilly thigh-high stocking, all paired nicely with a laced-lined denim jacket and some cute shoes as she strikes a classic 'Nyan~' pose for the camera. It kind of gives off a vibe of your girlfriend coming over to visit, then springing this outfit on you as a surprise.

Design & Detailing

Oh yeah, nobody will notice you forgot to get a close-up shot and just reused this image...

So obviously Sonico, catgirls, and Sonico as a catgirl are nothing new when it comes to figures, but just about anyone can be convinced to make room for one more if the quality is there. And here I think Sonico makes a very good case for herself. All the little sculpting details really bring the figure to life, from the bumpy texture on the ears and tail to give them a fuzzy appearance, to the semi-translucent lace on all her clothes actually having the patterns punched out, to all the separation in her hair to give it a more flowing & realistic look; this sculpt honestly just oozes detail. And the paintwork is honestly just as good on her. Color gradients on the on the jacket and shoes to give them the look of real leather, very clean painted-on details such as the buttons & stitching, and a slight shading on her bikini top/lingerie and stockings that gives them a slightly transparent look. Just about the only critique I have for the painting is that the color of the ribbon on her tail doesn't really stand out. The lace on one of her thighs from the stocking is also slightly off-center on my figure, though this is most likely a factory error and not terribly noticeable.


Next we come to her face, and I like it quite a bit. Sonico looks adorably energetic, with just a slight blush to hint a bit of embarrassment. The collar she's wearing is a lewder take on a traditional cat bell collar, with the lock and key looking more like some kind of BDSM collar that you would have to open for her. As for the glasses, I'm torn. Sonico looks cute in glasses, no doubt. The problem I have comes with the shape of them. In the source material (hereView spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/laurenk4181518956546.jpeg) the tops of the lenses were made to be see-thru so that they wouldn't obstruct Sonico's eyes, but it seems like Minheru interpreted this as the lenses just getting chopped off two-thirds of the way up. They don't necessarily look bad, but they do look odd if you stare at them for too long. There's also a very obvious hole in the side of her face where the glasses fit in rather than making it look more natural, so it'll look kinda dumb if you choose to display her without the glasses.

I can almost hear the clapping.

And of course, no Sonico figure is really complete without addressing her size, her curves, her T H I C C N E S S if you will. Sonico has always been on the healthier side in terms of her curves, but figures tend to fluctuate between 'average with larger breasts' to 'thicker than a bowl of oatmeal'. While this figure isn't quite on the dummy thicc level of something like her Miku outfit or wedding figure, she still fills out very nicely. She sports quite an impressive bust, just a bit of tummy pudge (nicely sculpted and with slight highlights to show it off without looking too big), child-bearing hips, and some good thighs assisted by her stockings cutting into them. And while you won't get to see it much, she does have quite the booty, which her panties struggle to contain.

Cast-off Bits

And now we come to the unadvertised cast-off functions for this figure. Seriously, I couldn't find any site that mentioned this was actually a cast-off figure, though I kind of had my suspicions looking at how her top sat on her breasts. And hey, far be it from me to turn down more stripping big tiddy statues.


To get off Sonico's top, you'll first have to remove her jacket & head. The head is easy enough, just pull it off the neck tab. The issue comes with getting off her jacket. The jacket is attached to both Sonico's arms, but at different points on her arms. Her left arm is attached all the way up to the bicep, while the right arm only has the forearm attached. This causes some issues when removing it, as the position of her right arm makes it a very tight fit to put on or take off. Just in the few times I've attached and removed it for this review, I'm already seeing some paint transfer onto Sonico's hips from rubbing on her jacket. What makes this even more baffling is that she has the typical "arm detaches here" armband which isn't in her source art, but it isn't used for that here. Kind of makes me think it was intended to be the detach point once, but someone made a call down the line to just detach the forearm. Anyway, once you have the jacket off, simply undo the tab on the back of her top and replace the whole thing with the alternate collar.

Big fat Sonicat tats.

Sonico has always had great breasts, and this figure doesn't disappoint, sporting a large, perky pair that would make plenty of anime girls jealous. Since she just has a cast-off top as opposed to a whole new chest, she loses a bit of the softness you can see in her source art, but they still look great. If I could make any changes, I would probably make the weld between her breasts less pronounced, as well as using a darker shade of pink for her nipples. I'd also personally prefer her to have more pronounced nipples, but that'd probably cause issues with her top.

Just a lewd little size comparison with some of my other figures.

Other Notes

I'll keep this section short, just to point out a few things I've noticed that irked me. One thing that kind of stuck on me was that her hair that falls over her chest does the levitation thing where it doesn't really rest on her skin but rather hovers just above it. I don't know if this is an issue with her neck peg being too long or the base being too thick for her collar to fit all the way down, but it's just one of those things that sets off my OCD. The other thing I don't like is how flimsy her base feels. The base is hollow underneath rather than being a solid piece, which wouldn't be an issue if Sonico was standing on two feet, had her feet flat, or was centered on it. Instead she's off-center, standing on one foot on a wedge. I've seen the plastic flex or bow a bit while moving her around, and it makes me worried for its long-term durability. Thankfully though, they give us the cute milk dish prop to fill out the space on it a bit better and stop it from looking too bad. And since I'm me, I just had to take the bowl too far.

This seems less 'milk' and more 'milking'...


W-Well, why would I want oversized udders like you or Mammon, anyway?!?

So yeah, this one is an easy recommendation for me. I know that some people have voiced issues with this figure, but having her in-hand, she's a great piece overall. Sonico fans have been blessed with a lot of good figures over the past two years, and while this can't quite compare to the monster that was her wedding figure, this will still look good on just about any Sonico lover's shelf. Just about the only thing I wish was different was that we could have gotten the tanned Black Cat version that was made a Wonderfest exclusive. I ordered mine for about $140 USD plus shipping, and she seems to be sitting pretty safe in that $140-150 range on most sites right now. So if you were waiting for someone else's opinion to give you a green light, other than wondering why you waited for mine of all people, go for it.

Final Score: 9.25/10

-Lots of good details in the sculpt
-Paint work is simple but high quality
-Surprise cast-off feature

-Paint scuffs from removing jacket
-Breasts could have used a bit more love
-Base is pretty flimsy

And link to Flickr album here.
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imma update the fig page with cast off :) thanks for the review
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Good review i liked ist. The only thing I would prefer are more box shots from every site because i am always interested in it. :)
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