Wonfes is approaching! let us gather and share our anticipationsWonfes is approaching! let us gather and share our anticipationsDiary

UnhappyThiefUnhappyThief1 år siden
As you all probably know, in just 8 days, Wonder Festival, a main event in the year of any Anime figure collector will be held!

Thought I'd share some of my hopes and expectations this time around!

-Am very much hoping Orange Rouge will announce a Sayo scale ( ENTRY #78748 ).

-Any major figure announcment which will be based on Yoshida Akihiko's illustrations( ENTRY #8446 ). Am in love with his unique art style. I do own this amazing figure based on one of his illustraions ITEM #330763 .

- Mentioning Flare, you cannot go wrong with Flare. One of my favorite figure companies in the market atm. Quality control is great, not many projects going on, buy most are really quite unique. I'd love to see anything new from them and updates regarding these: ITEM #604572 , ITEM #676114 , ITEM #676116 .

-Any major figure announcement Iwagana Sakurako ( ENTRY #8156 ) is destined to sculpt. Once again, an artist I am absolutely in love with one's unique art style.

-a good Kanna scale ( ENTRY #101110 ) .

-Doukyuusei scales ( ENTRY #26920 ) .

-Any interesting figmas

Am aware of the fact that most of these are long shots , either way, am still very much pumped.
Would love to hear about your own expectations for wonfes!
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What is your dream figure?

10%Nothing specific in mind
7%One that already exists(but got pricey due to popularity) and hopefully gets re-released
17%one that already exists, but only in a garage kit form, and hopefully gets a pvc addition made
45%One That Doesn’t Exist And Never Will
8%Big Anime Tiddies
1%Tokoyami from BNHA
1%Inuyasha nendoroid
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What I want to see-
1. I'd buy the sh*t out of anything Oreimo
2. A Maid Dragon Tohru not made by FOTS
3. Nezuko scale!
4. Less Fate/GO
1 år siden
Lizardslikeart1 år siden#64107367All I want is for them to announce more Fruits Basket figures! I would buy a scale figure of every character if they would do that. I also would love a 1/4 cat boy Kyo more than anything. A girl can dream.
Let’s pray together to figure gods!
1 år siden
Currently i'm awaiting for a 1/4 scale Emilia bunny figure, as long as she gets announced i'll be super happy.
1 år siden
I would like/love scales for:

Danmachi scales for Bell, Lili, Welf, Haruhime (don't look up the name if you don't want to be spoiled) and ryu lion

More one piece pop figures of new and old characters: Buggy, Hannyabal, kinemon, Magellan, Alvida, Big Mom, Pudding, urouge, scratchmen apoo, basil hawkins...

More pokemon scales: protagonists, villains,rivals and gym leaders

More bnha scales by kotobukiya: lida, Kaminari, Sero, stain, mina, Momo, hatsume etc

More fire force announcements would love to have all the members of squad 8

Sora and Tet from NGNL

Shield hero: naofumi, melty and filo by koto to go with their raphtalia

Re zero: subaru and felt

Demon slayer: inosuke to go with the other figures from koto

Kill la kill: mako and nonon
1 år siden
With the Kill la Kill game coming out, I'm cautiously optimistic there will be some more content released and we might see more characters get Nendoroids or figma. I would also be pretty excited if Kotobukiya announced Jem and the Holograms bishoujo figures since they've been collabing with Hasbro, but that's probably pretty unlikely. Otherwise, I'm not sure if there's anything else I would say I'm hoping for. I should probably be hopeful that they don't surprise me with anything I will feel too drawn to, lol.
1 år siden
All I want is for them to announce more Fruits Basket figures! I would buy a scale figure of every character if they would do that. I also would love a 1/4 cat boy Kyo more than anything. A girl can dream.
1 år siden
I'd love to see more love for retro anime, I feel like we got a lot of that last Wonfes. Shoujo series like Utena, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Rayearth deserve more love. More Kotobukiya Pokemon scales (would love red/blue gym leaders and Kris). Maybe even a hint that maybe the Sailor Moon S.H Figuarts line isn't dead.
I don't know if I'd buy a Furuba scale, but if they made something like ITEM #549 for Tohru with zodiac plushes, I'd be very tempted.
More Cowboy Bebop stuff is always welcome, as would be anything new from Houseki no Kuni or Dragon Maid.
Kind of hoping Kotobukiya makes Rico/Reg from Made in Abyss, as I think they'd do a better job than the Chara Ani ones.
1 år siden
I just want a prepainted figure of this masterpiece ITEM #803679
1 år siden
My only wish is that they DON'T show a prototype of the Naofumi (Shield Hero) figma already so I have more time to save some money.
1 år siden
I'm actually very happy and satisfied for last winter wonfest 2019 as most of my wish came true, hope for the same this coming summer wonfest 2019. But here are some of my wish and hopes to share here:

- Scale figure of Yamada Ichirou from Hypnosismic division rap battle (FREEing or Orange Rouge hope you hear this).

- Scale figure of Dawn and Piplup by Kotobukiya

- Fruits Basket Nendoroid, especially Kyo Souma and Tooru Honda

- Fire Force Nendoroid, especially the main protagonist one

- Nendoroid Red Blood Cell from Cells at Work

- Any Ensemble Stars Nendoroid

- And most of all, More Touken Ranbu Sword Boys Nendoroid for me, any of them. :)
1 år siden
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