Blue-Eyes White Dragon figure from Yu-Gi-Oh by MegahouseBlue-Eyes White Dragon figure from Yu-Gi-Oh by MegahouseReview

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Woah what's that, a new solluxcaptor article? It's been an eternity. I never really planned to come back and write again, but this figure was just too beautiful to pass up. I mean, it's Blue-Eyes, how could I NOT review it? Who exactly do you think I am!?

I'd like to showcase the video on my YouTube channel first, I'll do my best to review it in depth with lots of photos but you can see it way better in depth from all angles imagineable in this video:

And since I'm sharing it, YouTube is pretty much where I upload all my figure related content now, if you're interested. www.youtube.com...
I do everything from unboxings to figure showcases and more over there, if you're interested in my collecting content.

Now, let's start with the review!
I'll start off with the box, and wow this box is impressive. Easily one of the most beautiful boxes I've ever seen, probably the most beautiful I've seen. The box has an incredibly classy look to it, worthy of the relatively high price tag this figure carries. I love how the artwork is used on the front, with the Kaiba Corp print and logo showing subtly under the right lighting and the gold used on the lettering, it is all just excellent. Every single angle on this box is impressive and it has a very high quality feeling.

Inside of the box, the figure is carefully preserved in a plastic blister.
I was afraid that the figure would be delicate inside of the box due to the wings, but thankfully those are seperate pieces that are well protected in this blister. It's a very basic blister, but it does it's job, and the figure is well protected.

And finally, Blue-Eyes is free!
I absolutely adore this figure, it has AMAZING presence, and I don't think any photos can truly do it justice. They really captured the fearsome yet majestic appearance that Blue-Eyes White Dragon has.
One of the things I really like about this figure is that they went with actually making it a WHITE dragon, unlike the usual portrayal which is blue. Blue looks great but clearly from the name, the dragon is intended to be white and we rarely see that. However, it does have blue highlights and shading, which I think is just perfect.

Up close
You can see a very impressive and fearsome expression from the dragon, along with those absolutely stunning piercing blue eyes. The eyes on this figure are AMAZING, in the right lighting they shine so beautifully.

Even closer
I really adore all of the detail on this figure, the teeth and mouth area especially is impressive. The mouth is detailed realistically even down to the roof of the mouth which is not easily seen.

Let's see it from some different angles!
Not all of these angles are prime viewing angles, I think that this figure quite evidently has an intended viewing angle, however I don't believe there's anything wrong with that and it is still nice to admire the details from all angles.
An interesting fact about the figure, is that the tail is a little flexible at the back, the bottom of the tail is slightly rubber-y to make it harder to get damaged.

And some details
The wing detail is one of my favourite features of this figure, it has a realistic texture that you would expect to find on a wing, and a lovely pearlescent effect to the paint. You really feel that Blue-Eyes wings are spread open!
I also adore the realistic details on the claws too, the semi-transparent and the small details in the sculpt make them look like real claws. The realistic feeling of this figure is amazing and does Blue-Eyes so much justice in my opinion, it is looking every bit as powerful and fearsome and dangerous and intimidating as it should.

Base of the figure
The base of the figure is honestly the only part that I believe lets it down a bit. A plain black base does have a kind of classy effect, but I would have loved to see something like the rock effect from the Kotobukiya line or even just the monster's name in gold like the box. However, the crystals are a very nice way to elevate the figure from the base, and they are nicely detailed. I don't hate this base, I just think a little more could have potentially been done with it, and it is my ONLY criticism for this figure at all.

Comparisons with Kaiba figures
Of course, the natural way to display this figure is with Kaiba (although I might end up putting it on a Blue-Eyes exclusive shrine myself) so I compared the Figma and one of the Kotobukiya statues for size.
Figma (or the Revoltech would work too) size is perfect, while the Kotobukiya one looks a little strange in scale so it doesn't work as well. The size (wings included) and presence of the Blue-Eyes alone is REALLY impressive, so I wouldn't recommend making it look small next to a larger figure.

Two Blue Eyed White Dragons? (This picture is also a good example of the shading, you can see it better in low lighting like this)
Thanks for reading!

In conclusion, I couldn't really be much happier with this figure. I am beyond happy to have a large scale, high quality figure of my favourite monster. I know that not everyone was happy with the price tag on this figure, but for me it was 100% worth it, everything about the attention to detail feels high quality even down to the packaging.
Since it was limited and exclusive, and Blue-Eyes is such a popular monster, if you want this figure I'd recommend grabbing it because I forsee the prices for this figure getting much higher in the future.
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