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HokutoHokuto1 år siden
low profile wonfes?
I'm a big fan of saekano, yahari and Asuna (not Sao) so I'm quite satisfied by this event but I imagine a lot of people are not:
a) Alter is not present, I usually schedule many of my purchases on their announcements (sometimes I even change partialy my collection orientation)
b) a lot of products from new manufacturers who I really don't trust at all (Bellfine, Pulchra, Our Treasure, Furyu for not prize figure, etc) or I don't trust yet, for example some new Native partners (Frog, Progress, Pink Cat, etc)
c) some old trusted manufacturers disappeared, others are here with fewer products
d) (this is recurrent) very few ideas and risks, there are a lot of potential good new characters (better not talk about old characters) with no proposal, particulary from top companies (a nendo is the max we can get)

my anchor are 18+ figures with native and skytube products (a pity I don't have space for Binding 1/4) even they left a lot behind and they continue putting out images from trending illustrators

a little curiosity for union creative and kadokawa, big step for both with a lot of interesting new things but imho they both need to improve a little

how was for you?
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denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
binding is announcing way too much imo. i love all of their bunny girls, but goddammit i wanna see them painted already! or at least SCULPTED!!

we got remilia from ques q after 7 years and injection time nurse from native after 6 years, so this id my alltime fave wonfes LOL

jokes aside, nah, in actuality, yeah, this one was definitely lacking
1 år siden
Overall it was a good wonfes for me. I had a lot disappointments with some painted prototypes ( just not a fan of the most updated/painted figs). But staying positive I did see some things I liked, but all are currently prototypes.

ITEM #872642, Dawn from Kotobukiya,I was really hoping for her. And I am sure she will be very reasonable in terms of price/quality. ITEM #806001, Akane which I am ultimately very happy with! I waited and didn’t PO any other scales of her, and I feel it is worth it. Lastly, ITEM #795652, Kimono Salter, was only mildly interested in her with just the illustration but I really like the prototype and hope she will be painted soon.
1 år siden
KyokiPon1 år siden#64540162I've been inactive as both as a figure collector and anime fan for more than 2 years now~ so I don't know like 70% of the characters that were announced~ but regardless of that it's always a fun event to look forward to :) was kind of hoping for some LoveLive I'm always hoping for Love Live haha but thankfully my bank balance is safe this year.
1 år siden
Honestly I was hoping to see more prototypes and painting from most of the manufacturers and only Native and maybe Alphamax has delivered an actual exhibition of its figures.
Also the fact that Alter wasn't there doesn't help at all due to the fact they already showed a lot proto at the MH exhibition.
I really loved Native and Alphamax announcements and also some of Phat! and Flare reveals.
In the end, it just felt not a WF to me due to so few announcement from GSC and the absence of Alter and others.

your b) statement, for me Progress and Frog are very under Native quality on its own when you saw the final product alteast to me.
As for Pink Cat I really like its first figure pick since I love so much the artist artwork, I'm waiting for the painting and will judge after.
1 år siden
Yeah, I was happy to see some painted and unpainted prototypes previously announced. As someone who only has Fate minimally on their radar, and isn't into idols or hentai-ish girls, (Fujoshi in da house), the only things that raised the slightest ping on my radar that wasn't Fate (Aka ascension ver Gilgamesh nendo) was ITEM #872957 . Was rather sade Alter wasn't there.
1 år siden
im not dissapointed, because i have been for the past few years. Its always lackluster, but I think thats good for my wallet, especially since i cant actively collect for now.
The only things that were good for me were the native 10 count pair, the catholic otokonoko, and another momo nekoyanagi from skytube.

those alone will probably be like 500 usd shipped :c
1 år siden
Meh just wasn't anything of great interest to me, I get being a huge fan of male figures and collecting them, that I'm not in the majority (although there seems to be a lot of us, who proactively want more male figures)

I wasn't expecting to be spoiled, but it would have been nice to get some new announcements. I'm glad the pre-announced bunny boys got updates and there is more Waver Velvet on the market though.

I'm actually not too upset, as both my wallet and I can rest up from the hobby
1 år siden
there wasnt anything at all that i liked :( i feel so alienated not knowing anythng about fate and thats pretty much all wonfes is now
1 år siden
For me it was better than expected.

This was my wishlist:
1. Takagi-san Nendoroid [ITEM #872673]
2. Nagatoro scale or Nendoroid [ITEM #872888]
3. Tejina-senpai scale or Nendoroid [ITEM #872947] [ITEM #872927]
4. Dragon Maid figure not made by fots

I expected nothing and got 3 of 4. And as a bonus I got many many cute bunnies. And an alternative version of Sakura Igawa ITEM #872993, which I'm liking more than the original.
I'm satisfied this year.
1 år siden
Well, I'm actually quite disappointed from the preview of this Wonderfestival...

Not really any updates on items I'm curious about, such as:

The Angel from Shin Megami Tensei ITEM #604544

Two Table Museum items, the Moai ITEM #740276 and Mona Lisa ITEM #464712. I like the Terracotta Soldier addition, though ITEM #872814.

On that Capt. Jack Sparrow Nendoroid... It's been a while now... lol. ITEM #549131

That Egg Girl Angel, Project Pandora, it's called. ITEM #604467

I'd like to see some news from Shinji Ikari Nendoroid of Evengelion, but I understand that it's maybe too new for any upcoming development. ITEM #846015 I like the update on Rei though. ITEM #846016

Besides that, yet, no prepainted figure of Lisa Eostre ENTRY #28808 from Walkure Romanze, at least just to complete the set of main girls in the series... But they created another figure of Celia... Love that character, but hell... Please give some attention to others in the franchise too... Anyways, I wonder if that series is dead.

There have a been a lot of new additions on series I really dont know anything about, as Im not really a pro of the figure japanese anime culture field. Well, at least it doesnt turn out to be a complete Fate Festival, lol, or Kan Colle Festival.

I like how things are being developped for Emily and Ryo Figmas, and like this new biker addition : ITEM #872719 I am however disappointed to learn that the bike is just a Model Kit, probably to be sold seperately.

*Actually, this Wonder Festival seems to belong to Beautiful Fluffy Bunnies... Lol.

I'm really interested in that new addition of Kan'u Unchou. ITEM #872783
1 år siden
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