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Howdy doo, everyone! Time for my latest vacation article. This took much longer than I planned due to back to back trips, leaving little time to edit my photos and write this article.

In August, I went to my nation's capitol, Washington DC, for the Pokemon World Championships.

Joining me on this trip were two popular characters from the series: Lillie from Alola and Sinnoh's champion, Cynthia! Click any picture to go to the image page where you can like the picture. (◕ヮ◕)


After we got settled into out hotel, we went to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Upon entering the building, we were immediately immersed in a total Poke-palooza. On the first floor, the big attraction was the mandatory shopping destination, the Pokemon Center!


There were all kinds of goodies to buy here. There were clothes, trading cards figures, plushies and of course exclusive items only sold here. I'll show you all the goodies I bought at the end of the article. I brought home quite a Poke-rific loot.







There were also regular screenings for Detective Pikachu. Not gonna lie. A lot of the hyper-realistic Pokemon were the stuff of nightmares. But I think it is a cute movie overall.



On the second floor was the main event, the championships! The area was packed with people. There were many rows tables for game/card battles.






I was only here as a spectator. I've thought about participating as a competitor for a while, but I've never had the chance to fit going to this event in my schedule. I'm a tad rusty with my battling as I've not even picked up my 3DS since last year. But I did bring my 3DS to battle other spectators just for fun. And I'm proud to say I left undefeated. (•̀ᴗ•́)و

Lillie and Cynthia also joined in on the game and card battles. There was also a distribution of an exclusive Aerodactyl.


I don't play the card game, but I do collect cards with illustrations I like just for display purposes. I was given those two packs as a spectator gift. Lillie and Cynthia decided to have a card battle with them.

It's time to D-D-D-D-DUEL!!!!!


There were also areas set up to play demos for Sword & Shield along with the Pokemon Masters mobile game. Being a champion, Cynthia offered her expertise to test the games and make sure they could provide a fitting challenge to serious trainers.



We also took some photos with the three new starters for Sword and Shield. It is here that we all made an important decision. Which starter will we choose?


Cynthia is with Team Sobble

Lillie is with Team Grookey

And yours truly is with Team Scorbunny

Then there was the main stage. Where the competitors for the title of world champion battled in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon. While everyone's eyes were on the screen, I first notcied the interesting choice of decor. The skeletons of Bastiodon and Tyrantrum were a nice touch.




After three days, our new champions for the Juniors, Seniors and Masters division were decided. But before we left this grand event, there was one final battle to be had.

Lillie vs Cynthia!

After the event was over, I dedicated my last couple of days to visiting some historic sites in DC. I tried to link some of the photos into this article from my DeviantArt page, but the links to the images there seem to be giving me some difficulty since they don't end in a .png or .jpg anymore. I'm still working on finding a way to link the pictures. Until then, go to my DeviantArt page to view more sights of Washington DC.

Speaking of following me on other platforms, I also just set up a Pixiv page. I seem to be gaining steam there already. So I have a good feeling about that site. (੭•̀ω•́)੭



The first place I went to was the Washington monument to pay tribute to the first president of my country, George Washington.


For those of you that don't get the joke, let's just say Benjamin Franklin was well known in his time to be......quite active with the ladies.

We then visited the World War II memorial to pay tribute to all the Americans who lost their lives in this devastating conflict. Garchomp couldn't help be feel overwhelmed with patriotism.



The last place I visited was the Lincoln memorial, dedicated our 16th president who saw this nation through the Civil War.


When we were done with our excursions, we chilled out at the hotel. Cynthia rather enjoyed her stay because they had happy hour at the bar every night. We all learned three important things about Sinnoh's champion during this vacation.

1: She really really really likes Jack Daniels

2: She is quite the party starter after she's had a few drinks. When she gets tipsy, she starts singing. People actually thought she was a performer hired by the hotel because she is such a good singer.

3: She knows a surprisingly large number of American Revolution + Civil War songs. I got this shot of her singing Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys. I checked online and this song is about the Green Mountain Boys militia in Vermont during the revolution.


And now to close this article, let's take a look at the Poke-rific loot I got this month. Some of it was purchased at the Pokemon Center and others I bought on Ebay.

Pokemon Gallery Figures
Gardevoir & Greninja


I've been enjoying the Pokemon Gallery figures line. Small, inexpensive and nice quality. I bought these at the Pokemon Center online. They did have Gardevoir at the Pokemon Center in Washington, but I didn't have a way to bring the box back safely.

Exclusive Piplup Plush

This is a plush exclusively sold at this particular championship event. Piplup is all geared up to go splorin'. I loves my smol penguin child. (*´ヮ`*)

Pokemon Champion Mats


I bought these on Ebay. I just learned about these by chance and there was a x10 Ebay bucks promo at the time. So this was a perfect opportunity to buy them. These illustrations are so gorgeous. I plan to get these framed and put them on my wall.

Pokemon TCG Greninja & Zoroark GX

I won this on an Ebay auction that was happening the night before I left. Got this for just $1.50. This card usually sells for more than that, so I got this pretty cheap. An excellent bargain for such a nice card containing my two favorite dark types.

Mimikyu Deck Box

I've been needing to get something to safely store away some of the cards I don't have on display. I saw this and knew it was just what I needed. The images of Mimikyu on it are so heckin' adorable.

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/02/thumbnails/2325505.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/02/thumbnails/2325506.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/02/thumbnails/2325507.jpeg


These were given as a gift for those that played the demos for Pokemon Masters and Pokemon Sword & Shield. I've never been much of a pin person, but these are cute and will look good on display.

Pokemon Masters Promo Post Card

This was give out to anyone who passed by the Pokemon Masters Demo area. It's just a promotional piece of paper, but I like the way it looks since it has a lot of my favorite characters in one image.

Phew! I finally got this article done! Thanks for taking the time to read through our little adventurers in the capitol of the United States. Now to move on to finishing my article for that month long vacation in Japan I've been teasing you all about. Be ready because this one will have so many pictures. It is going to be a long article. See you all next time! This is ChocolateSpider logging out! ✧ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ
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Cloudberry10 måneder siden#69893818TIL there's a Pokemon World Championship.
And now suddenly my bucket list got longer now because that's freaking awesome there's even a Pokemon World Championship and I gotta visit one day. I remember I (like my fellow peers) didn't get the TCG game but I learned how to play the TCG on Gameboy Color.
No one still knew how to played the game in RL but I loooooooooooved playing that Pokemon TCG on the Gameboy.

Next year's World Championships is going to be held in the London, England. Tickets usually open for order around July. Follow Serebii.net for the most timely updates on the matter. :)
10 måneder siden
TIL there's a Pokemon World Championship.

And now suddenly my bucket list got longer now because that's freaking awesome there's even a Pokemon World Championship and I gotta visit one day. I remember I (like my fellow peers) didn't get the TCG game but I learned how to play the TCG on Gameboy Color.

No one still knew how to played the game in RL but I loooooooooooved playing that Pokemon TCG on the Gameboy.
10 måneder siden
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Seeing the world championship (or competing in it) is one of the things on my bucket list. I really enjoyed your article and I am eagerly waiting for Sword and Shield. Scorbunny will be the starter. The reason is somewhat weird. I got a call from the shop where I pre ordered the game Sword. If I was interested in the edition that comes with a plushie of one of the starters. The only name I remembered at that point was Scorbunny so I go with that as the starter.
10 måneder siden
galablue10 måneder siden#69880710i've never chosen a grass starter before, but never say never! grooky is just way too cute.
loved this article. it was so fun seeing all of your pictures!! and what a great haul.

I've only chosen a grass type starter once, and that was Turtwig back in Diamond and Pearl. I was leaning towards Grookey at first, but I can't resist bunnies. <3
10 måneder siden
i've never chosen a grass starter before, but never say never! grooky is just way too cute.

loved this article. it was so fun seeing all of your pictures!! and what a great haul.
10 måneder siden