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MFC Awards: Vote for "Favorite User Review of 2019"MFC Awards: Vote for "Favorite User Review of 2019"

galabluegalablue1 måned sidenAsk MFC
When I first joined MFC, I was so inspired by user reviews and blog posts. I was so nervous to post my very first one, but thanks to all of the kind posts and feedback, I am where I am today on this website. There are so many amazing reviews that I have read over the past few months.

This blog post is a nod to all of the amazing users that write reviews for figures on this website. Thanks to you, we are able to have a close up look at figures. You point out their pros, you point out their flaws ... you show us exactly what makes the figure worth buying. So, thank you!

Due to all of the amazing entries, I was not able to include everyone. This was the hardest blog to make because I literally spent days trying to figure out who would be the five entries (based on user entries, overall views, number of reviews, etc) ... and I just couldn't decide. So, this blog post will feature ten reviews from users. Even at ten, I had such a hard time deciding ... but finally I did! So, I hope you enjoy a look back at 2019.

Votes will be open for 24 hours, starting on Monday December 30th (11:30AM PST) to Tuesday December 31st (11:30AM PST). All user images have been credited to their original poster. Please note that these reviews are in no particular order.

The nominations for MFC’s “Favorite User Review of 2020" are…

BROKEN-TOYBOX's review of Kawamoto Akari (BLOG #43005)
View spoilerHide spoiler“So, despite the color combination and pattern overkill I adore this figure. She is simple but so beautiful~ and captures Akari really well imo. She has very few very small flaws but nothing major. I still can't say I'm fond of the peg for the bag or the cast-off feature (mostly for practical reasons) but that's also neglectable. There's really not much I can complain about here, but I would've loved it if they had included at least one of the cats." - BROKEN-TOYBOX

broken-Toybox is pretty prolific with their reviews and photographs of figures. I want to thank them personally for all of the amazing figure photographs they have documented over the years (5,940 at the time of this post). This review in particular was nominated by several users. So please, have a great read and enjoy broken-Toybox's amazing writing style that makes you feel like a friend is showing you their figure.

VICTORVIPER's review of Konjiki no Yami (BLOG #43580)
View spoilerHide spoiler“Amakuni did an excellent job sculpting Yami's face. She is one of the best examples of the kuudere archetype, and so I think her subtle blush is very appropriate. Yami is generally cool and dispassionate, and so I can imagine that she might be a little nervous wearing this skimpy harem outfit! During To Love Ru Darkness, she mellows a little bit to the point where she shows hints of affection for protagonist Rito, so you can almost imagine her saying "well, if it's for you, then it's okay..." :).” - VICTORVIPER

Another user who is known for their reviews is victorviper. Although my favorite review of theirs is BLOG #43266, I decided to feature a SFW review they have done. Victorviper has an amazing eye for details, always pointing out the smallest paint flaws. I love the photography on victorviper's blog (at the moment of this post, he has uploaded 11,627 photographs on MFC). Definitely have a read of the review above, but you might get dragged into a rabbit hole of reviews!

VENETICA's review of Alucard versus Alucard (BLOG #44413)
View spoilerHide spoiler“If we're talking about visual appeal, Gantaku is obviously the victor. It's a nod to the ornate architecture in the game. It's also very much intended to create an atmosphere. He's inside Dracula's castle, complete with blood stains on the floor. It's worth noting that the heads centered on each side are different, which is a nice detail. On that note, F4F does seem a bit odd as if he is standing outdoors on red brick. Even odder is if you consider that his hair doesn't flow to the side as it does in the artwork, which would have fit that theme better.

I absolutely love this comparison review. It is amazing to see two figures of the same character side by side under a microscope. Venetica does a fantastic job of being objective regarding the two figures. Match that with great, clear photography, and you have yourself an awesome review.

HAPPYAKRZ's review of Hatsune Miku Snow
View spoilerHide spoiler“In my opinion, this is one of the most beautifully painted figures I’ve seen. The color of her hair alone, and the technique used to fade from near translucent to fully opaque is masterful – and then to throw in the stark white snowflakes positioned intermittently – just brilliant.

It's expected that happyakrz has amazing photography, after all they were a fashion photographer in their "past life". I love how happyakrz orients the reader with a little story on how they purchased the figure, and then in the end states what they learned from this figure. It's always refreshing to realize something new about the hobby. This reviewer also reviews a variety of different kinds of figures, so there's a little something for everyone. With so many fantastic reviews to chose from it was so difficult!

DANDYBABY's review of the Jojo Master Stars Prize Figures (BLOG #44434)
View spoilerHide spoiler“I wanted to review these in order to show just how good prize figures can be. I recall reading an article several weeks ago, regarding preferences when it comes to figures. There were some negative responses about prize figures; and one went so far as to specifically name Banpresto. Ouch.” - DANDYBABY

Full disclaimer: I am not a huge fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ... but what I am a fan of is an awesome review. I love this review for a few reasons. 1), dandybaby has a clear intention of why they are reviewing these figures: to show that prize figures can be just as good as scales. 2), I absolutely love the photography that shows off the vibrant colors that these prize figures have. 3), I really enjoy how there are multiple figures in this review, therefore allowing them to be compared. Finally, 4), I love the addition of dandybaby's cat in the final picture. What a pleasure to read!

EVENSTAR88's review of Kuchiki Rukia (BLOG #44039)
View spoilerHide spoilerThis Rukia figure is excellent, it shows her in a trademark battle pose, the sculpt and paint is very good and it has multiple detailed accessories that are easy to manipulate. I never truly liked Rukia's hairstyle post-timeskip - it was too short for my liking. I preferred her first hairstyle (like this figure) and then her eventual long hair. So for me, this figure is probably lasting a very long time in my collection as it portrays the character in the appearance I love the most (unless another company came out with a more impressive pose or Rukia in Bankai form :D) -

Full disclaimer: I was having an issue linking the photos used in the review as they are hosted on a 3rd party website. Please check out the review to see the photography!

evenstar88's review of Rukia hit me close to home, because I love Rukia. However, it's also nice to see a review of a Garage Kit, because we don't typically get to read up on those. evenstar88 does such a nice job outlining the pros and cons of their purchase. It is a great read, so I would suggest checking it out right now!

MOEROMOERO's review of Kiryu Kazuma (BLOG #43796)
View spoilerHide spoiler“Of course, collectors here love Anime art style. However, if by any chance, you appreciate realistic proportion/character design, Kiryu is a really good pick judging by the product quality. You don't need to be a Yakuza fan to enjoy it cuz you'll be after you bought it!” - MOEROMOERO

This review is awesome. Not only is it not the typical review you see on MFC, but it is also so incredibly detailed. I love all of the photography -- it is so artsy, and it shows off all of the amazing poses that you could do with this action figure.

KAITYLEE's review of Mai Sakurajima (BLOG #43683)
View spoilerHide spoiler“The first thing I noticed when I opened her up is how soft her skin is. It has a kind of silky feel, and it’s interesting as none of my other figures have a texture like that.” - KAITYLEE

This figure immediately grabbed me because of the soft photography that it features. In my opinion, kaitylee's photography somehow makes this bunny even more beautiful. kaitylee does a fantastic job of pointing out both the pros and cons in this figure.

SKYBLUE's review of Aoba Gothic Ver (BLOG #34026)
View spoilerHide spoiler“God, Ren's little boots! They are so cute it's killing me!! I really like how the bottom of the hat is painted with pearlescent colours in contrast with the white on top. The feather's gradient is nicely done as well and I just love that cute little sculpted paw accessory!” - SKYBLUE

SkyBlue does a fantastic job of orienting the reader in this review. I love how they open up with a little bit of the back story, showing the art and the unpainted version of the figure. This review is definitely picture heavy, showing you every last piece of the figure.

LADYLAVELLAN's review of Ryuk (BLOG #44427)
View spoilerHide spoiler“He's well priced and has a great sculpt and paint on him. Not counting the questionable gloss on his face and the missed opportunity with his base, he's a great figure for any Death Note or Ryuk fan!” - LADYLAVELLAN

LadyLavellan's review of Ryuk puts this figure under a microscope. LadyLavellan does a fantastic job of looking at the small sculpting details and pointing out how this figure could have been even better. But, for that price tag, this figure is an awesome find!

I hope you enjoyed checking out these ten user reviews! Which one was your favorite? I sure had a really tough time picking. Make sure to vote in the poll below, and leave a comment on which one you voted for and why! Thanks so much for participating in the 2019 MFC Awards, and stay tuned for our awards show on 01/01/2020!
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Which is your Favorite User Review of 2019?

  • 21%broken-Toybox's review of Kawamoto Akari
  • 14%victorviper's review of Konjiki no Yami
  • 14%Venetica's review of Alucard versus Alucard
  • 11%Happyakrz's review of Hatsune Miku Snow
  • 12%dandybaby's review of the Jojo Master Stars Prize Figures
  • 2%evenstar88's review of Kuchiki Rukia
  • 2%Moeromoero's review of Kiryu Kazuma
  • 4%kaitylee's review of Mai Sakurajima
  • 11%SkyBlue's review of Aoba Gothic Ver
  • 11%LadyLavellan's review of Ryuk
  • 57 stemmeer


Poll closed 12/31 @ 12:15PM with 53 votes
21% broken-Toybox's review of Kawamoto Akari
15% victorviper's review of Konjiki no Yami
13% Venetica's review of Alucard versus Alucard
11% Happyakzr's review of Hatsune Miku Snow
11% dandybaby's review of Jojo Master Stars Prize Figures
11% LadyLavellan's review of Ryuk
9% Skyblue's review of Aoba Gothic ver
4% kaitylee's review of Mai Sakurajima
2% evenstar88's review of Kuchiki Rukia
2% Moeromoero's review of Kiryu Kazuma
1 måned siden
It's so damn hard if i have to pick one! They all deserve it and their reviews are my favorite to look at!
1 måned siden
I actually don't think I deserve to be up there with the big names, but thank you for the nomination regardless :)

A Happy New Year to you, and looking forward to your awards post!
1 måned siden
Even though I know I won't win, it's an honour to have my first ever article/review nominated.
Thank you to anyone who voted for me, it means a lot.

Note to self: include cat in future articles... haha
1 måned siden
Thanks for taking the time to do these "best of" postings.

Your post prompted me to go back and figure out which of my reviews was the most popular, and the removal of the interesting/uninteresting feature makes this sort of challenging. Even though that feature was sometimes abused, it did provide some additional insight into what articles were more popular relative to others.

Looking back, it appears that my most popular articles from 2019 were all 18+ figures, but among the non 18+ ones, I'd probably concur that Yami was probably the most popular, although Mikan BLOG #41821 was also a pretty popular article and this review BLOG #43023 also proved to be much more popular than I'd expected.
1 måned siden
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