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Cloudberry’s 2019: Confession, Hauls, and Reflections.Cloudberry’s 2019: Confession, Hauls, and Reflections.

CloudberryCloudberry2 måneder sidenDiary
Hey MFC!

My personal reflection for 2019 is just a tad bit late buuuuut heyyyy it’s better to turn in late work than never amirite? But first, let’s talk about the clickbaity title and get that out the way first. My confession is that I used to sell anime figures as a side job in 2019. It’s not my first rodeo either; I used to volunteer for the same vendor years ago, so I have some background experience. Plus, I watch and read anime throughout my whole life, so I have an idea what’s trendy and stuff.

Actually, I wanted to spill the beans to the community about this for months as I wanted to write an article called Confessions from an Anime Figure Hustler but 2019 ended and I was like oldmanshrug.jpg

However, lots of MFC users started to post their end of the year reflections and I should also make a reflection/collection overview post and sprinkle in my views as a seller into one article... And lo and behold here’s my 2019 review (shout out to Galablue for writing an excellent article BLOG #44369 and I decided to borrow your format – hope you don’t mind (^◇^;).

While it’s probably not a big deal to many, the reason why I’m confessing is because selling plastic gods to others cascaded me to where I am today… It’s a long story but hey, I’ll try to make it interesting.

If not, there’s a TL;DR version down below (ヾ; ̄▽ ̄)ヾ

***NOTE: I will NEVER name nor promote the vendor I worked for on MFC. THIS IS MY BLOOD OATH. But I can assure everyone the vendor I temporary worked for does not have any far-reaching market influence nor major power \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/

Before 2019
I’ve always wanted anime figures for the longest time, especially a Hatsune Miku figure. From this point, I like a lot of them, but none ever gave me the feels. I’ve been subscribed to Amiami, HSJ, Play-Asia, and CD-Japan but I never bought an actual figure. Even volunteering to work at conventions in the past has never tempted me to buy figures but….

2019 – Before Joining MFC
It’s a cold and snowy January. My real job has one big disadvantage; I’m kinda jobless during the winter season and the reason is hidden below via spoilers, but not important to the main story.
View spoilerHide spoiler I look for bears during the Spring through Fall season in the mountains. In winter, they’re afk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And so, I was approached with a proposition. It went down like this:

Vendor Owner: Wanna make some cash?
Me: Heck yes. What do I gotta do?
Vendor Owner: Sell anime figures
Me: (*゚ロ゚) yesh plz

And thus, I was whisked away into Arizona where my first convention in a long time was at Taiyou (Japanese for Sun) Con in Tempe, Arizona. It’s a small convention (probably less than 12,000 attendees). I also had to do something that’s opposite of my real job: talk to people and be an extrovert but I was excited nonetheless. However, my excitement was extinguished as I quickly learned what I was exactly selling. Here’s how it sorta went down during setup:

Me: (゚o゚〃) What is this? Why are these figures so small and cheap looking? Are these even real?
Coworker: These are prize figures.
Me: (●’o’●) wtf is a prize figure?
Coworker: An affordable version of figures that is very popular and lots of people buy ‘em.
Me: (」゜ロ゜)」wat.
And boyyyyyyy I was frickin’ wrong; prize figures were very verrrrry popular. I always thought that in the anime figure collecting world, there were only Scale, Nendoroids, Figmas, Cast-Offs, Garage Kits, and Dolls. I was mind blown about by this new classification of figures I didn’t even know about. While I have no pictures of Taiyou Con, I will say that people there were very friendly and pleasant and I wholeheartedly enjoyed chatting with y’all (ノ^_^)ノ

Late May – Joining MFC
It’s May and and I was asked to work at another convention in Arizona called Phoenix Comic Con Fan Fusion (they got sued and had to change name... it became a running gag among the Fan Fusion staff). It was a much bigger than Tayou Con (I heard it was ~80,000 people that attended Fan Fusion). It was hectic, tiring, but fun.
Picture of Fan Fusion during setup

I also had a blast there. Y’all in the anime/cosplay community in Arizona are so wholesome. I worked with another coworker that was into 18+ figures, including futa, but never owned one. I told him you should get one and I wanted to show him pictures of some random 18+ figure… and that’s how I stumbled upon this website. It was at this convention that persuaded me to join MFC… all because I got annoyed that all the NSWF pictures were hidden for non-registered users and was constantly irked that I had to keep on clicking “yes, I’m over 18”… and so, I registered an account and turned off the SWF option ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

Working at a convention where everyone has to the desire to buy things is kinda contagious. Talking to people and hearing their stories about how they’re so happy they’ve been wanting figure X and figure Y for the longest time and the atmosphere just got to me… and so I decided to set out an adventure to look for two figures I’ve been wanting for a long time: Tell Your World ITEM #236245 and Deep Sea Girl ITEM #143923.

While I didn’t find them at Fan Fusion, I ended up placing an order for both on Mandarake a few weeks after that. Additionally, my girlfriend picked up Harvest Moon Miku, though it was mainly for herself.

It was also thanks to MFC I found out about the new Card Captor figure, ITEM #675835, and quickly placed a pre-order for her. It was also here I learned about the infamous Memorial Dress Hatsune Miku ITEM #637417. I read GSC’s blog about this godly figure and I was pretty sure she was a definite PO but super nervous about her price.

Every time July rolls around in Los Angeles, two things always come to mind: 1) The whole city trying to blow itself up for four six days straight and 2) Anime Expo. I was asked to work at AX and while I’m no stranger when it comes to the massive chaos of AX, the attendance record for AX always get smashed every year and working at AX is intimidating.

For 2019, over 350,000 people attended AX and you’re probably asking “what is it like to work in such a huge convention?” Well, picture always says more than a thousand words so here ya go:
This was taken an HOUR before the convention started. There were even more people OUTSIDE waiting to get in. Hence, AX gets its unofficial nickname: Line Expo

One great thing about working at AX is that I get to see the behind-the-scenes of AX

And by golly the infamous ¥‎39,390 Miku is spectacular; she shook my soul as I was stunned in awe and amazement… thus this Miku became my holy grail. Before, I was on the fence about buying her but after seeing her in person, I quickly threw $400 at her with zero regrets. Thank you GSC!

You might ask “how is it like to work at AX?” I’ll just say this: it’s like watching a dump fire; it’s fun at the beginning but quickly spirals into a horrifying mess… then the fire truck comes in to save the day… only to douse the dump fire with gasoline that’s enriched with military grade salt and drama.

Seeing Memorial Dress Miku at AX made the ordeal worth it though, sooo 10/10. I also bought a bunch of keychain charms from Kayozia at AX and that was a 10/10. Her designs are cute to pass up~

Post AX to end of 2019
I bought two Nendoroids: Shiro ITEM #396857 and Jibril ITEM #591628 from a private seller (CRAZYBILKES, great seller with lots of communication, 10/10). I also bought another nendo, Tamamo no Mae ITEM #464591
https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49320726118_6b78b2113a_c.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49318903952_e4f2f4d8c3_c.jpg

I also visited Japan Fair in Orange County because I wanted to see Yuna Ito perform and visit 1st Place Booth (the company for vocaloids IA and ONE). I ended up buying two shirts (my favorite purchase hands down this year).

My final order for 2019 was from Mandarake. I bought another nendo ITEM #423596, a decorative pillow, and some clearfiles. All this came in the day before Christmas too~

Looking ahead
I have seven figures that are already pre-ordered and if things go according to plan:
The first figure coming in is the 2018 Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai Nendo (ITEM #840633) and I’m quite excited for her. The 2018 MM series is my favorite design and is my early birthday <3
Next is the 1/4 Bunny Jibril ITEM #740291. I got an e-mail from TOM and they’ll be expecting her to arrive from the heavens to judge us mere mortals by March.

Afterwards, it’ll be the magical Card Captor Sakura ITEM #675835 that will be here by August, a 1/4 Bunny Hestia ITEM #914129 by September, and an Utaha ITEM #648876 from Saekano by October.

Finally, it’ll be the figure I’ll be anticipating the most, the Memorial Dress Miku ITEM #637417 and she’s slated for December… fingers crossed. I really can’t wait to do a review of her and attempt to identify all those song references that’s all over this figure.

I’ll also have another Miku figure, the 2019 Symphony Miku ITEM #840640 and she’ll arrive May 2021 ._.

And in between all of that, I might buy more figures; it’s hard to predict what might happen between now and the end of 2020 lol. There are tons of figures out there I like really and it’s hard to pick which one I want the most >_<;

Additionally, I’m planning to move into a new place soon so expect a desk/room reveal in the future from me. I’d like to free my plastic gods out of their prison boxes and display their glory (°◡°♡)

Final Thoughts
If I didn’t have a seasonal downtime, I wouldn’t be writing this article to share... Heck, I wouldn’t be here right now. I would also miss an opportunity to own a holy grail… or even worse, not even give the Memorial Dress Miku a considerate thought.

I also find it funny how one inconvenience has brought me here. Working at the convention also reminded me that, as an introvert, it’s sometimes fun to talk to random strangers about random things, share each other’s experiences, and that we’re just doing our best to get by. As stressful as working at a convention is, I wholeheartedly enjoyed talking to other fellow weebs.

2019 was a discovery and learning/understanding year for me. I used to never understand why nendoroids were so popular until a plethora of customized nendos and epic dioramas. I also learned why keychain charms are so collectable and neat as I used to thought they were pointless. I also learned about prize figures and why people cherish them so much – it’s all about owning a character they love, regardless of the flaws… and I find that idea touching as heck(°◡°♡)

…and so that concludes my 2019 reflection. Its been a fun year and this community is pretty fun and it’s great to read all of y’all post/diaries! If you made it this far, I’d like to thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, for reading my story and have nice day ヾ(^∇^)


TL;DR – I hustle anime figures but anime figures hustle me and my kokoro instead (ノ´ー`)ノ
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gundamuk (2 måneder siden) #73243743Now that was a fun read - it’s always a pleasure to see a well-drafted article.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my very first post (^▽^)
2 måneder siden
gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Now that was a fun read - it’s always a pleasure to see a well-drafted article.
2 måneder siden
Tiamat26 (2 måneder siden) #73241189Great article. Was great following your steps to get to MFC. Also it is wonderful to see that you got to understand what people love and why they are willing to get Prize figurines.
Hope to read more article from you.
= )

Awww thanks! I'm happy that you enjoyed my post (=^▽^=) I was nervous that is was poorly written and decided to go afk for half a day after I posted it lol

And yes, prize figures will always have that charm to them <3
2 måneder siden
Great article. Was great following your steps to get to MFC. Also it is wonderful to see that you got to understand what people love and why they are willing to get Prize figurines.

Hope to read more article from you.

= )

2 måneder siden
Melon_pan4 (2 måneder siden) #73202278AX is always chaotic, especially trying to get in. I missed out on it this year..(actually it's already last year)but I'm ready for AX 2020. Who knows I might come up to your stall and get a prize figure! I really love those keychains and the Miku pillow!

Day 1 was a nightmare for many; it took 6 hours to get in... and some of the badges weren't activated at all so the unlucky attendees who waited in line found out by the door the badges wern't working and had to go wait in line to get it activated and wait in line agian... Q.Q

I'm pretty sure 2020 is going to be over 350,000 >_<

And thanks! I might or not be at AX as a vendor buuut hey who knows; that vendor always need help for AX because of the chaos.

leith (2 måneder siden) #73203317That's an entertaining read cloud, thanks for sharing
Yes the last expo is crazy, isn't it? It's well documented and everyone was complaining lol
I've never been to an expo before, it seems exciting but at the same time I wonder if we could enjoy the event in such jam-packed environment
Anyway, looking forward to the sequel of your adventure ~

AX used to be an anime convention for fans but it shifted into an industry-esque event now. It's still pretty impressive nontheless but the line is always crazy. I generally recommend to skip day 1 for AX but if you're looking for limited edition stuff, it'll be gone real quick at day 1.

AX is hectic but still enjoyable in some ways. Yes the line is intimating and sucks even more if it's a hot and sunny day but you get to feast your eyes on figures, enjoy artist alley, and see amazing cosplays!!

There's always smaller cons too and they're pretty enjoyable too! I sorta like medium sized cons more overall <3
2 måneder siden
That's an entertaining read cloud, thanks for sharing
Yes the last expo is crazy, isn't it? It's well documented and everyone was complaining lol
I've never been to an expo before, it seems exciting but at the same time I wonder if we could enjoy the event in such jam-packed environment
Anyway, looking forward to the sequel of your adventure ~
2 måneder siden
AX is always chaotic, especially trying to get in. I missed out on it this year..(actually it's already last year)but I'm ready for AX 2020. Who knows I might come up to your stall and get a prize figure! I really love those keychains and the Miku pillow!
2 måneder siden
LemonMIntCat (2 måneder siden) #73200950Your TLDR is hilarious. Thanks for sharing your experience working at cons, seems kind of scary but fun (along with your normal job)! Hope you enjoy getting all your beautiful figures that you preordered this year!

Thank you! It took me awhile to think of a witty TL;DR (◡‿◡)

galablue (2 måneder siden) #73201087i'm waiting for "Confessions from an Anime Figure Hustler" to be published ... i'm sure it'll be an amazing read >:~)

Lol, I better get started on it ≥.≤
2 måneder siden
BlazeDazzleDusk (2 måneder siden) #73200925Amazing loot, especially the keychains and the sea girl Miku figure. That convention looks packed!

I really love Kayozia's keychain and designs. Here's a close up for one of the keychain I got from her:


back (darn I took a blurry one >_<)
If you're interested, she has a online store

Haha, the crowded picture is my favorite picture I like to show to people how crazy AX is >_<

SebastianLover (2 måneder siden) #73200928What a cool experience! I think this is the most unique way to get into collecting I've ever seen. Hustling plastic gods is every weeb's dream job.

Thanks! I think working at an anime shop would be an even bigger dream (๑✧◡✧๑)
2 måneder siden
Scones (2 måneder siden) #73200521I would never be able to work at a convention. I can act a bit, so I can for sure act like an extrovert, but that wouldn’t work out for me unless I imagined I was playing a character, and that’s not...the best foundation for social interaction, haha.
I’m highly confident around people but I don’t have that high energy, so I’d just be like “hey, and don’t even think about judging my introversion you bastard, welcome to AX.”
Anyways, tracking bears in the winter sounds nice. If anything, bears lead to your collecting. You wouldn’t have been at Fan Fusion if not for the bears’ hibernating. They are essential to the spread of weeb culture. Record that in a field report. XD
If I had the money, I’d probably get Memorial Dress Miku- I was on the fence about “do I even like her”, until I powered through my bad eyesight and noticed all the little accessories at the tops of her twintails, her green eyes, and ribbons in her hair. And then I realized that she was an elaborate masterpiece in a gorgeous dress with green-to-turquoise hair and thought “how did I not fall in love with this sooner, this is my ideal figure!”
I really like your writing style, so I’m hoping that you’ll review her. Anyways, this was an enjoyable read, thanks for taking the time to write it. :)

Years ago, when I volunteered, I was fresh out of high-school and I was tasked to sell artbooks, manga, and hentai at the convention and I was always too nervous wreck of just to say “hi there, do you have any questions about this or that?” I was more like “Hi welcome, I’m shy though so f off bro” actually I wanted to say that but I was too shy to even say that . I had quickly learn to mentally put on a “mask” just be confident, even if it’s temporary.

Now that I’m older, I developed the f-it mentality and if I botch a sentence in front of someone, I’d be like “eh, I’m not going to see them again…. Probably”.

Haha, I think it was just pure luck (or that the stars aligned perfectly) that allowed me to go to convention and I’ll definitely put that in my report XD

I think that the Memorial Dress Miku as the figure to end all other Miku figures. She’s so elaborate and detailed I was just in awe. The colors and transition is just too good too! I also love the fact that each accessory is a hidden reference to the songs she sang and it’s a perfect nod of her past that propelled Miku into who she is today. I really hope you do get her one day though~!!!

And many thanks, I always thought your writing style and creativity is literature level so coming from you means a lot to me (*^v^*)

Heartlessxox1 (2 måneder siden) #73200909Do you enjoy hustling figures? I would love to try it out, would you recommend it? Also, really awesome article, I've not seen many behind the scenes at cons before

I'm generally half-half about recommending it; it's sometimes fun and sometimes it sucks hard. You're generally on your feet for a good while and you sometimes want to explore the the convention but you are bound to the booth. The best part imo is meeting new people and talking to others about anime, manga, or games.

If you want, you can always try to volunteer as a staff for your local anime conventions. Depending the demand and your background, you're generally assisting attendees, dealing with the stage or sound check for panels, or if you're really lucky you shadow the guest of honor and they are your guide/time manager.

Also, they generally put you to work for like half (or even quarter) of the time so when your shift is done, you're free to explore to do whatever you want.

Of course, your mile may vary, and it all depends on how good is the convention staff.
2 måneder siden
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