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Milady-AllucaMilady-Alluca7 måneder siden
I’ve been dealing with an on and off crisis myself, as many others have written about these last few months. After all these years I’m turning an incredibly and uncharacteristically critical eye on my collection and newly judging which parts of it make me happy and which are just excess or depression-spending just to have something coming in the mail to deliver some serotonin to my anxiety-and-depression-strangled brain.

I’m not quitting collecting, but I feel like I’m finally starting to feel out what will be healthy steps to deciding what I actually like and how involved I want to be. I’m starting by making private lists to drop items and figures into so I can remove them from my owned list and feel less cluttered in my online presence and hub, and hopefully gently detach myself from those things so I can feel better about selling them off.

It’s even made me feel more confident when I see figures of what I actually want to own and what I’m just happy to admire. While saying I want to limit my collecting, I’m still incredibly excited for some figures and items and I kind of feel that with my new limitations, I am more comfortable knowing I DEFINITELY want these things!

ITEM #806094
This Gawain 1/8 scale from Alter is pretty high on my list because I am in love with the idea of his character and am very affectionate of his design. I have a huge collection of Gawain-centric doujinshi too, so having a beautiful figure of him to display will make me very happy, especially in my favorite scale and from a company I usually like! =w= <3

ITEM #781151
ITEM #946161
I fell in love with dolls a couple years ago and obsessively collect clothing for Picco Neemo and Pure Neemo dolls for OC customization. I loved Parfom doll proportions so when PHAT announced the ParDolls I just had to support them. I was excited for Red Riding Hood and the Babydoll variants but seeing Alice advertised at Wonderfest just made me go feral - her face and hair sculpt is perfect for my OC! Day one preorder for Alice no matter the price!!

ITEM #945050
I am not a follower of idol stuff but I’ve had a soft spot for idol designs and Shiki is just...so beautiful and fits my aesthetic. When I saw this was a prize figure for preorder I just HAD to PO her to see how she turns out. She’ll look cute on my princessy and pink display shelf! I felt that I could indulge in this unexepected PO since I’m clearing out a lot of older stuff I’m not so interested in anymore, which is a nice feeling.

I dunno that there was really much other point to this article other than to sort of...rant into my abyss of my own situation and relationship with collecting but I appreciate if anyone took the time to read.

Feel free to share 1-3 figures or items you’re really excited to eventually get in the comments, I’d love to see what others are looking forward to as well c:
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Has your collection ever made you feel overwhelmed after a time?

63%Yes it has
21%Maybe it has
16%No it has not
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I've felt overwhelmed before because I felt guilty and embarrassed about my hobby. I put away all my figures and was thinking about selling them. I even made an ad for one of them on mfc.

But after some encouragement from my family to not be ashamed of liking what I like, I took my figures back out and started to display them proudly again.

I really like the spirit of collecting things you're passionate about and get a lot of inspiration from the users on mfc. I'm glad to hear you're making good steps to finding what makes you happy <3
7 måneder siden
I'm so happy for you! ♥ It can be so hard to look inward and realize your life isn't what you want it to be, but going forward you can build better habits and have a collection which truly reflects you! Just remember that everything in your collection can come and go at your discretion. Sometimes I have struggled with buying something I like because it kinda feels like a step backwards (since I keep wanting to reduce). But collections are meant to be in flux because people change, too. So things can come and go to reflect that! :)

I've been excited to eventually get ITEM #865173 and ITEM #865173. The winter Mikus the past few years have been really cute and this one makes me fondly remember my marching band days. I love the style of this particular pullip along with the colors, it's one of those things where it made me think, "did they make this just for me?!" Lol.

Wishing you all the best in your future collecting endeavors!
7 måneder siden
I got in way over my head last year with collecting. Thankfully I didn't order anything I didn't want even if there were a few stress-escape purchases, but I got too many too fast, and my room looked like an otaku hoarder room for a while lol. I upgraded to my own place, so space is no longer an issue, but I still have to repay all the debt I racked up, and I don't want to collect at that pace again anyway as I think that was kind of unhealthy. I'd like to reach a point where I can save money yet still buy figures.

I am really excited about this Moriarty: ITEM #73969, this: ITEM #872872, and this new Sesshoumaru which I never expected since Inuyasha's been over for a long time: ITEM #945746 . Needless to say it's been a good WonFes for me.
7 måneder siden
She's still a long time coming, but I'm looking forward to ITEM #871661, still keeping my fingers crossed for the other Lords. I've also got ITEM #806036 and I'm definitely going to pre-order ITEM #872607.

I'm working at clearing up some space for a detolf or a desk to put more of my Nendos and Figmas. Most of the space is filled with scales now! I plan to put a few up for sale to make room for others down the line, since some of them were impulse or depression buys, and now I have some buyer's remorse for.
7 måneder siden
I have not preordered her yet but I am really looking forward to ITEM #872645

Also looking forward to getting my three Kotobukiya Kimetsu no Yaiba figures, I have them all preordered and I am especially psyched for Nezuko ITEM #813034 ITEM #813035 ITEM #813033

I have not reached a level of being overwhelmed yet - I started collecting 2+ years ago and my current figure collection stands at quite a healthy number of 53 (sold several figures, and still have a few going for sale) so I think I am still good. Storage is getting to be quite a problem, though.
7 måneder siden
I feel like I can relate, at some points I was definitely collecting because I was depressed or stressed out. After selling almost 2/3 of the figures I had, I feel somewhat back on track, there are still about 3 pre-orders I want to try to sell this year. Otherwise I feel pretty okay with what I have ordered, and the few figures on my wish-list( those I am interested in getting). As for the orders I am most excited for ITEM #901527, because she is so pretty. And ITEM #846015, he is adorable! I try to be very picky about my nendoroids as they were part of my problem with reckless over spending but I feel he has good faces and accessories making him something special. If I have to overthinking a figure, its not worth ordering. I guess I have a gut feeling for figures I really like. Both these that I listed I almost never go back and look at, with figures I regret ordering I tend to go back and look and nit-pick. So I am sticking with only figures that make my heart feel all funny ( not sure how to describe it).
7 måneder siden
Milady-Alluca7 måneder siden#75634773AskandTheAnswer7 måneder siden#75633357That Salter and Sakura look really cool, I can definitely see why you'd be excited for them! I hope the Sakura gets painted soon! I really love the Salter's hair sculpt, it's easy for her hair to sometimes look boring but that figure has a great and dynamic flow despite the steadfast pose. I've been wanting to make more room in my budget for art commissions since I want to collect those now! What other things do you like to collect? c:

Yes, i'm looking forward to her being painted, I love the look so far hoping her paint job does justice for the figure. Salter is definitely steadfast, but with alot going on in that figure, i feel it suits her. The poses of both definitely complement each other. I Like to collect art books, and japanese release bluray boxsets. I love the extras the japanese market get on release.
7 måneder siden
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
AnimeCowgirl337 måneder siden#75634579That's good that you've always felt comfortable with your collection. Sounds like you've got a good sense of calm with it c:
7 måneder siden
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
AskandTheAnswer7 måneder siden#75633357That Salter and Sakura look really cool, I can definitely see why you'd be excited for them! I hope the Sakura gets painted soon! I really love the Salter's hair sculpt, it's easy for her hair to sometimes look boring but that figure has a great and dynamic flow despite the steadfast pose. I've been wanting to make more room in my budget for art commissions since I want to collect those now! What other things do you like to collect? c:
7 måneder siden
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
OceanRoost7 måneder siden#75632035I can totally understand that brand of lifted weight, it feels good to not be spending as much and having to accomodate as much stuff;; I truly wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide and however you decide you might need to cull your collection! It can be stressful to start but in my experience the relief and light feeling makes it worth it ;v;
7 måneder siden
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