Kommentarer My very first figure order

  • Welcome!!! That is one sweet Samus figma and Nanachi! Made in the Abymss hits me right in the freaking feels every time I see Nanachi and Mitty...

    I hope you'll get Shiro and Miku!
    5 måneder siden
    Welcome! Hope you get your figurines soon ^^
    5 måneder siden
    Welcome to the hobby! I hope you can enjoy your figures soon!
    5 måneder siden
    Welcome onboard ;)
    5 måneder siden
    Welcome to the wonderful world of figures
    Couldn't say no to the Shiro PUP either!

    Joined MFC and began collecting figures about 2 years ago,
    but have been watching and subbing anime for quite awhile longer
    5 måneder siden
    I remember how excited I was the first time I ordered a figure. It was not so long ago, approximately a year ago, so I'm quite new too. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll love this hobby.
    5 måneder siden
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