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This blog is very image heavy!
It's time for another one of my cosplay blogs! My apologies in advance if some of the pictures are out of order or text mismatching. Some parts are also way more extensive or less extensive described, so let me know if there is anything you would like to know more of. This is an earlier made blog where I lost all image hosting and partially also the writing, so it was a very big puzzle to get it back again, I tried my best with what I had and really wanted to publish this blog for the completion of this cosplay project.

Without further ado: My latest cosplay is of my Elin character from the game TERA. Let me start with showing off my cutie in my favorite outfit of her!



Isn't she both adorable and beautiful? <3

Why make a cosplay of this Elin?

I used to be a really active TERA player when I was in college and have many fond memories of playing the game and customizing my different characters. Specifically Elins have an overload of cute outfits and nice accessory combinations. I've been wanting to make this cosplay since then, but I had so many other cosplay ideas come inbetween that finally in 2018 I started it!


Finding this perfect fabric late 2017 was my motivation to get really started on it once I had a free spot for a new project.

If you want to see more cute outfits of my Elin (which I will maybe cosplay later also), you can open the spoiler: View spoilerHide spoiler

Such a cute pirate! This would be fun for more laid-back cosplaying!

This one I wouldn't dare to cosplay but I like to show my character off!

Very nicely detailed costume, with the right fabrics it could work!

Making of the costume

This costume was quite interesting, because next to a lot of fabric parts with an uniquely structured fabric, I also wanted to make a big staff to go with her and her outfit.

Just like my previous cosplay blogs, I will talk about everything piece-by-piece and not chronologically. To avoid 'spoilers' in the wrong chapters, some pictures of the painting and assembling are at the end of this blog set. Enjoy my work in progress with commentary!

Testing for the gloves


Gloves are always an incredibly tricky part when making a costume. For every costume I've made so far with gloves I always made new patterns and tried new techniques to make said gloves, because I never was 100% satisfied with what I made before. When making a new cosplay I like to tackle the parts where I expect to have the most trouble with first.



I made test-gloves from an old summer dress. The fitting around my fingers needed some improvements, but I was quite pleased for a first try with a new pattern!

Testing for the jacket and shorts


As always, I grab tons of reference material and start with some basic sketching to get an idea of how the outfit fits together.


The jacket was actually more simple than it looked, being just 3 big main pieces of which 2 are mirrored from eachother. Now it came to finetuning the size and armholes.



Making a test jacket with some leftover fabrics! On purpose I used some more heavy fabrics, as the final fabric will also be like that.



The jacket was a bit too bulky and the armholes too big, but not bad for a first try-out of a newly made pattern!


I found the tip online that for good shorts, you should buy/grab your favorite type of sports shorts and retrace these for a pattern. I decided to follow this advice, as it was many years ago that I last made shorts, so my knowledge on this was quite rusty.



Here is version 2 of the jacket and version 1 of the shorts! The fit of the jacket is already a lot better and the split on the back shows the right amount of my shorts. The shorts themselves looked good at the back, but a bit bulky at the front, so they needed a lot more work.


Version 3 of the jacket where I am testing around and trying to improve on the big collar that will stand up.


Version 2 of the shorts with improved fitting, but not there yet!




The shorts were actually more finicky and a lot more work than expected! I was spending way more time on adjusting and changing small parts than I did with the jacket which looks way more complicated!



Version 4 of the jacket with version 3 of the shorts!



Also important for the jacket was to make patterns for all the gold detailing that will be on there. I will be making these separately as foam pieces.


There are also multiple bigger details in the gold parts as well, such as this huge piece at the back of her neck. I hope I can make this piece lightweight enough so it will still look good!

Patterns for the shoes


I bought some basic black shoes from the local second hand shop. The shoes are going to get covered in the same fabric were the jacket and shorts will be made with.


On these shoes are very cute details of little golden wings!

Patterns for the bracelet and head wings


My cute little Elin also wears these pretty big bracelets and has bat-like 'headwings'.

Patterns for the staff

For the staff, I chose one of the more complicated designs in the game, as a challenge for myself, but also because I love the looks of it!


Making the pattern wasn't as easy as it seemed, as all the reference material I could find was quite low quality.




I needed to do quite some revisions, especially because I could not find a frontal view of the main piece of the staff, so a lot of redrawing was needed!


Next to the top piece, the middle piece and bottom piece are also quite detailed!


Adjusted to the right size on the PC, I reprinted the patterns.


I noticed I missed out on some details, so I needed to redraw some parts~

Working on the staff


Getting the foam ready for the first sculpting!




I made both sides separate pieces to be re-attached later as it would be easier with sculpting.






First I'm carving the outlines for the different shapes. It was for me easier to first detail a certain part on one of them and then switch to copying it on the other.




As with all handwork, there will be some differences between the two.


Here you can see how 'deep' the carving goes for me to be able to create 3D-details later.





Now it's finally time to start with the actual 3D carving! In early stages this looks really messy, but the end result will be worth it!


It's funny to put 3D and non-3D parts together like this!


After cleaning up a lot of the mess and smoothing a lot of edges~



How much difference it makes!




Both halves did not fit together very well, so a lot of recutting was needed.


Now they are ready to get undercoated!


Which is a loooong and sloooow process with this material as the foam sucks up a lot of the glue, meaning you have to use tons of layers that take many hours to dry...


While that was drying, I started working on the bottom detailing part of the staff!






After some more detailing and it being ready to undercoat, I started on the next part for the staff!


The above pattern is for the edges around the ball on top of the staff. The other two are round 'bracelets' of detail also found near the top of the staff.








Undercoating progress for both the details and main top staff part~


The details on the staff were getting closer to completion!


The top part of the staff continues to get smothered in many layers of undercoat!


Many...many layers. This foam absorbs A LOT.


Work on the undercoating was coming along nicely, but it's hard to put into words how scary and tiresome it was to work on this piece. Next to the not-undercoated parts being extremely fragile, the undercoating itself took so much time!




To give an idea of how much attention had to be dealt while undercoating, here is a close-up of an part with the top undercoated, but the areas inbetween only having a couple of layers.


Here is an example of the top having ~3 layers of undercoat and inbetween nothing yet.


Versus a part where most of the inside-parts and top are coated. Still there are quite some missed parts and small errors to fix. A lot of the undercoat had to be applied by toothpick.


An example of the undercoat setting well and being used to hide seamlines.



The staff head fully undercoated and ready to get painted! (See the final parts of these blog sets for painting related pictures, had to skip the parts of the bottom staff getting painted to avoid spoilers as well.)


I had all the loose parts mostly finished for the staff, so I was testing around with how everything should fit. I decided that the pole of the staff will go through the plastic ball for optimal sturdiness!



For the blue-ish see-through effect of the ball at the top of the staff, I needed to paint many layers of very thinned down blue paint on top of them.


Preparing the golden staff head for painting the black parts.



With the painting of all parts done, the assembly of the staff could start!


And this was a lot more tricky than it seemed! The PVC pipe base was very sturdy, but the attached parts were so much bigger, although light-weight, that I ended up having to make this special drying place consisting of cardboard boxes with the exact needed sizes. I was using some very high quality glue, but it had a drying time of 72 hours! So I was running back and forth a lot on (re-)attaching small pieces and then waiting for it to dry again.


While the main parts of the staff were drying, I was experimenting a bit with adding lights to the staff. Unfortunately a couple of small paint mishaps get enhanced, but overall I was very excited about the color effect after adding a light to the ball!


Now I was going to attach all the golden details for the staff ball before experimenting some more with lights. I thought the color combination looked cool with all that gold and blue!



The gluing of the staff itself was getting along nicely, although progress was oh-so-slow because of the drying times and having to do most parts about 3 times before it was finished.



With the golden details now properly attached, I was happy to see how much light already shone through it, making it look quite like it's radiating light already!


Buuuuuuuuut, I'm going to add actual lights as I want this effect to be more dramatic!


The tape and bubble wrap is to diffuse the light, otherwise you would see very glaring 'light dots' coming out of the ball.



It needed a lot of patience and a lot of glue with everything piece by piece slowly getting together.



Small parts needed to be adjusted, clamped together and then dry again for the 3 days. I did like where the result was going!

The ears

My Elin also has a cute pair of bat-like ears on top of her head!




The inside of the ears have quite some detail! I also carved a part of it, to get more of a 3D-effect.


I started with making the earrings...


...to realize something was off after I put them together...then I saw...I forgot to put the layers of the ears together before piercing them! D'oh!


So I had to detach some parts and newly undercoat and/or paint them before piercing and finishing again.



After re-doing the ears, they were finally ready for re-assembly again!


'Piercing' the ears was a lot of fun! On purpose I made the pierced holes a bit too big, so the rings move around a bit as I move:



For attaching the ears to the wig, I had bought a heavy quality head band, of which I will let the wires go through the hair, so I can easily attach the ears. Then the wig can be worn with the headband inside.


Here you can see a few of the wires peeking through. The wig by the way, is the same as my Lilith one, but a bit restyled. If you want to see how I made the Lilith one, I have a cosplay diary blog of that cosplay as well: BLOG #31529 .


The first wing is attached! It was done by sewing the wing to the wires by hand.


After quite some more labor later...ta-dah! Finished wig with ears!

The shoes


I started with the foam parts for the shoes!




Making the fabric boot covers for the shoes.







Multiple of the details on the shoes needed a bend, which I mostly let happen naturally by laying the items on surfaces where it would bend away from.





It started to look quite good, if I say so myself!


These were going to become the soles and heels of the shoes, as I wanted them to be a matching red instead of the original black with leftover glue showing.








Assembling these went a lot smoother than expected! *knocks on wood*


It was time to start attaching the golden details to the shoes!




These are the golden details that are going to be on the outside tongue of the shoes.





Luckily I buy these pins in bulk for cheap.


The shoes being almost finished! Needed some small final touches and re-attaching the wings, but was quite pleased with the result!

Coat emblem

On the coat are multiple small emblems, on which I realized some sculpting would really enhance the looks on these parts.




Undercoating the first emblem, and still some undercoat work to be done for the bottom part of the staff!

Making the gloves

The top of the gloves have a pair of wings, which I also decided to sculpt to give the most detailed type of wings.


Guess which anime I am watching in the background, haha!



At this point they just look like weird bananas to me.



Inside the 'big wings', there are also 'smaller wings', which ended up being a lot harder to sculpt than expected!


Rough first version put together. It needed a lot more fixing than other parts that I sculpted in a similar way. These parts were a lot more fragile and hard to work with!


These wings are being held on rather generic looking bracelets.




The bracelets had a bit of depth, which I was planning to replicating by adding some layers on the inside.




Gluing multiple parts of the bracelet together and working some more on undercoats on other parts!




Meanwhile I also started working on the fabric parts for the gloves!


It was time to sew the gloves together and oh man, do I hate making gloves! It's really finicky work and on top of that, this specific fabric is not really meant to make gloves of, so it needed a lot of adjustments... Looking back on it, I wished I had also invested in heated fabric scissors as the fabric was fraying like crazy...



The gloves needed some reinforcements here and there, but were almost finished!



The fabric I used for this costume is not ideal fabric for gloves, because of the high amount of thin thread used for the detailing on it. It was a real nightmare trying to make these look as clean as possible. It needed a lot of cutting and gluing off borders.

And oh boy was I glad that this fabric part was almost over, making gloves is always such a hard part, although it looks so simple. I'm still not completely satisfied with my sewing work on these gloves, but I had to go on with the costume to be able to finish it on time. Next time I'm making gloves, I'm trying out some new techniques again.



The assembly of the golden parts that will be at the top of the gloves.


Glove one was almost finished now! The weird fit at the fingers needed more work (I made them too long on purpose to have room to cut off frayed ends if needed).


I then also continued with the attachment of the wing pieces to the glove.



The first glove was now fully ready! Repeat the process for the second one.

Making the jacket


The fabric I had bought for this cosplay was soooo pretty! I have quite some leftovers from it too, so I hope to have a project in a while where I can use this beautiful material again! Maybe as some covers on bases for my Garage Kits!





First up: Sewing a nice border around the armholes. I wanted to make sure the fabric wouldn't fray here.


Beautiful fabric I can't stop looking at!



And here is the first rough put-together for the coat!



Re-measuring and adjusting the patterns for all the details that will be added to the coat!


I started with the part of the collar, as that is the hardest part with it's weight and experimenting on how I should keep it pointing up.


I feel like this costume is 75% of my time undercoating things...



These are the top parts of the collar details!


After a high amount of layers of undercoat, the emblems were also coming along nicely~


I also started on some of the bottom parts. This is more tricky than expected!



These are going to be some of the borders on my coat.



One of my favorite parts of working on a costume is when it's time to paint! Suddenly those 'boring' looking pieces which I spend so much time undercoating on, start looking finished!


I had to make this piece in 2 layers to be attached later. The fabric will be attached inbetween.


This piece had to get curved, because it was going to be placed around the neck, so I let it bend naturally again.


A lot of the borders of the coat in separate pieces, ready to get their first layers of undercoat.



Laying out and puzzling which piece should get attached to which other piece. It might look quite small on the picture, but these parts are taking up a big chunk of my floor space!


I also took the time to re-heat and re-bend multiple parts, to make them looking smoother.



I had to change the furniture/item my collar was lying on every now and then to be sure the right bending would get in there.


It was now time to start attaching the collar to the earlier finished fabric parts of the coat!



The drying time was quite slow and needed a lot of layers of glue to be able to blend well into a look where it seems like they almost were made of one piece. (I couldn't make them from one piece from the start, because they do not sell foam plates or rolls this big as the sizes I needed for the coat.)




The coat borders to the neck were almost fully attached now. And no worries about the showing of where the clothes pins were in the border, this dents back in original shape over time.


There is a very detailed piece on the collar of the coat, so I decided to sculpt this too!




Similar method to the other sculpting work, first outlines, then making those deeper, after that getting to the '3D look'.


I really like seeing the differences of 'with' and 'without' the depth sculpting!


I'm pretty pleased with how this was turning out!


Undercoating had to be done very carefully here, because I had to make these parts very thin to still be wearable on the collar.


Attaching the foam parts to the fabric parts was so much finicky work and required so much patience and drying time that I hope I won't have to do it anytime soon anymore with another cosplay...


Adding the emblem.



Finishing the last bit of the coat borders.




After the painting was done, the hellish task of attaching all the borders to the fabric parts was up.



I really felt like I was Frankenstein-ing this piece of clothing...


Eventually it started looking pretty good! Over time the dents of the clothes pins would also bump back.




This took such a huge amount of time as I could only do it in small intervals. I also had to lay down the coat in specific ways so the drying would work well.



I was so busy with the other borders around the fabric, that I almost forgot about the 'tailhole' this outfit also needed. At the back of the coat, there will be a spot where my fake tail comes out of. I made the border in a similar way as the rest of the outfit.



Sorry for the dirty mirror, did not realize until I put the pictures on my computer.

Meanwhile, almost all of the cloak was put together!



So now there was the challenge left of making the fit correct and have everything fully wearable. The front will get closed by a hidden zipper. For the neck piece some extra 'help' was needed in the neck so it would stay in place and not feel too heavy for me.


The jacket needed careful placement while it was drying with all the details added on them.


Once the basic drying was gone, I could work on the placement of the closure-pieces and improving the fitting.



The coat was wearable, but needed quite a bit more tweaking, especially with some foam parts in an awkward position.


At first I was working with a bra-hook system to close the coat, which in the end was also supported by additional velcro pieces.


The tailhole was more complicated to measure out than expected!

Making the pants




Did you already notice I like making close-ups of this fabric?


Because of the pants being so high-waisted I need a big zipper to comfortably get in and out of it.


The first rough version of the pants!


Attaching the zipper.


I thought of cleaning my mirror this time, but now it is wet, dammit. Here is the first look of the pants before I did some more form-fitting! On purpose I made it a bit bodysuit-like as there is a high chance the top part of the coat can (partially) open and also in the original design no skin is to be seen here, so I wanted to be sure to not accidentally expose any midriff. Also this was pre-stepping up with my exercising, so I still have the thighs, but a flatter stomach when I actually started wearing the costume.



My mirror gets dirty in a matter of hours safdjhakdhskjf After some more adjustments I did a new fitting of the pants. It was a bit saggy here and there and needed more work, but the overall shape was what I was aiming for!


I made this belt-loop system which was only visible at the back, to ensure the highwaisted pants would stay on and were strong enough to support the tail. This was the only way I could think of attaching a belt without it being visible from the front of the costume.

Wrist bracelets

My Elin also wears quite detailed wrist bracelets. My start on these bracelets was quite special! I was asked by a small local event if I wanted to host a 'live cosplay working table', which I happily agreed to. I spend the day making these bracelets from start to about 50% finish. Unfortunately I forgot to make any actual progress pictures during the day, because I was so busy! Lots of people visiting and asking questions!

I also had some other parts of the cosplay I was working on during that time on display at the table.


The base is there, it just needs a lot more depth!




It was finally time to add some more details to the bracelets and put some more speed into finishing these parts!



Putting them together needed quite some strength and glue!



The wrist bracelets were done detailing and undercoating!

I forgot to make a picture during the painting...


...and here we had the finished result!

The tail


Working on all those other details will almost let you forget that this character has a tail! After some failed tail-attempts for other costumes and this character having a big and bushy tail, I decided to go for a chicken-wire base that will be covered with fake-fur-fabric.



Working with chicken-wire on something that has a specific shape is not easy! I had to use my exercise weights to hold all the stuff down and got quite some scratches on my hands from working with this material!!


Directly after cutting, I would wrap the ends together and bend the wire a bit to the desired shape. I needed to continually place my weights to the right spots so that the chicken wire wouldn't drop back and attack me.


After losing a bit of blood here and there and putting a lot of weight and strength on this thing, we had something that resembled the shape of a tail a bit!


Now the fabric parts could be worked on.


This material was so fluffy that whenever I worked on it, I cleaned the whole room afterwards, but would still find fluffy black pieces all over the house up to a week later!





The first version of the tail was finished (and I finally did not have to touch that chicken wire again!).



It was time to make fixes to the tail to let it look more like...uh...an animal instead of a clump of fabric. On these pictures the bottom part is partially finished.







I sewed a piece of fabric starting on the inside of the tail, to the outside. This made a 'loop' so the tail could be worn on the belt inside my shorts.


And here is the tail when worn with the pants! I was very pleased with the result.

Stage props: TERA letters and treasure chest

Because this costume was going to enter an act competition, it increases the chances of having to make stage props depending on your ideas. The idea for my act was to replicate one of my favorite events in the game, in which you had to collect the 4 letters of the game's name, that would spawn randomly at location. I remember it being quite a chore to find my last missing one! So, my act will have the conclusion that I find my last missing letter after already having the other 3 for a while.


Stage props don't need to be of high quality or expensive material, as it's even common in the theater world that these get demolished/trashed after they have been used. In my case, the letters had to be printed in a very big size so it could be read by the audience.


I wanted it to be able for the letters to stand upright, so I had to give them a 'photo frame' backside.



Getting the letters to stand well upright was a bit more work than expected.


After some more work, my TERA-letters could now all stand up right and were finished as stage prop!


I wanted my character to find the last letter in a treasure chest. The chest is a papercraft printed in a big size, which I will attach and assemble on cardboard for more sturdiness.



It's been a long time since I did papercraft, so this felt quite nostalgic!



Assembling a papercraft made from cardboard takes a lot more patience, glue and strength than a regular papercraft. I would absolutely not recommend making a papercraft from such sturdy cardboard like I am doing now, unless you also need it as a (stage) prop for cosplay.



Attaching velcro to the front flap of the chest to make opening/closing it easier. On purpose I chose for opening the front flap instead of the top. This way, during the act, the audience can see the reveal of the letter instead of me having to lift it awkwardly from the top.



After adding a small light in there, the chest was now finished!


The last part of the stage props was simple, I had this big piece of leftover fabric, which I put together as a drawstring bag. This is the bag I would be carrying around my TERA letters in during the act.

Bonus pictures


With so much different parts having quite some drying time, this was a common look for the room in which I did my crafts. Depending on the material, glue and/or undercoat used, drying time was about 1-3 days each time. So yes, that means that with some pieces I could only make some small progress on 2 times a week!







Different parts getting painted and undercoated (I put them in the back of this blog as otherwise they would 'spoil' the creation showing of a separate piece. In general I forget a lot of times to make pictures of painting because I mostly have to do it outdoors and will be wearing gloves.


It happened very regularly that I had everything ready to get to painting and then I look outside and... unexpected rain. *sigh* So then I'll have to postpone my painting for at least another day.


I was very happy with the chalkish-grey color I ended up finding!


An overview of multiple parts when the costume was ~80% finished.


The paint I mainly use changed it's packaging recently and I had to laugh so much at this image. Can you imagine someone picking up this spray can with 0 knowledge of how to use spray paint and then just following this picture and spraying that crap indoors without any kind of masking? Your walls would be ruined! :')

Test fitting and changes


When a costume is near completion my crafts room always looks like a mess! An organized mess nevertheless.





The first full fitting brought some more issues with it than expected but I was happy that my exercise routine to have a flatter stomach worked!.
- I thought only tights would be enough, but I definitely would need to wear a fully bodysuit because of risk of accidentally showing bra or too much skin.
- The look of pants was absolutely horrible when everything was worn together with the belt tugging at the tail, so that needed resizing.
- The detailed neckpiece was tugging on my neck so badly, I had to restructure the inside of the coat to make sure it wouldn't choke me.
- Details on the shoes swept to the side easily, so I needed to change the way those were hold up as well.
- The tail was a lot more uncomfortable to wear than expected when the full outfit was on, so I needed to make changes there.
- Some other smaller fixes.


Most of this work wouldn't give really interesting progress pictures, as it was just changing small parts of existing things, but here is a few:


For the bodysuit I was lucky I still had the bodysuit I used for Chi-Chi cosplay.com/cos... around. A few small changes and the removal of some velcro strips and it was good to go! View spoilerHide spoilerFor the people interested, very recently I managed to find 5+ years old pictures from me and a Master Roshi cosplayer! Added in this album: cosplay.com/cos... .


Here I am adding extra upholstery for the back part of the coat. The fix isn't that good looking, but the deadline for the competition was drawing closer...

Another fitting


I had a few more nitpicks to work on, but this version was already a lot better!



The staff had now also finished drying! I think I'm the most proud of this part of the costume, this has been so far the most elaborate carving I have done for a cosplay.


Some more fixing to the coat, but we are slowly reaching the end...!

The convention - Animecon 2019 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The time for the competition was near and it was a very busy and strange experience! Just before the convention we got the news about my husband getting a job on the other side of Europe and shortly after the convention he would leave. Even if I was not leaving the Netherlands myself yet, I knew I would not visit much (or any) conventions anymore, because with the amount of things I do at the average event (having a stand, giving lectures, helping with bootleg checks, sometimes have a small display area for collectibles, sometimes also enter or judge cosplay competitions and this list can go on), it was not possible for me to do this alone and I didn't want to reel in a friend or family member to train them how to assist in all these things. It was maybe also a bit nice in a way for the universe to decide on this being the (partial) retirement of all the cosplaying and volunteer work I have been doing for these events. It was a lot of fun, but the stress, amount of time and money pit it was, well after doing this for around 15 years, I guess I could really say...I became too old for this. This does not mean that this is my last costume or event visit. I was already working on my Ymir ITEM #18544 costume when I was in my final slower phases of this costume. So my Ymir costume I will finish for sure. I also would like to enter it in a competition. Depending on how my re-entering in the convention community goes in the new country I live in, it will probably make me decide to either actually retire...or get back into it again? We will see!

Back to this event, it was a cheerful, but a bit bittersweet gathering where mainly we were all saying goodbyes to my husband and even though I did not officially announce anything yet, I think a lot of people realized my 'retirement' as I indeed got multiple people asking questions about it. Many of our shared friends visit anime/gaming/comic conventions as well, so it was a bit of a surreal way to see a lot of people coming together to say goodbyes even though the news was so abrupt of him leaving for a new job.

The competition


As always the competition day is a busy day of running around to make sure you are on time in full costume for the different events that are planned for you (rehearsal, pre-judging, photoshoot etc.). I only remembered at one point to make a quick shot of my cosplay backstage.

I mainly remember from this day how hot it was! This convention was for the first time in a new location and already on day 1 (the competition was on day 3) I noticed myself sweating while just wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Me and many other visitors regularly asked building and convention staff to please put the AC higher, but I think they were not used to handling such huge amounts of people at the same time in this building, because even though they assured us that AC was at it's highest it was still very warm the whole time. On day 3 it was just as hot and it was absolutely dreadful to be in a full bodysuit and wear a costume with such a high neck. Every chance I got to take it partially off backstage I did...

So without further ado, a recording of my entry in the competition!

I ended up not winning anything, which was according to my expectations: Extremely professional cosplayers enter every year. I always enter to have fun, share some love for a character/franchise and show off the costume I have been working on.

Here a gallery of pictures made during the competition:

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Kees Stravers

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Kees Stravers

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Kees Stravers

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Jeroen Weimar

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Jeroen Weimar

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Jeroen Weimar

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Jeroen Weimar

You might have noticed that the quality of my stage pictures is lower than other years where I entered this competition...even though it's the same photographers as always! This is because the light on the stage was dramatic compared to the set-up of earlier locations. Oh well, I'm still glad to have these pictures, as photographs can capture a certain moment very different to how it looks on video.


Normally I would have an outdoor photoshoot at some point with a new costume, but as I was already expecting my life to be turned upside down soon, I made use of the photobooth available at the convention and kept in mind it might be my only photoshoot chance (which it turned out to be).

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Nozlan

I really loved the light in the photographer his booth!

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Nozlan

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Nozlan

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Nozlan

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: Nozlan

My favorite picture from the shoot! My only regret? Not having a picture from the back of the outfit! It shortly shows in the video and that is the only proof I have of the detailed neckpiece!

Picture in higher resolution here: cosplay.com/pho... Photographer credit: n8e

I also got this picture by n8e, the official cosplay competition entry photographer. If I would have ended up winning anything in the competition, this would have been my official entry picture that would also have been used for promotional material.

What next?

As I unfortunately had to make choices on what I could take with me on my emigration, a lot of my cosplays were given away, trashed or disassembled to the original materials. From this cosplay I kept the wig and ears and I kept the staff as I really liked my result and hope to find a nice display place for it in my new apartment. This unfortunately means I'll never have a proper outdoor photoshoot with this cosplay, but yeah...choices had to be made and I was under a severe time-constraint.

When I left the Netherlands I took my half-finished Ymir from Queen's Blade Rebellion ITEM #18544 costume with me. Whatever happens, I really want to finish that cosplay at one point. Very recently I moved into my new apartment and my main focus is unboxing what I own and setting up the figure collection. Once that is finished, I want to pick up multiple of my crafts activities again, such as working on that cosplay. You can expect a walktrough blog of the Ymir costume at one point, but it might take some time as I have other priorities now and no specific competition or deadline to work towards to.

And as promised, for every new blog, I will fix an older blog. This time I have fixed my previous cosplay project walkthrough:
Cosplay walkthrough blog of Calne Ca: BLOG #42827

Thank you for reading this very long blog! My next blog will probably be another loot blog, see you there!
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Sazako11 måneder siden#78469410Hey Maakie,
As always a really detailed article I really appreciate it and from the photos and the description the amount of work you must have put into building the cosplay, especially the Staff. I hope you learnt something and most importantly had fun Building it. it is very cute and so is your character. Yes MMO characters you can form a very special attachment to them!
I really enjoyed the article! Thank you for your hard work!

Thanks for enjoying the blog and cosplay! :) I definitely learned a lot, especially when it comes to sculpting. And yes! My Elin means a lot to me! <3 
11 måneder siden
Hey Maakie,

As always a really detailed article I really appreciate it and from the photos and the description the amount of work you must have put into building the cosplay, especially the Staff. I hope you learnt something and most importantly had fun Building it. it is very cute and so is your character. Yes MMO characters you can form a very special attachment to them!

I really enjoyed the article! Thank you for your hard work!
11 måneder siden
Cloudberry11 måneder siden#78154729Thanks for the walkthough! After reading your Calne Ca guide, I'm not surprised that you go all out for your cosplays!
Even if you didn't win, I still think your Elin cosplay is still awesome and I hope you'll finish your Ymir cosplay.

Hehe, thank you! Although Calne Ca was definitely a lot more complicated than this one! And for Ymir I feel like that one in complexity is inbetween my Elin and Calne Ca.

The last few days I've been doing a picture dump of progress I have made before my emigration: cosplay.com/cos... (I recommend you to look from bottom to top, because it automatically sorts newest on top). A blog like this for that costume I will make later as well! :) I'm not really expecting to be able to work much (if anything) on this costume this year, but I might complete it in 2021?
11 måneder siden
Thanks for the walkthough! After reading your Calne Ca guide, I'm not surprised that you go all out for your cosplays!

Even if you didn't win, I still think your Elin cosplay is still awesome and I hope you'll finish your Ymir cosplay.
11 måneder siden
solluxcaptor11 måneder siden#78050663Wow, it looks amazing!! I love those stage photos. It's clear how much effort you put into it even down to the performance.
And woah that is a WHOLE lot of work. I haven't made a big cosplay project of my own in a while, honestly a big part of why I stopped making everything from scratch is that I would get so incredibly stressed during the making process that it became not worth it for me. These days I just tend to buy and make/add small things I need to save myself the headache.
I really admire the craftwork and skill and all that time and effort!

Thank you for the encouragement! ^///^ And yeah what you describe is the reason I give myself a loooong away deadline. I mostly plan a year for an outfit, and depending on how the progress goes, it is sometimes done multiple months before the event takes place. :)
11 måneder siden
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Wow, it looks amazing!! I love those stage photos. It's clear how much effort you put into it even down to the performance.

And woah that is a WHOLE lot of work. I haven't made a big cosplay project of my own in a while, honestly a big part of why I stopped making everything from scratch is that I would get so incredibly stressed during the making process that it became not worth it for me. These days I just tend to buy and make/add small things I need to save myself the headache.
I really admire the craftwork and skill and all that time and effort!
11 måneder siden
ddarko11 måneder siden#78050105Woah, that is a lot of work! The end result looks amazing though :)!

Thank you for the nice comment! :)
11 måneder siden
Woah, that is a lot of work! The end result looks amazing though :)!
11 måneder siden
Milady-Alluca11 måneder siden#78049297I think it's always cool to see the process behind the costumes, thanks so much for taking the time to share yours and to be so detailed with the write up and photos!
I thought it was pretty cool (but must be so time consuming and make such a mess!) how you carved into the foam!

Thank you for enjoying this blog! :) The staff, and specifically the foam parts, were the most time consuming of the whole outfit, but I think it was worth it!
11 måneder siden
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
I think it's always cool to see the process behind the costumes, thanks so much for taking the time to share yours and to be so detailed with the write up and photos!
I thought it was pretty cool (but must be so time consuming and make such a mess!) how you carved into the foam!
11 måneder siden
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