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Hello MFC and well this was sooner than expected! Yes I know what you're thinking! "Where's Saeki Ai?" Well that review is on the way but before we take a look at her I want to share with you Daiki's Mitarai Yuuna from the Seishoujo Eroge Starless 21st Century Nymphomaniacs!

Category: Pre-painted
Origin: Starless ENTRY #1399
Character: Mitarai Yuuna ENTRY #6808
Company Daiki Kougyou ENTRY #7645
Artists: Katagiri Katsuhiro ENTRY #8326
Color Producer: Sakura ENTRY #86106
Materials: ABS/PVC
Scale: 1/6
Release: 28/05/2017
Price: £108.00
Bought from Mandarake.

About StarlessAbout Starless
Starless is an Eroge made by Empress/Will Plus based on the artwork by Seishoujo, it revolves around Sawatari Yukito who feels lucky to land a summer job at an extravagant mansion working for the Mamiya family, little does he know that this part time job will lead to him having to cater to the whims of the mansions occupants including the head of the Mamiya family Marie Mamiya who isn't as nice as she seems....

About MitaraiAbout Mitarai
Mitarai Yuuna is a mild mannered girl who happens to apply for the summer job at the mansion the same time as Sawatari to help fund her brothers operation, she tries her best in everything she does and even if it's something she doesn't want to to do, she will do it regardless if it means she can help her family. She is shy and easily embarrassed and finds it hard to cope with being the center of attention.

Made by a sculptor I've not heard of before however looking at their achievements to date Katagiri Katsuhiro has worked with some reputable companies including Hobby Japan, Daiki of course and Amakuni, they also worked with Keumaya on the Hyper Nurse series so that's actually quite an impressive CV! Sakura the color producer is equally impressive as they have worked with Good Smile Company, Phat Company, FuRyu, Orange Rouge and of course Daiki to name a few!

Now when this figure was first announced I was super excited, as I love Mitarai and it was awesome to see Starless receiving more figures however I was skeptical as it was Daiki and lo and behold when the prototype pics went up I was not impressed, so why have I bought her now you ask? Well as it looks more and more unlikely that we'll get another Mitarai figure I decided to cave and see first hand whether she looks better in person.......

Telephone cardTelephone card

As this figure of Mitarai is based on her telephone card illustration the box represents this well, it's covered in the patterns and decorations that you can see used in the background art of the card and has a giant window with red border to catch your eye and get you to go in for a close up view! The sides aren't that much different from each other with a front look and a slight angled shot to showcase the full look of the figure. The back shows you another front pic and back shot as well as the original illustration telephone card, note there's no sticker of authenticity here but you can tell if the figure is legit by the special Daiki tape used to seal the box. Yes bootlegs exist so be vigilant when buying! The box inlay is what you would expect as it is the original background used in the card, so I was pleased to see they included this.
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As this is a simple figure you won't find loads of accessories like you would expect with SkyTube figures but what you do get is 2 pairs of bendable metal glasses, some strawberries to hold in her hand and 3 small strawberries for display.
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Well here we go again, yep Daiki in their usual I can't be asked fashion has supplied us with a NO WAIT WHAT!!??? An awesome amazing... oh wait yeah it's ANOTHER boring disc base!!! OH YAY! We haven't seen one of these before! Honestly I'm sick to death of this laziness from companies, especially when you consider the price you're paying for the figure, would it have killed them to provide a fluffy rug like base, just something a bit different, apparently yes, as the one thing I hate about Daiki figures is they just don't bother when it comes to the base and yeah sure the base isn't he main focus as the figure themselves are but a real good base can enhance the figure so much (case in point Ayame by Alpahamx: ITEM #676029 Almost the same price!) and make them interesting and eye catching. so yes I was extremely annoyed and un-surprised to see the revenge of the ginormous disc base! This is huge, I mean proper I'm going to consume as much space as possible huge! I'm talking just over 8 inches in circumference huge! So yeah I'm not going to keep going on but lets just say that Daiki have once again lost points here.
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The sculpt is well done as Katsuhiro has done a good job in bringing Mitarai's curvaceous body into the 3D realm! Points to note are: The creases & wrinkles in her socks and gloves, the indent of her belly button, the bone structure of her neck and belly, the curvature of her spine, the braids of her hair, the inside of her ears, and her shapely breasts and booty.
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Now as Sakura has worked with some big named companies you would expect a top tier paint job, well at least one that's worth the money and although she looks nice I can't help but think they could have done better, there's barely any shading on the skin, the hair, her nipples and the leaves for the strawberries. I can't fault the the painting quality, as Sakura did deliver, as I can't see any run offs or sloppiness so they did excellent job there but despite this I still feel that more could have been done to help her match the illustration better.
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Well as you've seen in the original illustration there isn't really many display options for Mitarai, you can display her as SFW or you can cast her off for the fully nude option which stays true to the illustration. Changing her display is quite simple, all you need to do is remove her arms, head and leg to cast her off. So pretty simple, of course watch out for paint transfer as her hair touches her back and will rub off.
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Mitarai is actually quite big for a 1/6, here she is with Dragon Toy's Marie Mamiya 1/6 which in comparison she is just that bit bigger but it's not too noticeable however put her with some other scale figures and you'll soon see the difference.

Here she is next to Sari Utsugi by Alphamax who is also a 1/6

MegaHouse Nami Portrait Of Pirates 1/8

Mitarai sadly does not live up to the original illustration, Alphamax or even Dragon Toy would have done better than this, her face is not right with or without the glasses and the fact she isn't close to the strawberries looks strange, speaking of the glasses, these are a nightmare to deal with! Bending the metal to make them look like glasses and fitting them to her face is a task and half, as getting them to be the right length is difficult and bending them into shape makes you feel like they could snap at any moment, this is why I've not done pics of her with the other half shaped glasses, as I had a real annoying time just bending into shape the other ones. As mentioned the lack of skin tone shading makes her look way too pale, there is possibilities of paint transfer with the cast off, the giant disc base is just well you know I feel about that...., she's a barbie down there, yep Daiki didn't even bother with that area, she has grey marks on her gloves and stockings and the one thing that irks me the most is the underwear, it's white rubber that if stretched will start to deteriorate and show marks, as you've seen in the pics the bra has snapped and is not fixable because it's rubber, yes I know that the underwear was used to give her a SFW display option but honestly it would have been way better if they had used plastic ones and not rubber it looks cheap and nasty.

All in all is she worth the money? Well yes and NO, Yes, as a nice ero figure that has a SFW and NSFW option she's pretty and does have some degree of quality about her and as mentioned she is simple and alluring, her nude display option gives her a feel of eroticism rather than being lewd, the pose has a artistic feel and as you've seen she is a great candidate for ero photography, so, yes for this she's worth it.

No, because this is not Mitarai, I'm sorry Daiki but you really dropped the ball on this one, her face just doesn't feel right, a Mitarai look alike maybe but not one that actually looks like her character there's too much here that dejects from the original illustration, I'm not asking for it to be perfect, as I know it takes a good degree of hard work to produce a scale figure but I feel Daiki really went half assed on this one and rushed it just to get her released, I really do hope we get another Mitarai figure in the future hopefully from Alphamax or Dragon Toy (preferably Alphamax!) but if this is the best Mitarai I'm going to get well it's better than nothing I guess. I can't say I'm dissatisfied with my purchase and want my money back but I will say is she is not worth the money I paid but because it's Mitarai and Starless she is now going up in the aftermarket, so if you still want to get her I'd advise getting her before she gets to the ludicrous price of Dragon Toy's Marie Mamiya which is currently going for around 17,000-23,000 JPY! I might add that yes we did get a new figure of Mitarai and a lot of Starless fans were happy about this until we found out she was a Won Fes exclusive and was limited to the shocking amount of 20! ITEM #916292 Really Newline? 20!??? It's a shame as I'm sure a lot of fans would have bought this one, me included!

The Mitarai figure I'd love to see would be one based on this illustration, this is one of my fav pics of her:
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Availability at time of writing:
AmiAmi (check pre-owned)
Mandarake: order.mandarake...
Solaris: solarisjapan.co...
You could also try Yahoo Japan Auctions and E-Bay but be wary of those bootlegs!

Well a bit of a mixed review this time round, I guess you could say this will be a figure I love to hate, because I do love Mitarai and having a figure of her makes me happy but the fact Daiki screwed it up so bad just irks me! Anyway thank you for reading and yes next time we will be taking a look at the SkyTube Saeki Ai Wedding version and also I have a plan to bring you a new showcase blog to share my figures and merch in my collection with a variety of pics! ;) So until next time MFC stay safe and keep on groovin!


Box inlay shot
Re edit of review shot
Ero B&W shot
Would you like a strawberry?

I'm an idiot! As D_A_R pointed out to me yes I have her glasses upside down! I'm unsure how I managed to do this but changing them to the right way up does make her look a bit more like Mitarai, I still stand by what I've said but just annoyed with myself for not noticing the glasses were the wrong way up! Anyway here's another bonus pic with the glasses changed:
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Like Seishoujo's art? Check out more about him and his series here in the Seishoujo FTW club! CLUB #1328

My Instagram: www.instagram.c...

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Maakie1 måned siden#79385770Thanks for this review! For some reason I'm just really annoyed at the look of her stockings...it's so...unnatural. Even though the figure is already a couple of years old, I did not expect this quality from Daiki! But yeah at least her pose is nice and she is quite big, so still seems nice to display together with others. Just...not as a centerpiece (sorry).

Thanks for reading! :D Lol Yeah i guess they're, I know, Daiki have a hit and miss with me, Shiho Kujo ITEM #362999 I really do love but she had issues and it's the same for Hiiragi chan ITEM #721837 Both of these will get shared at some point, these are both really nice figures but the quality is lacking. I do like her pose but I still hold out for a maid Mitarai, hopefully someday, yes she is a bit bigger than I anticipated but she does look good with Marie, lol no worries it's not your thought you didn't make her! XD
1 måned siden
Thanks for this review! For some reason I'm just really annoyed at the look of her stockings...it's so...unnatural. Even though the figure is already a couple of years old, I did not expect this quality from Daiki! But yeah at least her pose is nice and she is quite big, so still seems nice to display together with others. Just...not as a centerpiece (sorry).
1 måned siden
galablue2 måneder siden#79124095The gifs are a nice touch on your post. I particularly like the shape of the window on her box. I agree with Victor, I dislike the translucent material of her outfit ... but that being said, I really like her braids and the strawberries at her feet. Thanks for the review!

Thanks! :D It nice, draws the eye to the looking closer, it's horrible, I hate they did that, it really does ruin the look of her when she's being displayed SFW, me too, well in the illustration, mainly although the braids are one of the better points of the figure, as for the strawberries they aren't terrible just not great. Thanks for reading! :D

Chandl5172 måneder siden#79124115What turn tables are you using? I've been trying to look for good motorized ones for a while.

I bought my turn table years ago on E-Bay, just do a search for display turn table and one should pop up. :)

J-VrE1 måned siden#79124216Her face is a fail. It actually reminds me of those American Girls Dolls. This one in particular:

Trust you to find a comparison! XD

lennyxxxxx1 måned siden#79137877Nice review! I like the details you portrait.

Thank you! :D

Talal1 måned siden#79158320Nice figure , but I didn’t like her pause . I prefer standing figures . Any way thanks for review .

She's alright lol, I like her pose as I think it makes her more interesting than other figures of her type as I like said she has an artistic vibe about her, I will be sharing a lot of them in time. ;) Thank you for reading! ^^
1 måned siden
D_A_R2 måneder siden#79122645I think the glasses are upside down. Nice review though!
The bra looks a bit cheap and I think a different look on her face could have made her so much better, but I like the pose.

Ah damn, I didn't notice! It's the bending them into shape, I must have flipped them over by accident, thanks for letting us know. :) Thanks! :D It is, basically making her SFW was an after thought as if she was planned to be like that, they would have made proper underwear for her originally, yep it's as if they tried to get it right failed and went yeah that's close enough! Me too, it's one of the reasons I bought her telephone card. :)

CaptainZ2 måneder siden#79122898Always great to see another review from you RGI

Thanks cap! ;)

victorviper2 måneder siden#79123694This figure has always been vaguely on my radar (I like Seishoujo's designs, and I particularly like the glasses+braids combination with this character), but now I'm kind of on the fence.
IMO, she looks much better in her fully cast-off state. Something about the translucent material of her outfit looks slightly off.

Same with me but I pulled the trigger as well it's Mitarai and I too love Sei's designs, yep braids and glasses tick the box for me too, Sorry to have put you back on it! Yes she looks way better cast off, as that's what she she should eb like because she is based on a nude illustration, the clothing is just awful, it really is off putting and the fact it can snap so easily is appalling! Daiki really should have done better.

funwari2 måneder siden#79124060I wanted to like this figure because of the glasses, but meh. Just not doing it for me.

Mitarai is a lovely character and Starless is a very gritty game, she's worth it if you know the character but as a stand alone glasses girl I wouldn't advise buying her as she just won't be the same without you knowing who she is. I can see why you don't like her though as this really is a stand out figure by Daiki which is a shame as she could have been as gorgeous and popular as Shiho Kujo ITEM #362999 but instead she is too plain and in some degree boring sadly.
1 måned siden
Nice figure , but I didn’t like her pause . I prefer standing figures . Any way thanks for review .
1 måned siden
Nice review! I like the details you portrait.
1 måned siden
Her face is a fail. It actually reminds me of those American Girls Dolls. This one in particular:

1 måned siden
What turn tables are you using? I've been trying to look for good motorized ones for a while.
2 måneder siden
The gifs are a nice touch on your post. I particularly like the shape of the window on her box. I agree with Victor, I dislike the translucent material of her outfit ... but that being said, I really like her braids and the strawberries at her feet. Thanks for the review!
2 måneder siden
I wanted to like this figure because of the glasses, but meh. Just not doing it for me.
2 måneder siden
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