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Hello! Some of you may know that my poor Chuuya's jacket broke a while ago and trying to fix it went horribly wrong. I ordered a new one when he had a re-release and I want to put some paint on the spare faceplates. Specifically for his corrupted form. I have some acrylics that I could use, but I'm not sure what kind of paint I should use on his faces. Should I go with the acrylic or find something else?
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There are a ton of different paint options, but I'll share my go-to's based on personal experience with them.

I really like Tamiya (flat, not gloss) acrylics for Nendoroids. It's usually already thin enough on its own, and it dries with a very flat finish. The caps are an almost 100% match for the color of the dried paint, so you know exactly what you're getting.

For a wider range of colors I'll also use Model Master (flat, not gloss). The finish isn't quite as flat as Tamiya, and the colors change a little when they dry, so be sure to test on paper first.

Seconding that a flat topcoat will help make everything uniform and also protect the paint from chips. (I am an irresponsible lazy person who never uses it, despite it literally being right here on the shelf below my customs, lol... So many patch jobs. Trust me, you want it.)
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Acrylic paint should do just fine as long as you thin it down a little before applying it. You should also consider getting a can of Mr. Super Clear flat cut for the sealant, so the finished result looks matte.
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